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Version: 0.0.6

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Chromosomal Shift
by Claosne

Chromosomal Shift

Genetic technology is reaching a new frontier. It will soon allow individuals to change their very genetic code to provide them with the body they want. D-TECH, ready to begin human testing, is looking for participants.

A little short on cash, and curious as to what this technology involves, you sign up for be a test subject, however, it does not go quite how you expect.


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Developer's Note

Chromosal Shift is the first game I am trying to develop. As a result, it is likely to be mediocre and unbalanced. However, I am hoping to use the experience of this game in order to attain the skills to create fantastic ones in the future. 

As a result, please leave a review and some feedback/suggestions in the discussion thread.

Change Log

Stripper job is completed.

The usually bug corrections.

Chromosal Shift is a "Slice of Life" M-to-F, TF game. 

After testing of new genetic technology, you find yourself transformed into a woman. The company will reverse the process, but they need a week in order to calibrate the technology so they do not make the situation worse. In the mean time, you find yourself having to live as a woman in the city for seven days.

Your choices during this time will have significant consequences IF you end up transforming back.

You - A young male, short on cash. You sign up to be a participant in D-TECH's genetic technology human testing phase.

Dr. Eliza - Lead scientist for the genetic's division of D-TECH.

Dates - Not yet implemented, there are various dates you can develop relationships with during the next week. See future updates.


Chromosomal Shift is meant to be an 'sand-box' like game, where your choices during the week as a woman will have an impact on your ending. In addition, your decisions will impact what routes and options are available throughout your week as a woman.

Key Variables

Dominance: How dominant/submissive you are.

Sluttiness: How promiscuous/prudish you are.

Acceptance: How much you accepted being a woman.

Smartness: How smart you are.

Fitness: How fit and in-shape you are.

Charisma: Your ability to talk effectively to others.


Every decision you make (as well as your choices at the beginning of the game) effect the above variables. The scores will then determine your ending, in addition to other decisions such as how well you do at your jobs and whether you are pregnant.


The jobs that will be available to you are:

Waitress - Starting job

Secretary - Meet the businessman at the cafe.

Stripper - Meet the Strip-club owner at the Club.

Prostitute - Meet the pimp at the gloryhole.


You will meet several characters that are available for dating. Not all of them are written yet. However, the date's current available are:

Elena - Meet at cafe.

David - 

Reg - Meet at library.

Harry - Meet at beach.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by ssm0use

Version reviewed: 0.0.6 on 07/07/2016

Messed around with it a bit.  Doesn't really feel like the game progresses toward anything yet.  If you add more content, I'll take another look.

Review by Koquonfaes

Version reviewed: 0.0.6 on 06/28/2016

You lost me at "time limit" 

that sentence alone make me dislike the game more than ANYTHING else.

Review by RedGhost

Version reviewed: 0.0.4 on 05/07/2016


Looking at the code, I can see how complex you're going with the stat-tracking so I'll just stick to what can be seen and played in the current version.

I enjoyed playing what there is of this game so far, but in it's current state with the endpoint at 7 days you can blitz through everything quite quickly without working if you score a string of wins in the lottery, then buy posters and fluke more lottery wins.

In the multiple playthroughs I did of the game, pregnancy was oddly difficult to get unless you went really mad with the loss of inhibitions or got really unlucky on that one random event that you choose to surrender to. Either way I found it amusing that the coding of the game so far was solid enough that you weren't obviously (as far as I could tell) getting the short end from the Random Number Generator compared to the more wilder luck of the lottery (which would go in your favor more often than not when playing 5 games or more). I saw some impact of your starting stats from the initial choices, but not enough at this stage to seriously throw your character into being railroaded if you make one or two more choices down your highest stat path.

Whether or not this changes in future releases is up to author control. Still it was a nice touch.

Pictures were missing obviously (rendered and photo) based on the current version of the game, but what is there and commented on (for what's not there) was an indicator enough that there will be plenty of viewing chances for the player as they progress through the game. No available option to see your character and any transformations underway was odd, but I suppose that it probably a future development thing too given there aren't many secondary transformations programmed at this point of version release.

NPCs you could interact with throughout the game varied from one-dimensional encounters to characters that did have a little bit of a story behind them, which again was a nice variation given the dating element isn't coded yet. When that comes these existing characters will likely seem just as event NPCs with little else to them, but given you can interact with most characters now and get more than just a single sentence detail on them was enough to set the scene of exactly what the hell you'd gotten yourself into. Your mileage may vary of course other reviewers, but eh... it does seem like an effort.

Following on from that writing to date is servicable but obviously from the code more is planned (clubbing for example has dead random events for everything except just safe dancing), so it's a solid work-in-progress. Introduction still set the scene well and every location you can go to so far does have some amount of detail to it other than the classic one sentance description then slam end. Random encounters vary this up enough that you'll either end up with a single paragraph note or an NPC event that is far more written up.

All in all I was thinking of Cursed a lot while playing this game. The download is mainly because of the background included and small number of embedded images, but again nothing to really get in a twist over.

Again for a sim-life game, I enjoyed it and am keen to see more.

Review by comodo50

Version reviewed: 0.0.1 on 04/22/2016

Seems nice enough, tho I'd like that your choices at the beginning had some effect later, they seem rather pointless atm.



Also, if you could have pictures of "yourself"

Review by Ditler

Version reviewed: 0.0.1 on 04/22/2016

I actually like the images in this game but as it's an early game it's gonna need some work, looking forward for some future updates!

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