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a slave management game.

This is the twenty-third release of Whoremaker. A Patreon supported game!

The highlights of this release are changes to influence and bondage gear, a bunch of Elli content, continued feminization storylines, and an overhaul to the automation system (you can now automate player tasks as well!). There's also a bunch of new scenes, of course. Check out the changelog for all the details!

Once again, I've gotten a lot of help from the people over on the Discord Server for this one, I'm very grateful! And of course, to the people who support the development of this game on Patreon - you're the best!

For up to date news, previews of new scenes, and discussion of the game, join our Discord Server!

This release was made possible thanks to my Patrons at Patreon! Thank you all so much!

Release 23 - Future Content
Release Summary:

  • Influence/Bondage Gear changes - Influence upgrades and Bondage Gear are now separate upgrades. There is a new stat called Break Bonus, which affects the rate at which slaves gain submissiveness.
  • Elli Content - There are a ton of new Elli scenes!
  • Feminization Content - The feminization/sissy hypno storylines have been continued, and you'll now get to learn how to apply makeup.
  • Automation - PCPro and Office scenes now work with AutoSkip and you can select an automatic activity for the end of the week. The entire system has also been overhauled and should function better now.

New Content:

  • Added a new PCPro scene, a gloryhole blowjob where you're urged on by Rebecca. It requires you to be feminized to a certain point, own at least one Viewing Booth, and for Rebecca to be dominant. (Written by GM, edited by VonDoom)
  • Added a new anal Service Male Client scene. (Written by Popirs)
  • Rebecca
  • Added a scene where Rebecca suggests upgrading your ViewingBooths with gloryholes. (Written by Kris)
  • Feminization
  • Added a new Daydream scene, with variants depending on if you're servicing men or not. (Written by Sojourner)
  • Added PCMakeup1, a scene where Rebecca teaches you to apply makeup properly. It triggers after you've seen HormoneTits5. You also gain a Trait, and the ability to change your makeup style on the SelfView page.
  • Added a feminized version of PCProAfroman.
  • Added several variations for RestaurantGloryhole for when you're feminized, both dominant and submissive. (Written by Sojourner)
  • Elli
  • Added Elli's unique SexUnlock scene. It has two versions: low or high Influence. (Written by Kris)
  • Added Elli's unique AnalUnlock scene. (Written by Kris)
  • Added three Elli-exclusive Halloween scenes, they trigger during the (in-game) month of October. One Dance, one Oral, one Sex. (Written by Kris)
  • Added Elli's unique task (footjobs). (Written by Kris) There is currently 1 scene, plus the unlock scene. The unlock scene triggers randomly after Elli has unlocked Anal.
  • Added 3 Elli-exclusive Dance scenes and 3 Handjob scene (Written and Inspired by Kris).
    One of the handjob scenes has a sex-variant if her submissiveness is high enough.
  • Added a variant to BreakWillEllieSkirt after you've seen it once. (Written by Kris)
  • Added a Elli-exclusive handjob scene that
  • Other
  • Added several Worldbuilding Events.
  • Several more Service Male Clients scenes now have girly-PC variants.
  • Added two Christmas-themed blowjob scenes. They trigger during December in-game. (Written by Kris)
  • Added several variations for RestaurantGloryhole for when you're feminized, both dominant and submissive. (Written by Sojourner)
  • Added two Christmas-themed blowjob scenes. They trigger during December in-game. (Written by Kris)


  • AutoSkip now works for PC tasks without slaves (Service male clients, Work in the office).
  • Updated the AutoSkip system, it should work as intended now. (Coded by Brun0)
  • You can now select an automatic activity for the end of the week for the PC.
  • There's a new stat for the PC: BreakBonus. It increases the rate at which slaves gain submissiveness, and is increased by purchasing Bondage Gear and the Dungeon.
    Influence still helps as well, but this is a first step towards changing the role of Influence.
    Each Bondage Gear purchase increases submissiveness gain by 5-15%.
  • Influence upgrades and bondage gear are now two separate categories and purchases.
  • Once you've bought all the bondage gear available, you can now install a Dungeon in the brothel.
    The Dungeon is a new location for scenes, and gives a pretty high passive income as well as BreakBonus.
  • Added an option to outright disable Gay (Male/Male) content. It is generally not recommended that you use this toggle, as the content can be avoided through your actions in the game.
  • Added the option to disable Enema content to the options menu.
  • There is a new Trait, MakeupArtist.

Gameplay & Balance

  • Significantly reduced the cost of buying new slave rooms.
    (1000 + 2000 * Rooms) -> (250 + 1500 * Rooms)
    This reduces their cost from 3000, 5000, 7000 -> 1750, 3250, 4750.
  • Increased the rate at which you gain submissiveness from servicing male clients. (Rate roughly doubled).
  • Elli started with 10 Anal skill for some reason. Fixed this, it now starts at 1.
  • Accessing AnalTrainEnema now requires you to have installed the Dungeon, and won't trigger for a dominant Rebecca.
  • Lowered the submissiveness gain for tasks slightly to compensate for BreakBonus, and to make BreakWill a worthwhile time investment.
  • The extra income from Viewing Booths per slave with high enough submissiveness increased.
    Sex: 1->2, Anal: 1->2, Piss: 1->3
  • Reduced Bruce's upkeep. (500 -> 400)
  • BreakWillEllieSkirt now gives Elli a set of kinky school-girl clothes that also increase her earnings.
  • Elli's upgrades now cost an Energy for her.
  • Fixed HormoneTits5 not getting added to the EventsSeen list properly, and as a consequence PCMakeup1 not triggering.
    Also fixed a few other places where this happens. (Thanks Hawkswift & onnees!)

Graphical & Text

  • Updated the layout of the SelfView page, mostly changing the order of some things around.
  • Made some changes to the layout of the changelog.
  • Fixed several typos.
  • Moved parts of IncreaseTits4 to IncreaseTits3 to reflect the fact that the TitfuckUnlockSize has been changed. (Thanks Sojourner!)
  • Made smaller text changes to IncreaseAss scenes. (Thanks Sojourner!)
  • Removed repeated text in IncreaseTits10. (Thanks Sojourner!)
  • Added BreakBonus to the SelfView statistics.
  • Modified the ViewingBooth tool-tip slightly.
  • Made some visual changes to the Intro passage, where you choose your settings and name.
  • Changed the TitsDesc widget so that cup-sizes better reflect the actual size of the breasts described.
  • Made some changes to CockDesc widget, removing a few descriptors and adding a few new ones.
  • Changed the boxes in BruceFirstFuck to the textmessage format.
  • Made some changes to the debug cheats on the SlaveView page. Also added a few extra options for Energy.
  • Reduced the display size of some webms so that scenes flow better.
  • Changed the text colour of the shemale who fucks Rebecca, it was previously the same as The Mistress, and they're not the same character.
  • Changed the picture for feminine7 face.
  • Changed wording for automation results from "You earned" to "The Brothel earned". (Thanks Alice!)
  • Updated PCProAfroman to have a different image for when you're feminized.
  • Added a two new images for RestaurantGloryhole for when you're feminized, one for both Men's and Women's bathroom options. (Thanks Jordyn!)


  • Tried to fix the blank events again, hopefully I finally got it this time. Update: It hadn't fixed it. I did another pass, and HOPEFULLY this time it will be fixed.
  • Fixed the huge bug with feminized PCPro scenes. They should now play properly, without errors. Sorry!
  • Hiring Jordan the Bartender now properly increases your income. (Thanks Sojourner!)
  • Fixed "New Scene!" not properly triggering for PCPro scenes.
  • Fixed an issue where Rebecca versions of certain scenes would always get added to EventsSeen, even if you got them first with a different slave (eg. HandjobUnlock).
  • Fixed it so that the alternate version of BackwardsBlowjob now properly triggers "New Scene!".
  • Stopped ViewingBoothGloryhole from incorrectly repeating and fixed it incorrectly using "Back to Management" (Thanks Alice!)
  • Fixed an error in a TrainOral scene. (Thanks Brun0!)


  • $SissyHypnoSceneCount added, to avoid having to change a number in several places as more scenes are added.
  • Improved the "Make yourself Girly" debug options.
  • Replaced deprecated <<click>> macro with <<link>>.
  • Added $PCInfStatusLow = 3, $PCInfStatusMed = 5, $PCInfStatusHigh = 9 to make certain checks more consistent.
  • Added $Daniel, a new character in the Elli storyline.
  • Renamed a few images.
  • Made Management more consistent code-wise, by adding in missing blank variables and reformatting the code.
  • Every name in the game now has a variable to represent it, in order to make writing a bit easier. Also replaced every instance of $Slave1Name with $Rebecca.
  • Added $SlaveItems[] to slave creation, to allow for slaves to own items. Also reworked how Elli's upgrades/bonuses work, to fit into the new system. She now gets an "item" for every upgrade.
  • Added <<BackSlaveEvent>> for certain events, to go back immediately to the Slave's page from events.
  • Updated textmessage macro to be more flexible for player avatars. Removed $PCAvatarDir.
  • Updated <<PushEvent>> to take a variable. The widget is used to add an event name to the EventsSeen array.

Known bugs:

  • Some pages will not display correctly on small resolutions or in phone browsers. Try to zoom in or play the game in a larger window to fix.
  • ToolTips might appear in the wrong place if you're running the game in a small window.
  • Images sometimes don't show up when playing the game on mobile. Make sure it's extracted properly - or try a different browser.
  • ToolTips might appear too large while playing on mobile, blocking certain buttons.
  • Extra spaces are sometimes inserted in text where they don't belong.



 See changelogs for previous releases at the forums or in-game.

This game is intended for adults only, it currently contains the following:

  • Sexual content (text and pictures)
  • Sexual slavery and forced prostitution
  • Mind control, hypnosis, and brainwashing
  • BDSM, torture, and cruelty
  • Rape and violence
  • Body modification, plastic surgery, and asset expansion
  • Straight (male on female) content
  • Gay (male on male) content (entirely optional!)
  • Lesbian (female on female) content
  • Trans (shemale on female) content
  • Forced feminization (can be disabled and avoided)
  • Watersports (can be disabled)
  • Enemas (can be disabled)

This game is not real. This game is a fantasy.
If you cannot separate the two, do not play this game. If this game offends you, turn it off.

Whoremaker is designed to be part rapid-fire delivery system for porn gifs and images, part management game.
There is a story, but the focus of the game is on the management of slaves along with a large variety of different (sex) scenes.
Many scenes vary depending on the stats of your slaves and yourself, with different variants playing once certain parameters are met - experiment!

Whoremaker is a management game, inspired by games such as No Haven, Free Cities, Escort Dreams, and the criminally underrated The Lilith Device (all of which I highly recommend!)

The game is far from finished and will continue to be improved!

There is no real ending! Once you've unlocked all the tasks for your slaves and seen all the random events there is nothing else left to do.
(Paying off your debt will give you a placeholder ending.)

Most content is currently tailored to the first slave, Rebecca. The other slaves work, but will repeat much of the same content.

Whoremaker is being developed by Dopefish, hello!
You can support the game by going to the Patreon Page

A huge thanks to Marianne (mlreta), TFC, VonKayas, jonwich, DerpTheDark, Elboba, Kaeil, subrosa, Popirs/Emmafrostfestivalofdimonds, and Sojourner who have helped me write scenes for the game. Special thanks also to Koda, Kris, and ChickenscratchRuskie who has contributed a lot to the development of the game!

I am looking for people to contribute to the game. It is very easy to write a scene, and the more content this game gets, the better. If you feel like helping out, drop me a line!
I'll also be very grateful to anyone who points out mistakes in grammar, spelling and formatting so that I can correct them.

You can reach me through email at dopelives [at] gmail [dot] com, at the Discord Server, or drop a post on the TFGamesSite.com forums.
I love to hear your feedback and suggestions!

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Raklos

Version reviewed: Release 21 on 07/16/2020

This is a really well put together game with a lot of content, and there's clearly been a great deal of thought put into every scene.

Unfortunately, it's just too much of a grind. To earn enough money to make your ever increasing debt repayments you're locked in to doing the same two or three actions over and over and over and over and over. Then, just when I thought I might have a bit of a profit left over at the end of one cycle, I got a random event that took all my money away and made it impossible to meet that month's repayment. I stopped playing at that point.

If you don't mind endless grinding, or getting kidney shanked by uncontrollable events, you'll probably enjoy this game. I didn't.

Review by mattpantyhose

Version reviewed: Release 21 on 06/29/2020

I'm not really fan of gay porn and gay themes, but I do enjoy crossdressing, shemales and feminization. This game is so good, that the gay content doesn't even bother me. Moreover, I enjoyed reading the gay scenes, even though I didn't like the gifs in them. 
The game is developed at a really satisfactory pace and the improvements are significant and new content is large. I strongly suggest giving Whoremaker a chance.

Review by awkwardcultism

Version reviewed: Release 20 on 06/07/2020

This is a slave trainer game. It functions on a basic level, and the looming debt and the scramble to get out from underneath it adds a gameplay element beyond simple progression, which is nice. 

However, in its current state Whoremaker has a number of issues. It is poorly streamlined, with simple turns taking multiple minutes towards the end of the game. There is little eroticism outside of a small number of repeated boilerplate scenes and an even smaller number of one-time events. My machine also had those annoying loadtimes many Twine games have. These issues make Whoremaker difficult to recommend. 

I would recommend playing Princess Trainer Gold, Witch Trainer Silver and Star Channel 34 before playing this game. Alternatively, if the TG elements are what interest you, I'd recommend Queen of the Seas, which at least has better gameplay.

If you've already played all those games to death and are desperate for more slave trainer games, Whoremaker might be okay entertainment for an afternoon. If you're really that desperate though, it might be more time efficient to learn Japanese and explore the era game scene. 

Review by maidthisway92

Version reviewed: Release 20 on 05/05/2020

Just want to start by saying how much I love this game; the premise, the delivery and the writing is all superb.


The downsides:

  • It can feel incredibly grindy, although it is good to see that the author is starting to take this into account and is redressing the balance by removing duplicate scenes etc. For me it would be great to be able to set up a default routine so that you don't have to go into each additional slave and decide on their tasks each week. The extra time this would have taken is the main reason I rarely bother to even recruit another slave after Rebecca. 
  • I love the feminization/sissy content but right now it doesn't seem to match with the pace of the rest of the game. I found myself completing the regular storyline and getting the 'You're Winner' badge before I was even halfway through the content.
  • I like that the MCs submissiveness is affected by decisions you make, but right now it doesn't seem to impact the actual game itself. I won't spoil anything for anyone who hasn't played but some of the repeated events don't seem to match the ways in which your character is pushed and it can feel very jarring when you go from very sub to very dom within the space of a week. I would love to see the girls or others begin to exert more control over the MC as your submissiveness increases.
  • This one isn't really a criticism, just something I'd like to see. The slaves each get 10+ different activities to choose from each week and body mods on top of that, so why does the MC only get 2? (I know training slaves counts but this doesn't feel like something you actively do, it's a slave activity that just drains your energy)

Can't wait to see what future updates bring!

Review by Jordyn

Version reviewed: Release 20 on 05/03/2020

Whoremaker is a perfectly structured slaving game. It allows either a dominant or submissive MC, presents a nice variety of actions to take, and has almost uniformly excellent image and movie selection.

The only two valid criticisms are that, at present, certain play styles lack content, and that story events have opaque triggers that take a long time to fire. It's great that the game doesn't rush through its story, but one might hope that any returning player could consistently reach the present end point in 100-150 in-game weeks, and not 250-350.

I think that the decision to mostly focus on this branch of the sub MC tree until it is content-complete is a great one, since a sub slaver is a unique route for a game like this. Hopefully, the author continues to allow community created content which fits his tone and style to buttress other content areas - that's another excellent choice.

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