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Version: 0.9.0

World of Vice

The game starts with the hero being suddenly transformed into a young woman and brought into a world far more corrupt and perverse than ours. Now he (she) has to somehow survive in that new harsh reality, where she is often unwittingly pushed into all kinds of sexual situations.

It's a TWINE-made game. It currently consists of well over a hundred heavy content-filled passages (pages) with several major branches and a few possible outcomes, some of which are to be continued in the later versions. Thus, it has a high replayability value. Overall, it should probably be worth a couple hours of gameplay or so at the moment. The game mechanics is ready, and the world is more or less interactive (your stats, achievements, reputation, clothes, etc. change depending on your choices, though the world's dynamic reaction to them will be implemented more fully later).

What I like in adult games:

  • Lots of adult content;
  • Corruption and forced choices;
  • All sorts of fetishes (S/M, transformation, electro play, slavery, tattoos, etc.);
  • Sexy atmosphere;
  • Large, interactive worlds.

What I don't like in adult games:

  • Little or no adult content;
  • Brief descriptions (like "U get banged for the next 20 minutes.");
  • Updates that contain mostly bug fixes, with little to no new content;

If you feel like supporting my efforts, there's a donate button in the game, you're most welcome to use it, it will speed up the creation of the next version considerably. If you don't - enjoy the game anyway! Also, your comments and reviews would be most appreciated!

The hero gets transformed into a young woman and teleported to a new, unknown world where the majority is poor and the rich minority indulges in all  sorts of carnal pleasures. You can consider him one of those several hundred thousand people going missing every year for no apparent reason, I guess.

Now he (she) has to survive in the new reality, using any means available to her. Or not, that really depends on your choices, though you might find yourself forced to fight if you are unwilling to surrender to the pressure of others, and losing might lead to even more shame.

In the new world you will discover new technologies and (presumably) some magic, as well as new kinds of moral standards and situations unthinkable in our world.

The game has a high replayability value, you can't view all content in one walkthrough.

There are basically 5 branches leading to 3 possible outcomes at the moment, one of which is an ending. To access 2 of those 3 outcomes you need to win the fight in the bus and then choose certain actions. There also is a number of smaller variations leading to different kinds of scenes.

The labyrinth can actually be exited through one of the events, though it might take a while (or not, depending on your luck). Make sure to see all there is to see in it before you leave, however. If you don't see the game ending notification at the bottom of the page, then it ain't over, and there is yet more to explore.

Finally, your stats and characteristics change depending on your choices and actions. Don't go from Stats to the Characteristics menu and vice versa directly, though, because you'll end up in an endless loop and won't be able to return to the game without reloading or restarting it. Instead, use the Back button to return to the game, then go to the Stats or Characteristics or whatever.

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Review by Yunari

Version reviewed: 0.9.0 on 01/08/2016

Looks good, can't wait to see what's coming next

Review by Zer0zero

Version reviewed: 0.9.0 on 01/05/2016

Excellent start.

The Good:


  • Lots of content for a first release. 
  • The writer definitely has the world fleshed out and ready to come to life.
  • The sex scenes are detailed and not just wham bam move on.
  • Diverse paths for completely different outcomes and replayability.


The "Needs improvement":



  • The intro is a short and random
  • Very little charcter built so far
  • The character adjusts like this shit happens all the time
  • For someone who claims to like "dirty" and detailed sex - the sex lacks -- feeling.  We don't get a sense of what the main character is actually feeling for the first time in her/his life.



Review by Joe Steel

Version reviewed: 0.9.0 on 01/05/2016

I thought you had a substantial amount of content, though I hope the 0.9 version number doesn't indicate you are 90% of the way through content.  Writing was good, though it dwelt on kinks like digital penetration that I don't find all that interesting.  You seem to have edited this pretty well, since I saw only a few minor typos.  All in all, a very promising start.

Review by NovaLeo

Version reviewed: 0.9.0 on 01/05/2016

Looks good for a beta, content of course is still limited, but what is there seem promising.

I'd say try it out.

Review by RedGhost

Version reviewed: 0.9.0 on 01/05/2016

Not bad. What's available so far is interesting to play and is written quite well, but the content is still short right now for a beta so it's difficult to write a full review.

Plenty of interactivity, but the noted bugs are something to be careful of. Please continue this work.

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