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Version: 1.0A


A new game I've been working on. It's currently complete as in the majority of the content is there and it's possible to achieve all three endings. I still need to refine some of the writing, fix some typos that I'm sure people will find and maybe add some extra scenes characters that aren't essential to the game. I also plan to write a walkthrough as the game is rather confusing to figure out (it's meant to be) but hopefully until then people will stick with it and figure it out until the end. Check the discussion thread for help if you get stuck!


Each ending is decided by your actions and behaviour throughout the game. The main theme of the game is mind control rather than transformations and you only really transform in one of the endings so if you're here for lots of TF's, sorry! That doesn't mean you'll spend the whole game in your own body though...


The game was created using RAGS V2.4.16. Please leave any bugs/typos/suggestions in the discussion thread. I'll also reply there if you get stuck with hints on what to do next :)

You play as a male character searching for his father. What you stumble upon is a much darker reality than what you expected but it also comes with some perks. Such as being able to take control of the mind of nearly anyone you want.

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Review by Razieal

Version reviewed: 1.0A on 11/03/2017

Overall, I quite enjoyed it.

The lack of any background or art was a little off putting at first, but getting past that (and not bothering examining things) it moves along quite well.

The text coloring is nice but your missing some close markers in a couple places, so it goes all red or all blue for bits, but those are really the only issues I noticed.

As the game seems finished, and you have other works, I'm off to see some of the new ones :3

Review by Alberich2

Version reviewed: 1.0A on 03/30/2016

The story is very well put together and I love the descriptions.  (And appreciate that it is not only a playable beta, but playable to the finish; and challenging enough to be fun, but simple enough not to be frustrating.  Good balance.)  When it's a little more fleshed out it will be even better.  Bravo!

Review by RedGhost

Version reviewed: 1.0A on 03/29/2016


Not bad. I enjoyed playing through this game despite the lack of transformations and alterations given this game is entirely a mind control experience.

Story is good, with the writing being solid and interesting. Interactivity is good, with there being (currently) three multiple endings based on how much of a bastard your avatar character is. Photos all sync up (for the most part, there are exceptions) with the story scenes and you're not stuck into too much of a backtrack hunt for a RAGS game (but it does happen if you miss a small detail at one point). Puzzles are overall logical and not too frustrating, with the overall arc of the story playing along quite well as you perform the necessary actions to keep the main story moving.

All in all if you like mind control, here's another game for you. And if you're more into transformations, sorry but this isn't one of them; but it's still worth playing nevertheless.

Review by Merc.Wolf

Version reviewed: 1.0A on 03/28/2016

A good game and worth a look, but some suggestions for the maker:

- Look into adding content for the Sister. She's infected with nantits, but you do nothing with her.

- A little expansion on what to do would be nice, as occasionally I wasn't sure myself where I was supposed to go/what I was supposed to do.

- Some expansion in the NSFW content would be nice. The variety is good, but could definitely do with some more.

Review by Desdenovum

Version reviewed: 1.0A on 03/27/2016

Pretty fun game, the second time around goes by much faster, since you know where you have to go and what you have to do, I like that a lot.

But I've only gotten 2 Endings ("Pure" and the transformation), how do you get the third one?

Great use of pictures, but would like a few more choices in there, still pretty great!

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