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Interns of Ecstasy Island

Warning: While there are over 380,000 words of story content, this it’s by no means a playable game in its current state. Many of the intended game mechanics are missing, so consider it an overly-ambitious concept demo at best. Further details below.

Story Summary:

Welcome to the Isle de Extasis Resort! It’s a once in a life time opportunity on an island paradise. You may never leave…

As a fairly average man entering your third year of university, you thought you’d been awarded the opportunity of a lifetime when you were chosen out of countless others to get a summer internship at an exclusive, tropical resort.

The girls at the resort are all beautiful. Most are pretty slutty, too.

The last thing you expected was that you might be turned into one of them!


Interns of Ecstasy Island Title ScreenInterns of Ecstasy Island Sample 1Interns of Ecstasy Island Sample 2Interns of Ecstasy Island Wardrobe MenuInterns of Ecstasy Island Sample 3Interns of Ecstasy Island Sample 4


Game Concept

Interns of Ecstasy Island is planned to be an erotic, gender-bender life-sim game.

What started as a too-good-to-be-true internship on a tropical island takes a strange twist when the protagonist finds him mysteriously transformed into one of the beautiful girls of the island. With his body and mind changing, it becomes clear that there’s far more too this internship that he expected. Will he embrace his new role as one of the resort’s promiscuous party girls, seek to find a way back to normal, or, perhaps, something in between?

The game is story-focused and text-heavy, presented in a hybrid visual novel format.

However, unlike a traditional visual novel that only branches at occasional player choices, Interns has a “life simulation” at its core. Game events are modular, played semi-randomly based on the player character’s job assignments and how they choose to spend their free time at the resort. With events and choices having an affect on the character’s stats, the hope is to provide an interesting and somewhat different experience each time you play.


Intended content to focus around...

  • Male-to-female transformation
  • Body transformation (breast and hip expansion, etc.)
  • Masturbation, MF sex, FF sex, group sex
  • Mind control / Mental changes (targeting the player character)
  • Slow changes

Planned Features

While no game can offer the complete freedom to play your character any way you’d like, I’ve attempted to provide many opportunities to make choices based on your character’s personality. There are traits that can be chosen at the beginning (virgin, monogamous, teetotaler) that can make for a slightly different experience and influence events in the game.

Character stats
Behind the scenes stats can effect many of the encounters of the game. These include things like how tired your character is, how perceptive they are, inebriation and arousal.

See your character’s body change
Body transformation is a major theme of the game, and you can see the changes to your character in the bathroom mirror. Changes include hair color, length, breasts, hips and even tan-lines.

Modular events system
The game fills out your daily schedule with events based on your job assignments, character stats and choices, leading to a slightly different experience each time you play, and, hopefully, event combinations that can lead to unique scenarios.

Sex simulation
Your character’s stats are reflected in sex as well. How good sex is for both the player character and their partner(s) can depend on choices and events in the game. These choices can carry over to events outside of sex. Will your character have a manageable sex drive, or will frustration or a raging libido get you into trouble?

Willpower system
With intense pressure to join in on the debauchery of the island, the player character will need to manage their strength of will if they want to be certain that their choices are fully their own.

Special Notes

  • There is currently no music or sound. (Not sure if this will be added later.)
  • Attempts have been made to allow old saves to work on newer versions of the game unless specified otherwise, but it doesn't always work. If you encounter errors, try starting a fresh game.

Critical Info

The description above is my vision for the game, but please don’t expect it to be the reality. Below are a whole bunch of caveats you should consider.

As a creator, I’m novice-level in pretty much every aspect. I work a full-time job and have taken this project on as a hobby, mainly on weekends, vacations, and free-time when I’m feeling ambitious.

As a project, Interns is an amalgamation of ideas I’ve had that were inspired by other games I’ve played, modding projects I’ve undertaken for Bethesda games, and more. I’ve rolled up as many of the ideas that have accumulated for me over the years and combined them into a single game idea.

I took this on as an experiment to see how much I could do with them, and ended up sharing it on TFGames.site with other hobbyist enthusiasts such as myself. I’ve never had any expectations of actually being able to pull it off—only to experiment with it until I got bored with it. The following and support I’ve received on Patreon and SubscribeStar have kept me pushing forward with it, for better or for worse.

In it’s current state, the game is very unfinished. There’s a 4-day, mostly-linear introduction and several weeks of life-sim where the player character works at and explores the resort and the people there. No willpower or mental change aspects are included yet. The sex scenes are minimal, but are slowly being added to. Many sections are text-only.


An actual walkthrough doesn’t exist, but please see Starman’s fantastic post that has documented most of the hard-to-find parts of the game and how to get them.

All Things Interns and UsagiTripleSix

If you can’t get enough of me here, check out…

And you can support my artistic flailings about on…


IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT LINKS: Due to compatibility issues with later versions of Mac OS, Mac versions are now a separate download. Please hover over the note by the download links to make sure you are grabbing the correct version.


NOTE for returning players: Creating a new save is a good idea. The game will attempt to make old saves work, but there may be some odd behavior depending on how significant the changes are between versions.



Interns v0.311 is now available!

This release contains a few minor fixes over v0.310:

  • Placeholder guest sex scene was made an event class object - should fix bug with record execs.
  • Changed priority of photoshoot afterparty from 5 to 2 so that it should be chosen properly.
  • Disabled code intended to help Ren’Py image prediction—was causing errors for some players.
  • Fixed misc typos.


For the rest of the changes since the last public release, see the v0.310 notes on the blog here.


Help Me:

For any writers out there who feel an inexplicable desire to help me out of the goodness of their hearts, I've added a submissions page to my site. I'll be adding requests to it periodically with anything I think might help me in the near future. More details are on the site.



The Premise:
You play as a fairly average American college student, ending his third year at the university. All your friends are talking about a summer internship opportunity they discovered. They figure, if you need to get some work experience during the break anyway, why not do it at a tropical resort? You submit your application, get accepted, and, when you arrive, find that it's everything you could have imagined...but nothing you expected!

Your Character:

You're an American college student currently finishing up your junior year at your university.

While you're reluctant to admit it, you'd have to describe yourself as a fairly average guy. You're not a complete slouch scholastically, and you manage to stay in shape, but you have friends who are a lot smarter and more athletic than you. You're by no means ugly, but the girls frequently pass by you when you're hanging out with the taller, more attractive guys in your circle of friends.


A brief overview of many of the characters in the game can be found on my site.

Interns of Ecstasy Island Walkthrough...doesn't exist. Closest thing to one is this wonderful post on the forum by Starman. Check it out to see if it has what you're looking for.



How to Play:

1) Download and unpack the archive.

2) Locate and launch the executable.

3) Click on "Start Game" from the main menu.

4) Click the "Apply Now" button the the laptop screen.

5) Click anywhere on screen to advance the story.

6) Decisions will be presented below the text in the left side window. Click on the option you wish to choose.

7) Using your mouse scroll wheel over the text window will scroll the window up and down. Scrolling up over the picture window will "roll back" the game, allowing you to make a different choice (if you've changed your mind).

8) Right-clicking at any time will bring up the game menu, allowing you to save, restore or change options.

9) Holding down the CTRL key will skip through any text you've already seen. Alternatively, you can select "Start Skipping" from the preferences menu.

Changelogs are posted with each early access release on my blog. You can find it here.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Noknet

Version reviewed: 0.301 on 09/12/2021

This game has good potential and has an interesting story.  I want to see where it goes.

That said, read the changelog before you download it.  


When we see an update, we expect to see new content.  That's not a guarantee with this game.  A lot of the updates are improving things behind the curtain.  This is very much an "in development" game.  The updates are less "I have new content for you" than they are "I fixed some things, let me know if you run into any bugs I missed".

Hopefully, when he's able to have a solid foundation built, he can add content.  If you're not interested in being a playtester, read the changelog to see if it's worth downloading.

Review by manarak

Version reviewed: 0.280 on 02/16/2021

I's been years I have been following this game and trying every new version - I think the first I tried ended with a velociraptor atttack.

I still appreciate this game, it is well done and it feels like it has great potential but it has felt that way for years.
Every update seems to remove content and adding a bit here and there, it's not really visible where all this is going.

Looking back on years of downloading and trying new versions leaves me feeling a bit frustrated.

Review by awkwardcultism

Version reviewed: 0.260 on 09/15/2020

Interns of Ecstasy Island does a number of things right. The game makes good use out of Honey Select models, and allows you to meaningfully roleplay a couple different kinds of characters. The transformation in particular is well handled.

Overall though, the game struggles. It feels very unfocused. The player is left to decide for themselves what they're supposed to do after their transformation, but none of the options are satisfying. Trying to investigate what happened to you just kind of trails off into nothing, and the events that let you customize your character are so obtuse that you're unlikely to find them without a walkthrough. Perhaps the best option is to play the game as a psuedo dating sim and try to seduce whatever characters you find attractive, but at that point you might as well just play an actual dating sim or read a romance visual novel.

The game still lacks content despite four years of updates and a patreon account. That issue may eventually be fixed, but the game also has serious structural issues. Many events of the game are heavily randomized, including very important ones. I suspect that the intent was to create replay value, but the game is very dull on the reread. Unlike something like The Masculine Mystique where the game branches out into multiple paths, Interns of Ecstasy Island is strictly linear, with pretty much everything unfolding the exact same way no matter what you do. That isn't necessarily a bad thing, you can still make a great game even if its totally linear, but the idea of rereading it is akin to immediately rereading a book from page 1 the moment you've finished it. The quality of the book is irrelevant, it isn't going to be that enjoyable.

There's some well written scenes and fun characters buried in this game, but the process of trying to get to them is fairly frustrating. If you're desperate for a TG-focused game you can play on Android, it might fill the niche, but I can't say much more positive than that.

Review by PervySageKem

Version reviewed: 0.220 on 11/15/2019

I love the concept of the Game, the artstyle is quite pleasing and even though I'm still at the beggining of the story I'm loving it!

I relate quite a lot with the MC and find this fantasy quite thrilling!

I don't know what kind of content is already available, but I hope and pray you keep going with the project! This is an amazing story/game/novel and I hope it can fulfill everything it promised so far. Keep up with the great work!

Review by mollydeal

Version reviewed: 0.220 on 10/16/2019

tried this game and it left me disapointed, the storyline is not smooth going from one direction to other, on pluss side it does have potential to be good game if storyline is smooth out and have more of direction to to the choices you have are good but seem have little impact on the game itself you need see more of impact of choices you make.

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