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Version: 0.9.7a

The Masculine Mystique

The Masculine Mystique is an interactive story written in Twine by barabbas.

The story follows the sudden changes in the life of the protagonist Parker Comstock. His mother moves them both into the large home owned by her boss and his family. He is transferred to a new shool, Rosestead High, and learns that things at Rosestead are quite different from any other town in the country. The town's most prominent citizen and school founder believed some people were born the wrong gender and, to that end, created a chemical that would alter a person's body accordingly and added it to the town's water. Unfortunately for Parker the Process has decided he would be happier as a woman...

Parker Comstock

You are Parker Comstock, a 5'6" blond pretty boy, about to move in with the Andersons and attend Rosestead High School.

Rosalind Comstock

Your mother. Still quite an attractive woman of 38 years. She has a large quantity of curly red hair and a nice figure. She's about 5'2" and is cute rather than beautiful with an upturned nose and a mouth that's slightly too wide. She has a mysterious relationship with her employer, Mr. Anderson.

Mrs. Anderson

The wife of your mother's boss, Mr. Anderson, and your new hostess. She is a tall woman, about 5'10", and stunningly beautiful in an elegant way. She has long flowing dark hair, almost black and a perfect set of teeth. She has a classic hourglass figure with large breasts, large hips, and an amazingly slender waist. She looks to be in her late thirties.

Mr. Anderson

Your mother's boss and your new host. He is the CEO of his own chemical company. An imposing men, he's about 6'4" and powerfully built. He has a defined waist and probably washboard abs. He's in his mid-forties. His hair has gone gray at the temples, but is dark brown on top.

Belinda Anderson

The daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Anderson. She is an incredibly cute girl, about 5'6" with long dark hair and delicate features. She is slender, but has wide hips and ample breasts.

Ethan Anderson

The son of Mr. and Mrs. Anderson and Belinda's twin brother. He is a good-looking young man, about 6 foot tall with a decent build. He has short dark hair and a rather delicate looking nose. Even for siblings, he looks shockingly like his sister, Belinda.


The Andersons' chauffeur. She has black hair, green eyes, large breasts, and an ample bottom. She is very well tanned with a well-defined waist, though she is a little chunky.

Miss Beaumont

The cheerleading coach and girls' physical education teacher at Rosestead High. About 5'3" with a short blonde bob cut. Nice figure and very sexy in a cute, coquettish way.

Mr. Hilliard

The principal of Rosestead High. A fairly small weedy man, bespectacled and soft-spoken. He's in his mid-fifties and his dark hair is graying at the temples.

Coach Donovan

The wrestling coach and boys' physical education teacher at Rosestead High, one of your counselors. Fairly short, about 5'6", but powerfully built.

Mrs. Donovan

A math teacher at Rosestead High and one of your counselors. Diminutive lady, certainly no taller than 5', but with a very intimidating manner.


A champion wrestler and student at Rosestead High. Body like a Greek god. Tall, handsome, very well muscled. Tanned and blond with brilliant blue eyes. A nearly perfect physical specimen.


One of the wrestlers and students at Rosestead High. Not very attractive, but a very good wrestler's build. Very heavily muscled.


One of the wrestlers and students at Rosestead High. Good-looking Latino. Short, but with a wrestler's build.


Head cheerleader and student at Rosestead High, Sean's girlfriend. A knockout. Large breasts, classic hourglass figure, tall and commanding. Beautiful long dark hair. Slightly too sharp nose, but otherwise nearly flawless.


One of the cheerleaders and students at Rosestead High. A cute long-haired redhead with green eyes and freckles. Decent sized breasts, nice figure, but not spectacular. About 5'8".


One of the cheerleaders and students at Rosestead High. Blonde hair in a pixie cut. Very short, probably less than 5'. Looks a bit like Tinker Bell. Fairly small breasts, but a very nice figure with a small waspish waist.


Your best friend. He's cute, but certainly not great-looking. He's medium build with short dark hair and wears glasses.

Mr. Wegman

Billy's stepfather. A creepy looking guy with short brown hair. He's usually unshaven.

Mrs. Wegman

Billy's mother. A mousy looking woman with short brown hair.

Mrs. Smiley

A history teacher at Rosestead High. A middle-aged woman, though still quite attractive. She has dark shoulder-length hair and a decent figure, though a little thick around the middle.


One of the wrestlers and students at Rosestead High. Wrestles in one of the lower weight classes. Very well built, but short. Dark hair and skin.


Your girlfriend. Decent-looking, but certainly not beautiful. Mousy brown hair, wears glasses, and is about 5'6". Smallish breasts and fairly slim hips, but keeps herself in shape. She would probably be much better looking if she made any effort at it.

Walkthroughs as of version 0.9.3c: 


Available Sex Scenes

First Day


Can receive handjob or blowjob from her in your room.



Can receive blowjob from her outside the library.


Can give a blowjob to him in boys' bathroom, with Belinda, Leo, and Manny watching.


After examination by Mr. Anderson, can receive blowjob from her, or perform cunnilingus on her (after a failed attempt at vaginal penetration), or can receive anal sex from her (with strap-on).



Can receive public anal sex from him in gym class.

Can give him a blowjob and receive anal sex from him in boys' shower after gym class. (This path can be tricky. You have to kiss Sean's dick, but don't suck it. Go to boy's gym. Rub your ass against Sean while wrestling, but don't let him have sex with you. He'll come find you in the shower later.)


Can receive butt plug from her and give cunnilingus to her in girls' locker room.

Can perform cunnilingus on her in Miss Beaumont's office after class.


Can give him a blowjob or a handjob in Miss Beaumont's office after class.

Miss Beaumont

Can receive blowjob from her in her office after class. Can also give her cunnilingus and a rimjob in her office after class.

Mrs. Anderson

Can receive a blowjob or handjob from her during makeover after school or can perform cunnilingus on her.


Can receive a blowjob, or perform cunnilingus on her, or vaginally penetrate her in lieu of Mrs. Anderson's makeover.


Can give a blowjob, a handjob, or get him off with your breasts after a date with him. Can receive oral sex from him.


Can give him a blowjob in his car.




  1. Forced to wear the buttplug during cheerleading.
  2. Raped by Rachel in the girl’s shower.
  3. In the girl’s shower suck Rachel’s dildo, receive anal/vaginal sex (depending if you have a pussy or not) from Rachel and Ella, get cunnilingus/rimjob and cunnilingus/blowjob from Julia. Give cunnilingus to Rachel.
  4. Can give cunnilingus or rimjob to Rachel in the shower.
  5. Suck Rachel’s dildo in the shower. Suck Sean’s cock and give Rachel cunnilingus. Watch Rachel and Sean having alpha sex.
  6. Receive buttplug from Rachel and be forced to wear it during cheerleading. Forced to wear chastity belt by Rachel after cheerleading.
  7. After cheerleading can give cunnilingus to Ella, receive anal sex from Rachel and her dildo. Give cunnilingus or rimjob to Rachel.


  1. Got the buttplug from Rachel on Tuesday.
  2. Req. for 1.) and don’t suck Rachel’s dildo when she asks you to.
  3. Req. for 1.) and suck Rachel’s dildo when she asks you to.
  4. Tuesday in the Miss Beaumont scene choose the “Lick Rachel’s pussy” option or after the gangbang choose the “Clean her up” option.
  5. Tuesday in the Miss Beaumont scene suck Leo’s cock or give him a blowjob.
  6. Tuesday choose the boy’s gym and don’t pick the “Get up and go to the locker room” option if it comes up. You have to be a girl by Wednesday and have to choose the girl’s gym class before cheerleading starts.
  7. Choose boy’s gym on Tuesday. Get switched to the girls gym after Tuesday’s gym class, or choose to join the girls gym.


  1. Have public anal/vaginal sex with Sean in gym class. (2 different scenes)
  2. After gym class can give Sean a blowjob, try to deep-throat him, have anal/vaginal sex with him.
  3. Raped by Sean after gym class.
  4. After gym class: Become a community girl (Receive “filthy slut” clothes from Ella, gangbang the whole wrestling team)
  5. Can give deep-throat to Sean after gym class.
  6. Can give blowjob, can receive anal/vaginal sex from him after finishing classes.


  1. Reach Tuesday’s sex scene with Sean in the boys shower. One of the 2 scenes require Slutiness stat >= 50
  2. Reach Tuesday’s sex scene with Sean in the boys shower.
  3. Be a girl, wear the panties Belinda gave you. Don’t have any sex (oral/anal/vaginal) with Sean up until this point.
  4. Continuation of the 1.) path when you choose the boys gym and agree to be gangbanged.
  5. Continuation of the 1.) path when you choose the boys gym and after that the “Tell Sean you want to be with him” option.

Miss Beaumont

  1. After gym class can fuck Miss Beaumont in her office vaginally or be fucked by her. After this she can fuck you anally with a dildo.


  1. To get invited to Miss Beaumont’s office you must choose the “Try to free your wrist” option when wrestling Tuesday with Sean, and don’t choose Mrs. Anderson’s makeover. Masculinity stat > 60. You must go to the boy’s gym class on Wednesday. You need female dominance stat > 20 to fuck her. Otherwise she will fuck you(and after that she can fuck you with a dildo).


  1. After going home from school, you can suck her breasts, perform cunnilingus on her, she can give you a blowjob and have sex with you.
  2. After going home from school, you can gag her, handcuff her, paddle her, whip her, make her perform oral sex, fuck her pussy or fuck her ass.


  1. -
  2. Female dominance stat >= 20

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by BlackJuju

Version reviewed: 0.9.7a on 04/30/2020

I fucking love this! Text only but so well done! Read/played on iPhone.

Review by mattpantyhose

Version reviewed: 0.9.7a on 11/20/2018

There's just one chapter of this game and it seems that there won't ever be another one. Still I recommend to give this game a try. 

Review by ssm0use

Version reviewed: 0.9.7a on 09/17/2018

If barabbus reads this, he/she'll probably wince at how I've fawned over this interactive story.  I've lost count of how many times I've returned to this game and explored different paths.  I've also run down familiar paths many times because the writing is very well done.  I love how each decision made has a tangible effect on the story.  Though I am not sure every decision adjusts the internal stats.  Even though it doesn't have any tidy endings, I think this story is the best interactive story in this genre.  

I've even looked at the code some to try and understand how the logic trees are set up.  Unfortunately, that part is somewhat baffling to me because looking at the files in a regular text editor is near pointless to me.  twine writes javascript not intended for human eyes.  Looking at the game inside of twine is also an effort of frustration to me because of how laggy twine is with a file that has this many decision trees.  Maybe if I had a lot more computing horsepower and a much larger screen.  Though I have daydreamed a bit about how one would write a game like this in such a way that it would be organized and easy for others to collaborate on.  

Review by JohnnyOla

Version reviewed: 0.9.7a on 07/04/2018

It's a really engaging game because of it's pacing. There are decisions and erotic content around every corner and the story is interesting but easy to follow even if you just give it a glance over on the search for the delicate bits. It's sad that its unfinished, but all paths are deep and since i knew of this game i came back several times, found new scenes and enjoyed the playthroughs. 

Review by Raabbii

Version reviewed: 0.9.7a on 01/11/2018

I like the plot, like the fact there may be a way to stay a male.
Like that resisting is a gameplay choice and changes things.
love that its possible to be a sub or a dom and you can dominate other characters or submit.

Too bad looks like there is never going to be a chapter 2 by the Dev. 
I hope he comes back though. So at this point it's just a really good Intro that hooks you in and makes you want more but that's it. 
Now I will forever be unsatisfied.

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