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Version: 0.2

Version: 0.1

The Emasculation

And now for something else.

Story will be somewhat grittier than what I have done in the past, or at least will have parts that won't be as nice.
Also it's an Poof-Transformation (at least for now). Don't know how much "open" the game will be, or just railroad with a few key decisions.

Release 0.2:

Chapter 2
Some Fixing (thanks to TGingAround)

Release 0.1:

First Chapter

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Review by the Morrigan

Version reviewed: 0.2 on 11/04/2018

I love what there is of this story, but "what there is" consists mostly of an introduction with little or no choice involved. It's really too bad the author abandoned this two and a half years ago.  :(


Review by Amandabless

Version reviewed: 0.2 on 03/25/2018

The story is great and all, but it's more like a slide by slide story than it is a game.

Review by Vane

Version reviewed: 0.2 on 06/19/2017

The right choice of focus here on what actually is important, really hot & not overdone. Get´s the right speed in the beginning to identify with the MC. Unfortunately the physical TG happens in a single moment more or less, with the corruption part that could be elaborated afterwards but thats as far as the story goes and the promissed update never happened.

Review by tflover

Version reviewed: 0.2 on 03/15/2017

Please, keep it going! It's one of the best!

Review by LentFiller

Version reviewed: 0.2 on 12/17/2016

Very nice start, but there is very little content. I hope you have time to pick it up again.

I am not sure that the choices actually change anything substantial. I realize that every meaningful change that you incorporate means multiplying your workload, but without that, it's not really a game, or even interactive fiction. It's just a smutty story that you read 2 lines at a time.

Graphics are excellent.

I agree with the other reviewer that fleshing out the characters a bit more would be sexier. I also agree that you could go much rougher without it being disturbing. Or maybe that's to come?

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