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Version: 0.4

Version: 0.3

When Harry Became Sally

This is a Fast Transformation, Involantary TF Game, the TF happens fairly early on, also it has "Trap Choices" that is when you select a choice it may lead to an instant Game Over... There are No Deaths and you get the option to continue afterwards.

For details on Plot, click the appropriate Tab above.

Third Update: 3 Endings, 2 Stubs, ciphers have be implemented, if you work them out feel free to post about it in the Forums, put them in a Spoiler please.

Fourth Update: The plot thickens... Verion Updates will now have v(update number), so latest version is v04.


Note: For help with Ciphers look in Forums, Clues + Solution to First Ciphers.


Sorry everyone for the long hiatus, I am gonna try to get some new content in the coming months, atm I have other endeavors going on so might be a while till I get the creative bug, I have written two more chapters vbut they are just piss poor and I'd be embarressed to release them, once I get my Mojo back and some time I really wanna continue this project... Got a major "twist" I wanna incorporate, but until I am satisfied that I can write a good story to go with it, I will be off project, sorry for leaving the game so incomplete.

A strange event is occuring in the world, Men are suddenly and without warning turning into Women, so far no one has any idea why and no one is safe.

Work your way through the clues and decipher the truth, trust no one, believe nothing, or just click on the links to get a best set of pics with the Sexiest Outcome, it's up to you!

Harry - The Protaganist, well for the first few passages until he becomes...

Sally - The Protaganist after Transforming from Harry, she has no idea how she changed so suddenly or why, maybe she will find out the truth, or will she slip into a new life without warning.

Helen - The owner of a Mobile clothing store, she is very helpful, maybe too helpful...

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