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Version: 0.3

Version: 0.2a

Survival Road 0.3
by Redkara

You begin as a simple commoner in a fantasy world of heroes and mages, adventurers and monsters.

Your trade caravan was attacked by raiders and now you have to survive the forest long enough to reach safety in one of The Three Cities, your not going to be able to fight your way through, that’s what heroes do, you only have your wits and some lucky choices to get you down the road.

Update 0.3 SO changing this to an "Alpha" not a Beta, i always forget which is the less and which is the more honestly, sorry for that mix up.

 A lot of the same as before however i just added the start of the southern paths options, primary to the goblins side of things.

Added another bad end.

Made more typos.



You are no hero, no leader, no great adventurer, or mighty mage, no you are simply a man. Young enough to catch the eye of the lasses when you enter a tavern but old enough to earn the respect of merchants and guards. You are simply put, are a civilian. A human from a trade caravan no less. You and your family have transported goods between The Three Cities for generations. Horse and beast drawn supply carts filled with good lead elaborately painted and carved wagons. The locals of the settlements along the roads would brand you and your family as something of a Gypsy.  
    Though an unfair name to be honest, there are no bards, or fortunetellers, no acrobats or even thieves that you know of. Just common merchants who transport goods of every sort the 300 miles between The Three Cities and the half dozen small towns along the way.
    Normally protected by guards and armed mercenaries your family has traveled all your life selling its goods. Years of safety, however, has left your caravan comfortably wealthy in exotic goods, spices, rare wines and furs even the occasional enchanted items drug from a cript in the forested wilds  away the clear, well traveled road by the brave adventuring sorts and sold to your family for a healthy sum of gold.
    Many years of safety and wealth has made your home, caravan an irresistible target for one of the largest groups of raiders your stalwart but unprepared guardians have ever seen. A raid that will change your life forever and leave you wondering if you can survive long enough to reach safety.

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Review by deanec64

Version reviewed: 0.3 on 06/20/2016

so far a little bit of intro. along with a quick update. looks promising. :-)

Review by mosc47

Version reviewed: 0.2a on 06/16/2016

At the moment, the game consists of the premise, the intro, plus the first steps into the actual gameplay and story. So not a whole of gameplay yet, but it is a very intriguing premise, and everything is well presented and well written so far.  It's nice seeing a few small updates so soon after the game's first submission, and I can't wait to see what happens next in it.

Review by Narcissa

Version reviewed: 0.1 on 06/12/2016

As others have stated, there isn't alot to really work with so far, but it is a VERY promising start and I have very much enjoyed what I saw. I hope you stick with it and continue. Can't wait for the next update. 

Review by navigator_dan

Version reviewed: 0.1 on 06/12/2016

Good start.

Few typos here and there, which the author will certainly correct in future. Not sure about savages description... 3ft horns - not too long for 8ft body? :-)

Smart idea with a mirror which allows you to make choices.

There is one bad end at the moment (unless I miss something). Let's see how it goes.

Good luck to RedKara with further development.


Review by RedGhost

Version reviewed: 0.1 on 06/12/2016


Very little here to work with right now for a proper review but I'll provide what I can for this alpha release (more of a concept release though if I'm truthful on content amount).

Character creation process was a novel change of pace for a Twine game. Writing so far in the early stage is okay and sets the scene, but I noticed obvious grammar and spelling errors found. Dead-end on the inventory with no built-in BACK option and needing to use the mouse/browser.

And that's it. Keen to see more, but there's not much I can say for this one until future updates are released.

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