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Version: 2.0.0

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Genetic Industries
by plazuk

My First game in Twine. It's a pretty staightforward, linear affair with several sexual transformations, sex scenes and multiple endings. Hope you enjoy it!


Update 19/01/16. No download link yet. Will get to it shortly.

Update 20/01/16. Link is up. Sorry for the delay.

Update 20/01/16. Thanks for the feedback so far. I'm working on an update which should go up within the week. Will fix the broken link at the entrance to EEE labs and a few other I found along with a bunch of spelling and grammar mistakes.

Update 04/02/16 New version is up. I didn't tag it well, my bad. So just click the top url link. You should be able to complete the game now. Let me know if there are any new issues.


Update 05/02/16. Forum entry is now up here. http://www.tfgamessite.com/phpbb3/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=7536

You go to your girlfriend's workplace after she doesn't return home and fall into the clutches of a sexy geneticist.

You, average Joe.

Daisy, your hard working girlfriend.

Marsha, queen bitch and head of genetic industries.

And a number of other characters you will meet along the way.

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Review by Shaing

Version reviewed: 2.0.0 on 09/14/2017

First of all one need to make sure that they are into VERY specific kinks to enjoy this game. Body modification has taken a turn in this game which simply cant be described as anything remotely sexy. First it starts easy with a cow(-girl) section which i was really excited for but sadly this scene was more clickbait then anything and soon my hoped for a exciting game left me. The game is so straightforward that you can only follow the way of the extrem body modification or run into a dead end which means that you either give up or see yourself become a giant... gruesome sex tool with mulitple breasts, cocks and stuff that i skipped after they removed your teeth.


I understand that the game fulfills a specific kink of people but for me it was only a turn off and made me feel sick. I definitly wouldnt recommend it unless you are sure that your specific kinks will be meet with this game, everyone else should turn around and never look back.

Review by JuankiMan

Version reviewed: 2.0.0 on 10/20/2016

First of all, forget any illusion that this is in any way a game. It isn't a CYOA either, because the C part of the acronym is "Choose" and there's nothing of the sort here.


The story is aggressively linear but tries to trick you into believing it is not. Everytime you are given multiple choices they invariably conform to one of four options: either salad dressing to flesh out the world but completely inconsequential to the story; a dead end so abrupt you'd swear you could hear a "bzzt" sound; an immediate game over; or the singular option that actually progresses the story. There is no choice whatsoever, just a singular string of setpieces.


That might potentially have been more tolerable if the story was any good, but sadly it isn´t. It starts with potential, with some interesting and kinky TFs, but soon enough the TFs stop being sexy and start to become weird. Then they become even weirder. Then they pretty much cross the line to body horror and keep going at terminal velocity. And finally, as if it wasn't enough, the story adds hard-core torture to the mix, culminating in a multi-page scene so psychotically detailed I was actually incapable of reading through it and two equally unsatisfying endings. I've heard that there's people that's into that, but personally I can't think for the life of me why.


The only positives I can think of is that the story is indeed well written and the events exhaustively detailed (for better and worse) and it is complete, unlike 90% of the stuff on this site, but keep in mind that is is not for the faint of heart and, unless you have very extreme and bizarre fetishes, it will be utterly unfappable to.

Review by RedGhost

Version reviewed: 2.0.0 on 08/21/2016


Well written CYOA story with a fairly linear win path, but with a few dead ends and sudden game over endings thrown in. Many transformations in the game, but most you have little control over until a set point through the story path where things take a turn for the weird.

That said there are many points of interaction in the story, the scene is set well by the writing and character descriptions are very serviceable to keep your attention on understanding where your avatar is and what they are doing. Need to hold off on specific details because of spoiler risk, but this one can surprise you.

I thought that the play time I spent was worthwhile and overall I enjoyed it. But as noted on other reviews, the weird element does creep as the tale continues so this might not be for everyone.

Review by armyofclaire91

Version reviewed: 2.0.0 on 02/06/2016

I played this all the way through to the end, but...I didn't like it :(


*shrugs* I really wanted to. Starting off, I was sold: cowgirl transformations, potentially going towards futanari/herm? Done and done; I'm totally onboard this train. Maybe we're gonna head through other animals or whatever. I shrugged off the --> meathead --> amazon multiple-cock herm step that came after as a not-for-me-but-it'll-pass section. But the tracks kept going into the Weird Dimension, and it quickly turned me off. It started to remind me of those perverse genital-monsters in the sewers of "Flexible Survival": a mass of sex-organs seemingly Frankenstein'd together into what I would call a horrifying mess but one that appeals to some people, I guess. This game didn't go that far, but it felt like it was threatening to if you catch my drift. Some of the side rooms hit me the hardest with that; I started skimming them to avoid anything too much for me.


Despite all of that, I think the above paragraph comes off a lot stronger/meaner than I intend it. The game is well written, and for a first-game I'd call Genetic Industries a very solid effort. I went through the whole thing despite my severe reservations to the content, for what it's worth. If it appeals to you it'll appeal to you; it just didn't do that for me.

Review by deek

Version reviewed: 2.0.0 on 02/04/2016

It's pretty fun, but could definitly use some branching paths and choices.

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