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Taint Of Tanit
by Kaylin

In short: This is a CYOA story in a fantasy world. 


Roadmap for the game so everyone knows what to expect for each release.

Alpha status: Coding, writing more passages and new chapters. 

Beta status: Fluff, more text, and graphics. 

Complete: When it's complete duh.


Update 0.0.2:  Coding, intro, and another part of the story. 

Update 0.0.2a:  Fixed a bug, made the dog fight possible for more builds, how you look update at specific points now. 

You are a new adventurer, well not really, but you are about to get your first quest.

Hopefully, it won't be your last. 

Some noticeable characters: 

You: No know family or friend in the city and barely above a beggar in social class. For better or worse, you finally get a shot at adventuring. 

Eleonore: Noble and High Priest of Sydyk. The guy giving you the quest. A very (not) nice guy. 

Sorya: Optional, adventurer you can interact with. Will be an ally, enemy, or simply gone, later in the game depending on early interactions and choices. 

Saphyra: Pureblood Elf and future ally. 

The game is divided into clusters, it split up into various paths but always goes back to the main storyline. So far about 90 passages exist, but you won't see most of them. 

You have to manage your resources: HP, Gold, and others with your choices. There's no randomization, if you can see a link, then it's a possible path you can take. If you only see the "I am doomed" option then that means you will inevitably die in your current situation. 

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Review by RVB

Version reviewed: 0.0.2 on 05/19/2019

Seems like a good game so far. If it had problems before, they seem to have been resolved. I'd like to see more of it.

Review by MistleFrost

Version reviewed: 0.0.2 on 05/18/2019

It played well. The writing worked well. Positive reviews. If there were problems with the text and/or coding it seems to have been resolved.

Review by GateKeeper

Version reviewed: 0.0.1 on 04/26/2016

(Bear with me here.  I'm going to give an honest opinion along with a little constructive criticism here.)


What we seem to have here is a very ambitious idea, without the technical knowhow to back it up.


The Idea:

This is basically intended as a Fantasy RPG put to a choose your own adventure style format.  You start out the game with a list of gear and skills to choose from, then jump straight into the action as you start your adventure.


The Writing:

The writing is a little abrupt but clear enough to read.  The author would do well to go back through what is already there and expand on it a little bit.  It would also be nice to see an introduction to the story before character creation to give players a better understanding of the setting.  I for one would like to know something about the world the game takes place in, what sets it apart?  Who hired you to come here?  What are they like?  What are the legends/rumors associated with this idol?  There are also a host of spelling errors ("rabit dog" should be "rabid dog" I think.) that the writer should address.  Spell check is your friend, and you would do yourself a favor to go back and read what you have written, you'd likely catch some of the discrepancies that way.  The writing is ok, but not great, the author could go back and expand on a lot of what is already there.  We can't see the dungeon as there are no pictures in the game (I personally like scenes to be described in enough detail that there is no need for pictures), we dont know if its damp or dry.  A large cave, a small one, an ancient ruin buried by the passage of time, or something else entirely.  Paint a picture with your words.



This is the biggest complaint I have.  The author should take the time to learn how to code item selection into the game (Even if they want a cheat menu that would allow the taking of additional items/skills.) to make play easier for players.  (Who wants to sit down with a pen and paper to write down their skills/gear every time they plan to play something?)  If you aren't sure how to do this, ask over in the help forum, we have a lot of really great people around here who will be happy to help.  Single biggest killer for me was the character creation.


I think the game has some potential if the writer takes the time to code item selection into the game and goes back to expand upon what is already there story wise.  I'll be sure to check back in a couple of builds from now to see how things have progressed.

Review by toofine89

Version reviewed: 0.0.1 on 04/26/2016

Ok idea, but not a lot positive to be said.  Coding is all messed up.  Writing is mediocre.  The few sex scenes I found were laughable.  I'll play future updates but this one is pretty meh.

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