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Version: 0.0.14


This is a game where you play generations of women down a line by reincarnating through your daughters when you die or simply wish to. The way to 'win' the game is stay a high class or noble as long as possible to get a really high 'score'.

It is currently Alpha. I have ripped away all images to focus on the code. It is supposed to be illustrated with RL images. Rather tastefully, so not so many ejaculating cocks etc.

While it might be cruel and horrible, there are some jabs at feminism and .. honestly through many ages of this world .. in quite a few places .. life was more horrible and harsh for real then it is in this game. 

Try it, see if you get what I am going for, then let me hear it in the discussion thread.





On my TODO list from helpful comments:
> new incarnations social status influence their starting marriage choices
> male children will be automatically named 
> random bug on your children that prevent reincarnation (have no clue currently but will try to pin it down, going back a few times in browser seems to fix it temporarily)
> father will affect other things then social status, skincolor and haircolor -> but this requires a re-think on how male NPCs are handled and what kind of stats they have, so its a bigger crumb
> get more complete information about husband
> shemale player reincarnations
> shemale NPC master/husbands (rare or from random event)
> more build-up to more sex scenes
> lots more random events (will insert into the daily life of marriage, work and village life to create more meat and make each life-phase longer)
> more polish, perhaps look at font and spelling (but not overly much)



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Review by livemansleeping

Version reviewed: 0.0.14 on 05/10/2016

Good job with the idea... I too read that writing prompt on reddit last year.  Hopefully you can make good on the game and fix some of the issues it appears to currently have with writing and mechanics.

Review by Claosne

Version reviewed: 0.0.14 on 05/09/2016


Generations is a very interesting concept, and kudos to the creator for coming up with something different. However, a unique idea is all this game got going for it right now. The writing didn't make sense in places, you are presented with options with no prompt as to what they are for, and the code is buggy at spots. However, the structure appears scalable and manageable and therefore it is possible something good can come out of this game as it is developed, but currently there is not much to partake in (admitedly I only did one incarnation and a bit more) and what is there needs a bit more polish.

Gameplay: 1 / 5 - Currently confusing.

Writing Quality: 2 / 5 - Unclear, typos, and occasiionally leaves you lost. A revision should clear this up though.

Story: 2 / 5 - Has substantial story potential, but needs more time to be developed.

Arousal: 0 / 5 - For the sex scenes I came across they were not particularly appealing. Further, it came on too suddenly with no build-up.

Overall: 1 / 5 - Potential, but not there yet. Will try again after a few more updates.

Review by Danaume

Version reviewed: 0.0.14 on 05/09/2016

An interesting concept, reminds me of Rogue Legacy a bit. However there really isn't much to it at all. No way to control raising stats, and they don't seem to be hereditary, just random. No real story or adventure beyond 'marry this' or 'marry that', and once married, barely more than 1 sentence to cover a decade of life.


I think the game is worth investing more time in, but at this point, there isn't a lot of stuff there to play with. I look forward to seeing how the game evolves as it's designer develops it more.

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