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Version: 1.2

Version: 1.15

Sonya and the Dark Oracle
by Somnium

PLOT: This is a game in which you play as Sonya, a shemale blacksmith. You are happy with your life, except for the fact that you're unable to get pregnant. One night, you have a strange dream and you wake up in an even stranger place... The Dark Oracle will offer you a choice!

This is a Choose Your Own Adventure type of game, and while there are some choices which are minor accessories, most will take you into an entierly different path. There are currently 12 endings divided into two main branches - either you can remain shemale, or you can transform into a woman. Both branches have very different stories

WANT TO GIVE FEEDBACK OR TALK TO ME? https://discord.gg/ehJz8bH


1.2a - fixes on typos and formatting




-expansion of the infested futa branch. as promised, last updated was all about more female options, while in this one you get to fool around more as a futanari.

-groundwork for next update:

nex choices and parameters added; currently they influence which endings you can get, but in the next update they will branch off with more intermediate options for corruption and downfall

-If you need help finding the scenes see the walkthrough

Edit: link was broken, is fixed

(I'm part of a team that works on different projects, so look for Somnium and/or mention Sonya)


UPDATE 1.15 - SIZE MATTERS (part 1)

This update focuses exclusively on the female branch! If you want to play the new content you have to chose to become a woman. There is going to be a similar update for the infested branch soon, but I split them up due to size.

-roughly doubles the size of the story!

-new endings!

-new midgame mechanics and content

-possibility to remain pure

-ending classification rebalance - there are 12 official end states, and some of them have variations, totalling to over 20 possible end paths


If you like this game, please consider liking and leaving a review. As long as there is interest I will continue to update and develop this game based on your feedback, and also as long as there is interest I will add more art.


Any and all feedback is very appreciated! If you like something - tell me =) If you don't like something - tell me so I can fix it. If you have any ideas for cool alternative endings, i'd be happy to hear them.

If you like this game, visit my website http://xfiction.org/  for more erotic stories and content.

The game is divided in 2 branches - Female and futa. The choice is presented early but can be postponed to decide when the Oracle asks you. Until that point it's relatively linear.


If you decide to endure the looks of the people you will have extra scenes but your options later will be limited by what you do.

If you get Angry, (unlocked by running away from the village or slapping tristan's hand), you can infest your sister. There are a few variations available depending on your reactions in front of the Orcale.

If you decide you like it you will proceed straight to the Oracle (shortest branch).

If you ask for help you'll go to the village elder. Telling her the truth will result in permanent chastity. Running away loops back to the Oracle. If you lie you can later go to a different village (Telk path).


FEMALE Options:

-the first encoutner with the woodcutters is mostly for flavor, for now.

-the important choice is what clothes you take from Yala:

IF you go slutty, the elder will doubt you and you'll have to prove yourself. You can have either the smith or the woodcutters vouch for you (different scenes).

IF you go modest she will accept you right away but part of the corruption options will be locked.

the second super important choice is waht totem you're going to make. If you want to go full darkside pick the skull. 

if you go for the crystal you can betray the Oracle and go pure. If you ignore them you get to chose later.

When the Acolyte comes to you, you can decide to corrupt her and the village or carry on and be corrupted.


There are 3 main branches - the woodcutters (requires prior encounters), Yala or the Oracle. Each has a few variations.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Arael

Version reviewed: 1.2a on 09/26/2018

Well written with cute illustrations, Sonya and the Dark Oracle is a hot little number for those of you into D/s, pregnancy, and sex change. Any one play through is pretty short, but there are a bunch of different choices and endings. Best of all, this game is complete.

Review by capspell

Version reviewed: 1.2a on 07/12/2018

Loved the game! Might be interesting to see some other endings with the sister, maybe one where your sister gets tired of your harassment and dominates you and one where you ignore the call of the totem and stay with her?

Review by Somnium

Version reviewed: 1.2a on 10/08/2017

@Mugg - This was originally a "bad end" type of game, with options to let you chose the particular fashion of your demise :D It's true that I've added some "good" endings to the female branch though. I'm always listening to feedback, so if you have any suggestions about alternative options/endings you'd like to see, feel free to drop me a message in either the discussion thread or the discord.

Review by Mugg

Version reviewed: 1.2a on 10/08/2017

Sooo... There's nothing resemebling a positive ending if you wanna keep the dick?


Huh.. -_-

Certainly an interesting take.

Review by trell

Version reviewed: 1.2a on 08/28/2017

the only good thing about this game is the art. the story is pure rape-crap. dont like it.

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