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Version: 1.202

Miss Adventure - All Dolled Up

A spinoff of my 2015 game "Miss Adventure", this file focuses on the "All Dolled Up" mini-game and expands the concept to include multiple opponents over progressive rounds.

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Review by jessie

Version reviewed: 1.202 on 06/07/2020

I actually like Doll Mistress in general, but her games have always suffered from some flaws, especially related to how much grinding and unnecessary cruft there is, even if it's wrapped around some surprisingly hot stuff.

This, though? It's just a really random grinding game: it has hot pictures, but it's based on one of the more random and less interesting parts of Miss Adventure. It's not absolutely terrible or anything, but I can't say I really recommend it. 

Review by dreamer2247

Version reviewed: 1.202 on 12/17/2016

Awesome game! As was Miss Adventure. A must play to both. I love ADU, I love extreme changes and this was amazing. I love the characters teasing the way they do and deeply hope this game will get expanded to have more characters to play against and more unique changes, perhaps a windup? :) The use of sound was absolutely awesome. Please, Please add to this. Just a P.S. Again your work is amazing and so so appreciated. Just finished Space Ditz. It was wonderful. :) And another hope about ADU, one where if she loses's she maybe gets gifted to the shows host. :) Best Wish's Always and Thank you so much.

Review by baitlob

Version reviewed: 1.202 on 02/01/2016

Short game, pure random, can be won or lost by save scumming or just pure luck.. save scumming, or restarting without closing the game down and reopening it can bug the games graphics a tad... but great, very kinky, very pretty rags game, with good design. would love to see it expanded. or something new from dollmistress, either way, great game.


Normally don't add reviews, am a long time lurker, but i've always been a huge fan of yours and fever dreamer's games, they both explore the more extreme sides of kink.. loved most of the losses.. and the 'good' ending with the rescue.. not going to spoil it.. but you need to have played Miss Adventure quite a lot to unlock the right code to get the ending. the kren tranformation was probably my favorite.

Review by elizaclaire

Version reviewed: 1.202 on 02/01/2016

I really enjoyed this game.  I look forward to its expansion at a later date.


The use of sound was brilliant.

Review by desperlink

Version reviewed: 1.202 on 02/01/2016

thw fact that im playing your first one and suddenly you add the second? gg great timing for me yet i havent even finished the first one >.> still though great work with the game, its fantastic if you ask me!

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