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Version: Adventure 3.19

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Version: Adventure 3.02

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Version: Adventure 3.00

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House of Pandemonium - Remastered

The links now contain Classic and Adventure downloads separately. OSX and Windows are merged together. Please download the correct version and game.

If you are interested in playing on Linux, please consult this post.

Classic Mode can be found in the downloads column under version 2.00, as it has not been updated since then.



June 8th, 2021 - Patch 3.19
Mechanical updates, including mug-auto-win, autosaves, and engine configuration!

May 25th, 2021 - Patch 3.18
Bugfix and art update patch. Finishes the journal, adds the asset streamer to greatly reduce program memory usage. Yay!

April 26th, 2021 - Patch v3.17
Bugfix and Journal update patch. Please see the changelog. Let me know if the game crashes, I hope I got them all.

April 19th, 2021 - Patch v3.14
Bugfix patch, as well as some new TF art (Gravemarker) and a prototype of the Journal UI. Not accepting bug reports on the journal, it's incomplete.

Please see the changelog tab for details.



Classic Mode pits six humans in a mansion of endlessly respawning monstergirls. If they catch one, they will be transformed into a monstergirl themselves - and hunt down the other humans! Survive as long as you can!
Classic Mode is based off the game House of Pandemonium by Pashaimeru, aiming to re-create it with new options and monsters.


Adventure Mode is a wholly original adventure game set in the world of Pandemonium. Split into six chapters (two are completed as of April 2020), our protagonists will face down destiny with the help of their mysterious runestones that allow them to transform themselves into any monstergirl form they've gained previously - usually by being transformed by a monstergirl they ran into!
Adventure Mode is an RPG with turn-based combat, exploration, stealth, dialogue with wacky characters, a bizarre obsession with cute animals, and of course, a hell of a lot of cute girls (and guys, later on!) kissing.



A few game screenshots, more here:


What Transformations are in the game?

Chapter 1 contains the following transformations: Alraune, Bee, Ghost, Werecat, Slime, Corrupted Bee.
It also contains a lot of F/F, a bit of M/F, Mind Control, Corruption, Possession, Sub/Dom Dynamics, Vines, Slime Idiocy, Rennaisance Paintings, Stolen Borrowed Music, Terrible Jokes,
Heaps of Violence, and one scene where you boop a corgi statue with a piece of paper. You use that paper to make a pie. I am serious.

Chapter 5 contains the following transformations: Golem, Latex Drone, Steam Droid, Eldritch Dreamer, Darkmatter Girl, Raiju, Mechanical Doll, and Male-to-female.
It contains lots and lots of robot girls, dating a robot girl, robots dying, horrible eldritch nightmare creatures, and giving birth to the universe by getting fingered in front of a black hole.
Yes, this game has some unique adult situations.

As of the Big Balance Patch v3.00, the game now also includes statue angels, horny mushroom alraunes, adorable little jellis, rubber, drinking heavily with a kitsune, and a robot detective.

Patreon, Blog

We have a Patreon to help fund development of Adventure Mode! Support the project!

The game now has its own webpage, for those of you who want to keep up to date with development between patches. Dev posts will be (approximately) every Monday.

Classic and Corrupter Mode have received no updates. All the changes are in Adventure Mode.

If you need help getting the game to run, or understanding the gameplay, please see the associated forums thread. The blog now also contains a brief gameplay guide for how to play in 3D mode. If you want a guide to the new features of Corrupter Mode, click here.

In Adventure Mode, a waitress from Hong Kong finds herself transported to an alternate world filled with crazed cultists and monstergirls. As she struggles to find her way home, the mystery of a curious runestone she found will be revealed just in time for the chapter to end. Damn it.

In Classic Mode, there isn't a plot. Six ladies are tossed into a mansion, and none of them are getting out without something bad happening.

In Adventure Mode Chapter 1:

Mei - A waitress from Hong Kong. She has an unnatural grace with a sword despite never being in a fight in her life. Can you help her find her way home? No, because you're going to turn her into a plant or something.

Florentina - A smart-alec Alraune merchant. She seems quite eager to get out of the shop and apparently there's a price on her head.

Nadia - An Alraune who works as a guard at the trading post. Very friendly and innocent in the ways of the world.

Breanne - Charming and independent, she runs a hostel of sorts in the middle of the forest. She bakes a mean pie.

Cap'n Blythe - The hard-nosed head of the trading post mercenaries. He can give you some pointers on how to fight.

Rochea - Leader of the Alraunes in Evermoon forest, she embodies their way of life and joins new leaf-sisters. Has a bit of a history with Florentina.

Adina - A peaceful soul who is tending the salted earth in southern Evermoon. Has some sexy hypno scenes for the MC-fetishists out there.


In Chapter 5:

Chris Dormer - An English teacher in his mid 30's, descends from a long line of English Officers and Knights. Not comfortable with himself or his legacy, it's almost a relief to wake up in another dimension.

Unit 499323 "Sophie" - A mild-mannered repair golem working in Regulus City. Has a heart of gold and a naughty streak to boot.


To tell you anything else would probably spoil the hell out of it. Good luck.


 [ ========== Patch v3.19 ========== ]
*Added auto-win handler. Mugging an enemy (or group) that you outnumber and are 5 levels higher than causes you to instantly win the battle.
*Holding down Z and X to accelerate dialogue now also accelerates cutscenes, causing characters to move faster.

*Fixed an error in the chapter 1 profiles.
*Fixed various small chapter 1 errors (thanks, Yoshielder).
*Enemies now emulate patrolling so they don't always spawn in the same spot.
*Fixed Mei and Christine being able to transform without enough CP.
*You can now press the Run key to toggle paragon portraits in the journal.
*Added chapter 5's paragon portrait files. They're not in the game yet.
*Pressing left and right on the New Save button when saving now scrolls pages.

*All HoTs will run after DoTs, meaning the healing applies after the damage, regardless of the order the effects were applied.
*Changing jobs in mid-battle will set and unset passive effects correctly.

*Added autosave handler. Instructions on how to use it are in the Saves/Autosave/ folder.
*You can now use PgUp/PgDn/Home/End to navigate the save file listing at a campfire.
*You can now push F4 to immediately jump back to the title screen during gameplay.
*Gems now auto-transfer when changing equipment, if the new equipment has enough slots.
*Combat Inspector now has a scrollbar for effects.
*Audio volumes now save to the config file whenever the player hits Okay on the options menu, instead of just when loading a game.

 [ ========== Patch v3.18 ========== ]

*Finished chapter 5's journal handlers.

*All weapon-damage abilities should correctly use the weapon's attack animation instead of a sword slash.
*All enemies should flash black when performing an action.

*Christine's Close Wounds now appears in the combat inspector.
*55's Into the Fray should now correctly reduce her protection.
*SX-399's Scavenge should deal weapon damage instead of flame.
*SX-399's Thunderbolt Slug now has a combo point indicator.
*SX-399's starting weapon now deals Pierce instead of Flame damage. The Plutonite Fission Carbine still deals flaming. Upgrade today!
*SX-399's Flak Round should now deal weapon damage.

*Fixed some typos and out-of-box errors.
*Fixed Mei's bee sprite having transparent pixels in the north-run frames.
*Retreating in chapter 1 should no longer kick the party back to the last save point.
*Fixed a number of bugs related to the rubber quest in chapter 1.
*Fixed an extremely spooky chest bug.
*Fixed Pepper Pie not applying its effect.

*Added asset streaming handler. Should greatly reduce memory footprint and loading times.
*Dialogue should now fade out over a few ticks when closing.

 [ ========== Patch v3.17 ========== ]
Added most of chapter 1's Journal entries, save a few unfinished bestiary entries. Chapter 5 is next.

 [ ========== Patch v3.16 ========== ]
Fixed a crash related to loading games.

 [ ========== Patch v3.15 ========== ]

Fixed a crash related to the inventory.

 [ ========== Patch v3.14 ========== ]

*Added Gravemarker TF Images!

*Chapter 5 jobs should now show which abilities are on their job bars.
*Changed a deadnaming part in chapter 5.
*JX-101 has a diagonal loading frame now.

Combat Balance
*Increased JX-101's attack power so she's more useful during her section.
*Disruptor Blast should deal the predicted damage amount.
*55's Implosion Grenade now deals less damage than Wide-Lens Shot for 2-3 targets but more damage at 4 or more targets.
*55's Implosion Grenade should now correctly show damage prediction.
*55's Power Jump should show the MP increase.
*Christine's Supernova should do flame instead of slash damage.
*55's Nanite Cloud icon now has the CP requirement indicator.
*55's Psyche Out now deals 10% of her max HP instead of 20%.
*Christine's Overclock should show the correct icons.
*Christine's Beyond Sight show show the correct icons.
*Christine's Grounded now correctly shows prediction.
*Christine should now correctly get Bloodboil for her last skillbook ability as a Steam Droid.
*Christine's Quickdry Splash should show the correct damage type.
*Christine's Oblierate shows the correct CP requirement indicator.
*Christine's Scavenge shows the correct CP requirement indicator, which is none.
*Christine's Seen Worse should show the correct description in the combat inspector.
*Christine's Embolden should show the correct icons.
*JX-101's Thunderbolt Slug shows the correct CP requirement indicator.
*All chapter 5 in-combat items should benefit from 55's User Manuals.
*Christine's Grasp of the Void DoT type changed to Obscuring.

*Fixed a missing wall collision in the LRT Facility.
*Fixed the 'Neutronium Vest' bug in the Biolabs.
*Fixed Electrosprite appearing on Christine's form list when she's already an Electrosprite.
*Fixed wrong sound effect playing when opening the door to SX-399's room.
*Catalysts should now correctly apply when loading a game.
*Corrected the catalyst bonus indicators on the main menu.
*Should no longer be able to be a non-human during the Black Site.
*Fixed a number of enemies not matching their overworld sprite.
*Void Rifts now have a defeated sprite.
*Fixed Latex Drones not having a wounded frame.
*Fixed several abilities not showing their hit rate in prediction boxes.
*Ability description text in the combat inspector should line up correctly.
*Fixed a bug where enemies using buffs on their allies would spit debug text if all their allies were dead.
*Added Raiju Christine to the inventory face table.
*Bloody Mirror should appear in the portraits box.
*Golems and Geishas should also appear in the portraits box.

Engine Upgrades
*Generalized the 'Madness' type tables.
*Updated all DoT effects to use the new standard.
*Updated all effects to have standardized factory function.
*Restructured ability and effect folder tree to be per-character.
*Restructured combat item abilities.
*Modernized all ability code.


 [ ========== Patch v3.13 ========== ]

Special thanks to Aaaac and Klaysee for helping with testing

*Hopefully fixed that really annoying bug which would cause assorted images to appear in the image-string text.
*Added region markers for chapter 5 areas.
*Added new item icons for most items, with emphasis being on the character weapons.

*Added the new loading images made by Stinkehund.
*Septima is now 8-directional.
*JX-101 is now 8-directional.

Combat Balance
*Christine's 'Cover' should no longer take hits when she's KO'd, despite the incredibly bravery of it.
*Some other abilities which should be removed on KO will now correctly do so.
*Christine's Raiju 'Fireworks' now deals the correct damage type, and is listed as always hitting.
*Christine's Raiju 'Fireworks' now shows the correct damage icons.
*Christine's Raiju 'Polarity' will now show its hit rate, and correctly lists its predicted damage over time.
*Christine's Electrosprite 'Chain Zap' now lists 50 stun and deals 50 stun.
*Christine's Raiju 'Embolden' now works properly.
*Christine's Raiju 'Battery Drainer' now correctly consumes DoTs and lists its predicted damage.
*55's 'Target Optics' detailed description now correctly indicates it hits one enemy.
*55's 'Laser Pulse' detailed description indicates the correct MP cost.
*55's 'Coolant Coagulant' detailed description indicates the correct damage type.
*55's 'Sabotage Wiring' detailed description indicates the correct damage type.
*55's 'Conductive Spray' detailed description shows the correct effect type.
*55's 'Full Auto' now drains 10% HP per missing CP instead of 5%.

*Fixed a bug where SX-399 was added to the party after completing the Raibie quest without actually having done her quest to begin with.
*Changing jobs in combat should no longer cause all charge-using items to be unavailable until combat ends.

 [ ========== Patch v3.12 ========== ]

Chapter 5 Big Balance Patch Released
New classes, abilities, weapons, items, and enemies in chapter 5. All bosses were redesigned, and a lot of minor bugs were fixed.


[ ========== Patch v3.02 ========== ]

Big Changes
*Fixed the bug where you'd get stuck going through certain doors near Quantir.
*Added alternate "low-detail" descriptions for all abilities. You can toggle to high-detail with F2 if you need to see specific values.
 These alternate descriptions also use a larger font to be easier to read.

Minor Changes
*Added all remaining standard keyboard key images so you won't see "ERROR" all over the place.
*Added Zombee relive scene.
*Added Alraune Volunteer relive scene.
*You can attempt to boop the statue at Polaris' house for the corgi boop paper.
*You can now try to lockpick the sister superior's door in the Dimensional Trap Basement.
*Stun and stun resistance now appears in the combat inspector.
*Added some more dialogue topics.

Balance Changes
*Added 'Mend' ability to Mei's Alraune form. This is a simple single-target heal.
*Added 'Reserves' ability to Mei's Slime form. This generates 20 MP in exchange for your turn.
*Added 'Entangle' ability to Mei's Slime form. Hits all enemies and reduces their evade, and can't miss. Good for hitting dodgy little shits.
*Added 'Hive Locus' ability to Mei's Bee form. Generates 40 MP and reduces accuracy by 100 for 1 turn, as a free action. Basically anti-Concentrate.
*Ripple (Mei/Nightshade) now costs 15 MP.
*Poison Darts (Florentina/Treasure Hunter) now deals more damage and lasts for 5 turns instead of 3.
*Trip (Mei/Fencer) now has +25% base accuracy.
*Fan of Leaves (Mei/Nightshade) deals 1.00x attack and costs 25 MP, from 0.80x and 30.
*Way of the Slime (Mei/Smarty Sage) corrected tooltip. It provides +10% Max HP, not +10 Max HP.
*Indomitable (Mei/Petraian) goes to +15% Max HP from +5%.
*Pounce (Mei/Prowler) now can only target stunned enemies, and will not let you waste MP attacking not-stunned enemies.
*Garrote (Mei/Prowler) now can only target bleeding enemies, and will not let you waste MP attacking not-bleeding enemies.
*The Warden boss now applies a debuff upon marking a target. Failure to remove it causes double damage from the follow up attack.
*Infirm now has a higher evade.
*Mycela now does a bit more damage. Her Shockwave attack was dealing 33% more damage than it was supposed to, and was reduced, but her other attacks deal more to compensate.
*Mycela's Enveloping Spores lasts one more turn than before.
*Warm Socks now provide freeze resist. The game is now 'Realistic'. IGN gives it a 10/10.

*Thrall Mei is now Thrall in the UI.
*Fixed Mei's First Aid ability not animating and not removing bleeds.
*Fixed Zombee Boss AI such that the zombees actually *attack you*
*Fixed many small combat bugs
*Fixed many small map bugs


[ ========== Patch v3.01 ========== ]

*Fixed re-running the drinking contest due to a trigger error.
*Fixed some map bugs
*Fixed some typos
*Fixed some enemies being of the incorrect type versus their map sprite
*Fixed the tutorial cultist never attacking
*Fixed using the wrong icon for the executable
*Fixed some overruns in the shopping interface
*Cured dysentary
*Locked door in the swamp is now no longer a gate because hoo boy.
*Added relive handler for Gravemarker.
*Warp/Char/Relive/Forms will not appear unless you actually have someplace/someone/something to use them with.
*Defeating an enemy before the battle starts (such as with "From the Shadows") will now correctly award doctor bag charges.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by MystLeissa

Version reviewed: Adventure 3.02 on 02/07/2021

I really like this game, the adventure mode is a story I hope I will one day be able to complete. For now I wonder how much I missed in my initial playthrough, there were obviously some optional bosses and things that I didn't quite fight (i know of atleast one I was unable to defeat). I wonder if I missed any optional party members? I only got Florina, which was something of a default. I cannot begin to describe the sense of wonder when Chapter 1 Ended, but at the same time it was a feeling of dread, because I knew it was coming far too soon for my liking. I like epics, and forgive me if I'm spoiled by other adventure games like Final Fantasy (Real History there) which are made by AAA Publishers like Squaresoft/SquareEnix but...it just seemed a little short with just Chapter 1. Additionally I might suggest to the author the idea of a "New Game Plus" for when the current chapter has been concluded, essentially allowing you to revisit the chapter with all of the gear and levels you got the first play-through.


I'm pretty sure waiting for a game is something dislike but...for this one I'll make an exception. I am *hooked* on this one.

Review by Skyrimkillerehh

Version reviewed: Prototype 5-3f on 07/28/2019

I just wanted to say I usually anticipate 90% of the games on this website to be smut, and that's usually what I look for.


This game is really interesting, and that Warden fight was pretty cool. I really loved Mei's story, and I am looking forward to play Chapter 5.

I am a little confused about jumping from finishing Chapter 1 to Chapter 5, but the writing is really creative, and inspired. Outstanding job making

up the story about Mei and her relations to the runestone. Your writing is really impressive, I'm going to keep playing throughout the updates for the story alone


Onto a criticm: The combat feels a little bland, and I don't mean this to be rude, if you added more involved abilities the combat would be more interesting

right now it just seems to be melee attack > melee attack > heal, other heal I got > melee attack (or whatever, but the majority is melee attack and then use the 4 combo point ability)

it just feels a little boring after a while. Overall the game and transformations are pretty cool.

Review by floricspacer

Version reviewed: Prototype 5-2c on 08/26/2018

Firstly this is a truly amazing game! if you like TF games, I'd recommend playing it with no spoilers, so skip the rest of this crazily long review. If you want an unnecessary amount of details I guess you can read on, but again, this game has some really fun exploration in chapter 1, so you should go play it. Chapter 5 is under construction, so you could play that now or wait until it's done, but chapter 1 feels totally complete and fleshed out and playable. With that said, here's a review:


Somehow it took me a while to try out this game, perhaps because it's not on a standard engine, and most games with custom engines don't turn out as well as one might hope. However, this game was absolutely wonderful in nearly every way.

In terms of the gameplay, I really liked it more than I thought I would. I am really not a fan of combat in RPG Maker games, and at first glance I assumed this would be similar. However, somehow the variety of actions and effects and everything else summed up to make for an engaging combat system that I really enjoyed. In chapter 1, I did feel like the combat got a bit too easy after Florentina joined the party. I suspect the reason for this is that I had gotten used to beating things with Mei alone and then Florentina represented a significant power boost, but the enemies did not become different enough to compensate. I don't know if this was just me of course, but the lack of difficulty did make combat seem more like a chore later on (with one big exception I'll mention a bit later). One other issue is that later on, many of the exciting and interesting special attacks become useless. Not useless in that you can't use them, but useless in that there is often no reason to use them when you can just spam the normal attack instead. Delayed damage through bleed and poison is interesting, but not if the battles only last 2 turns. 

The one part of the later game that I actually found challenging in an almost puzzle like way was the Warden. When I played through I didn't consult any guides or anything, so I missed the skill books in the manor, so I lacked those skills, but I thought I should still be able to take down the Warden. I was able to combine a maxed damage build for Mei and Florentina with a alraune Mei so that Mei could survive one hit, recover to full health with items and the alraune ability, and then survive another hit and kill the Warden. This took a couple attempts at different builds to get right and was really enjoyable, but the actual way makes a lot more sense than a super specific build that would screw people who had different gem choices. (I saved and loaded a couple gem loadouts to find what worked). 

However, my favorite part of chapter 1 was probably the sense of exploration that I had before I became familiar with the map. After the mostly linear section in the dimensional trap, I assumed the rest of the game would be fairly linear with some side paths too. But I was very pleasantly surprised when I was able to take the boat in the north or go to a number of different forest entrances to the south. There were a number of things to discover there that were completely unnecessary to the story, but added so much to the world. The first location I went to was the slime village, which I thought was really great. After a couple encounters with slimes I had worried that they would essentially be mindless monsters, but after going to the village, I could see that there was slime culture and friendly slimes and that they were people too. Again, this paid dividends in making the world feel real and immersive. 

Plus, the advancement options that are given out by finding good items or stat boosts very effectively rewards exploration. I tried interacting with almost every item and found a lot of things even when I didn't expect them, and some when I noticed small details that I might have ignored in another game.

The transformations themselves were great too. I liked how each one had their own scene associated with it, and especially that there were both voluntary and involuntary ways to get them. The one exception is the cat one, which requires you to fail a rescue to transform voluntarily, which seemed strange to me. Especially because Mei has her runestone and acknowledges that she might as well take every transformation possible because it doesn't cost her anything, but adds a form to her repertoire. So on my playthrough I did every transformation voluntarily except for that one, for which I needed to surrender to an enemy. (I did lose intentionally to check out as many scenes as I could though). 

The world seemed reactive to the player and their actions too. I loved the way characters would treat Mei differently depending on what form she was in and her speaking would change too. Conversation options would be different before and after a transformation or depend on what form she's in. The world actually seemed alive and not like a lifeless lump of dialogue hidden behind some NPCs that repeat the same lines over and over again. (I mean, some do that, but the world still felt alive). I tried scenes multiple different ways and really appreciated the different dialogues that felt customized to the situation when it made sense for it to change. The attention to detail is really great.

The characters were also great. I couldn't help but like Mei, with her cheerfulness and kindness. She really seemed like a heroine to root for and though she didn't change too much on her journey, I do think she learned a lot and has potential to grow in the future too. I also liked most of the side characters, like Nadia, who's jokes I liked and her goofiness was also appreciated.

My favorite character was absolutely Florentina though. Her attitude of gruffness and suspicion of the world was a good contrast to Mei's tendency to trust everyone. Her backstory though is what really makes her interesting to me. The fact that she chooses to hold onto her human memories rather than let go and become like any other alraune struck me as intensely relatable somehow. And the tragic story of her wife rejecting her after she made a hard decision to survive made me feel actually sad for her. I wish that I could help her move on or that her wife would take her back, and I think that shows that her character meaningfully connected with me. 

The little details everywhere add to the charm and exemplify the attention to detail I mentioned earlier. There are jokes on every bookshelf, unless there are skill books. And even a couple references to another great game on this site, Magical Camp! 

The art is also great, with so many unique assets and Mei's expressions for talksprites changing for each of them. 

I liked each of the little plots of the side dungeons. The ghosts in the mansion most of all, I think. It seems so eerie and different from the nearly whimsical nature of many other areas, and the plot fits that. The horror that happened there is really more than I would have expected in a game like this, but it was done well, with great build up and atmosphere. It really added to the game in a way I might not have expected. 

The overall plot was pretty simple, but the real joy of the game was in exploring and experiencing all the game had to offer. The ending was satisfying though and definitely left me looking forward to the rest of the chapters.

Overall, chapter one is probably a game that I would consider a masterpiece of this genre, ranging from great to amazing in every dimension I judge a game on. 

Chapter 5 is much more incomplete, so I won't judge it too harshly, but so far I didn't like it as much as chapter 1. This kind of surprised me because I'm usually a big fan of MTF transformations, and this chapter did that well I think. The other parts didn't quite live up to chapter 1 though in my opinion.

The drastic change of setting is interesting and appreciated. And the worldbuilding done here with the cause of science and the establishment of the moon base and some ethical dilemmas is really interesting to me. And I loved the interesting structures of their society. 

The gameplay suffers here though I think. The worst change for me was the dramatic reduction in exploration. This story is much more linear for much longer. For example, in the initial area, there are doors that are inexplicably locked until 2855 unlocks them for you. There isn't really any reason for this and it just forces the player to go down one path, return, go down another, return, and so on, rather than exploring more naturally. The game then continues to be linear until much later when you finally have the option to do side missions, and then your options are spelled out very explicitly. And once you have transformations, you can' only go certain places with certain transformations, like Regulus city is only accesible as a golem, and the outdoors is blocked for human form. This makes sense narratively, but also adds to the feeling of restriction compared to chapter 1. Perhaps this makes sense metanarratively if you want to say that Golems and everyone else on Regulus live a much more ordered life than those who live on the wilds of the frontier on Pandemonium, and this is shown through both the narrative and the narrative structure itself. I don't know if I buy that though. That could just be me though. 

There were a number of bugs I encountered, but the chapter is unfinished, so that's to be expected. I think like 8/10 bugs were near doors though, so I'd recommend checking those a bit more in the future. In particular, I'd one annoying error was when I would get stuck by going through and doorway and being behind the invisible travel line, so I couldn't move forward and if I went back I'd also be stuck. The other common one was doors being immaterial, so I could walk through them if I walked back immediately after getting through. Playing on Mac.

The way memories are handled also seemed strange to me, like does Christine's runestone also protect her memories in the same way Mei's does? If it did then I don't know why 2855 needed to create an encrypted backup of them and why the stone didn't restore them earlier. Or if it doesn't and that's particular to Mei's stone then that seems like it could cause problems in the future with so many transformations in every chapter and no explanation for the character not losing themselves? 

Regardless, I do really like the characters in this chapter. Christine is great, she is interesting and has conflict within herself in a way that Mei didn't quite have. I really liked the way that the game didn't fall into a cliche that I really dislike, where a male character becomes female and then changes their mental gender for weak reasons and doesn't get dysphoria or anything. I think it can be handled quite badly quite easily for any character that isn't a player insert. However, Christine is very clearly a trans woman, who may not have realized exactly what she was before she became a golem, but definitely acknowledged it when she did not want to become a man (she was fine being human) and was happy that her "true" form was a woman all along. And this plays well with the expectations of her family confusing her, and her family's history then also shapes how she interacts with 2855. Overall, Christine is amazing and I look forward to seeing her develop over the course of this chapter.

Sophie is just a cutie. I like how she makes herself somewhat distinct from the other slave golems (and side note: I love the differentiation between slaves and drones, where the slaves are actually conscious so they are really enslaving conscious beings, showing some great injustice in that society that people might first accept because they are robots and might not notice that it is literally slavery). The way her relationship with Christine develops is very well done and developed. The scenes can take a while, but that's probably necessary in order to get the romance to feel as real and natural as it does. Their relationship is well done as well. 

2855 is an interesting character. At first, I was curious about her, then I hated her after her forced transformation of Christine, then I was curious again, and then I forgave her and liked her. I think her character has a lot of space to grow, but I already like where she's going with her introspection about a topic that is very serious and traumatizing. This is another example of this game handling a complex and difficult topic well I think and that is a testament to the high quality of the writing in the game.

The art is very incomplete, but is great where it is, maintaining quality from chapter 1.

The combat is unfinished, so I won't judge it too harshly, but it has some interesting innovations over chapter 1, but also seemed a bit easy in most places for me and can become somewhat mindless with the same attack pattern being optimal for every fight.

Transformations are also incomplete, but I liked the scenes that are there. I look forward to being able to see people react to them in the future.

Holy crap, that is a large wall of text lol. Anyway, I'd just like to say thanks for making this masterpiece of a TF game free for everyone. It is cemented as one of the best games in the genre for me despite its flaws and I will be looking out for future developments eagerly.

Tldr; Truly amazing game, interesting plot, likable and interesting characters, good handling of transformations, absolutely amazing exploration in Chapter 1 at least, great engaging combat for the most part, really incredible attention to details, cool setting, great looking art, I love it

Review by dannydork10

Version reviewed: Prototype 5-2c on 08/01/2018

Really fun game, and the current Chapter 5 prototype already adds a lot of story and fun TFs in addition to Chapter 1. There's even a freaking Magical Girl shout-out in this thing! Definitely worth giving the Classic modes a chance, if the plot-based campaign isn't your cup of tea.

Review by Amandabless

Version reviewed: Adventure 1.04 on 06/09/2018

I would have paid for this game.

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