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Party Fight

Hello everyone.

It is been some time since i made a game, so i thought i would give it a try.

Did this one in 5 hours while trying a new game engine.

The game should not take more than 5 minutes, and its based on a slight modified rock/paper/scissors.

And it is all text.

Main topics: MC / Humiliation / Non Consensual

At the end of the fight, the winner is able to do some permanent changes on the loser's mind.

Download zip, unzip then open the index.html. My suggestion is Firefox, but should work with others.

As usual open for suggestions/ideas. Also if you know other game engines with a save function and little to no programming let me know ;)

If something does not work, or if you find a bug also let me know.


Two Mind Controllers at a party... Only one leaves with their dignity intact.

RNG based game. Below is spoiler, read at your own risk.

Best % wise chance of victory is to spam either heavy attack (Deals 2 damage) or probe attack (Which prevent enemy heavy attack that deals 2 damage). Shield is the worst option to the possibility of taking 2 damage but only dealing 1 damage when winning against probe.


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Review by Buridan

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 06/26/2018

A short, barebones game that I thoroughly enjoyed.

A game in the vein of strip poker-style games, where you try to incrementally defeat an opponent's "lives" while trying to preserve your own. But this is even simpler, being a basic 1v1 rock-paper-scissors game, where your win or loss is randomly determined.

The writing could do with being expanded on, but to be honest the current sparse and direct writing also works well with the snappy, easy gameplay. A classic example of an unambitious project competently executed.

Review by Leareth

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 06/25/2016

I really like this game; it's simple, but sexy. The only thing I'd suggest changing is putting the restart link at the bottom of the page when you reach the end, not the top.

Review by madmonkskillz

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 06/19/2016

No sugar coating here. This is a basic, bare game. With that said, what's there is well written and the coding is good. After playing it ten times I haven't hit any bugs and the endings are easy to get. Either you win or lose. The good endings are chosen upon winning, so there aren't any real conditions to meet to get a different ending, besides winning the game again. There are really only 3 endings, as two are just slight addons to the two others.

Overall good game, and waiting to see if anything comes of this.

Review by RedGhost

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 06/19/2016


Not bad. Simple and straight forward game where your only enemy is the random number generator (RNG) that determines the counter move against you.

Writing is sparse and to the point for what it is, but is detailed enough at the multiple endings to leave a player amused with their final result. Code is solid too and I encountered no bugs on my multiple plays through the game, but the scrolling screen with information does mean that the player must remember to actually punish their opponent after they win or they'll lose the game without even knowing it.

Worth a look. Might be something that could be expended into a longer game engine sometime in the future perhaps?


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