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Version: V2

Version: Alpha 4


This game is currently going through a huge remodeling, if you want a full story of the changes please visit the forum thread.

The new version of the game is layed out to be a "Sandbox" type game, where you input an initial look, then a "desired look", have the machine change your body as you observe, then afterwards you can look at your new body or go through the machine again.

The customization options at this point for the character involve changing your [list][*]Hair (Color, Length, Style)[*] Eye Color[*] Body Shape[*] Muscle Density[*] Race[*] Lip size[*] Bust[*] Butt[*] Hips[*] Stomach[*] Cooch Size[/list]

A download link is available at the bottom for both the newest  version, and the older version of the game if you want to see where things have progressed from.

The Current Version (V2) is HORRENDOUSLY Unfinished, It is merely ment to be a showcase of where I intend to take the newest version in a direction.


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Review by ssm0use

Version reviewed: V2 on 02/19/2017

gather this is a transformation machine.  Would be nice if the simulator took starting and ending description so the changes would progress from beginning toward the ending designation.

Review by sethrin

Version reviewed: V2 on 01/11/2017

The game is completely broken from a functional standpoint. Whatever the author was trying to do, they did not manage to express in code. The writing isn't all that bad, there's really not a lot of content though. I see nothing particularly interesting about the game concept. The author should probably remove the download rather than have people try to download something with more missing variables than correct ones. I don't want to be too hard on the author; anyone attempting to make a game is a stand-up fellow in my book. However, it's difficult to envision the author turning this coding project around and making something worthwhile out of it. I would probably suggest starting over with either Inform7 or RAGS. Twine is frankly awful for anything mechanically heavy.

Review by Three Beers Down

Version reviewed: Alpha 4 on 03/04/2016

So, basics out of the way... Fine concept, needs more chapters, quickly completed right now but I look forward to seeing more!

Longer version... I do like the character creation aspect, but I haven't seen much done with it yet (aside from the game knowing what size boobs you have later). And the writing is decent, I like the shorter chapters and more frequent decisions, keeps it feeling more like a 'game' than a novel with a few different endings. Some typos, like misplaced quote marks, but nothing too distracting.

Review by RedGhost

Version reviewed: Alpha 3 on 01/26/2016

Alpha 3 Review:

A few things that really caught my notice during my test:

  • Height is surprisingly easy to break: I got away with 142 inches (11.8ft), though I'm certain I could have done worse. Was that intentional for it to accept any measurement? If so it breaks some of the following descriptions that set the scene post-change (especially clothing).
  • No red hair variant choice? Oh well, your eye choice options made up for it.
  • "Cunt" should be changed to vagina or "vagoo" if you really want the good mad doctor to have slang on his machine labels.

Anyway, moving on the main review I liked your introduction and how much choice you give to the player in how they end up in their initial circumstances. From the future plan notes you've included it looks to be a long project and I'm keen to see more.

Your writing style is alright but some of your chosen language doesn't seem to fit the "professional doctor" antagonist... unless it's all a ruse? Difficult to tell at this point, but I suppose that's for future updates. The avatar we play as is a bit of a dim-wit (intentional again?) but I like the potential options you have to come back from that later on (again depending on the path the player takes) based on your future plan notes.

While there isn't much to this right now other than the concept of the introduction, I did like it. Please continue!

Review by Hells

Version reviewed: Alpha 1 on 01/25/2016

Very good game , I'd love Power Having red hair. The mythic transformations and animals could be really cool

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