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Version: 0.3.4b

Version: 0.3.3

The Dark Lord Rises
by Tjord

The Dark Lord Rises is adult fantasy game created with RPG Maker.  As a Renan, young boy with magical talent you'll explore story in realm attacked by The Evil One - legendary existence threatening peace and order in whole human world.

Sounds like typical fantasy story, right? Well, it should! The story is just pretext to orgy of sex and corruption that will ensue because of player action. However, it is not supposed to be "take the bad guy and rape every girl" story. My philosophy is that good corruption/mind control stories need time and attachment to characters to fully work.  With The Dark Lord Rises I take things slow and steady. In fact, as of current version the main hero is still from being some sort of devilish corrupter.

Renan of Cern - main character of the game, young, bright boy from small village who finds himself enrolled in Magical Academy of Avonlica. What he doesn't know is that fate has something great stored for him.

Rowena of Cern - Renan's childhood nemesis. Orphan who becomes priestess around same time Renan is enrolled in Academy in Avonlica.

Rudeus Alba - experienced mage and teacher in Academy

Leonette d'Avonlica - Renan's classmate. Pompous daughter of duke d'Avonlica.

Chloe - Renan's classmate. Weird girl who wants to make many friends.

Lynn - Renan's classmate. Level-headed boy who wants to become a proper farmer.

Blas - Renan's classmate. Airhead with knack for wind magic.

Celeste - Renan's classmate. Smartest girl in class, who also has many secrets.

Tancred - Renan's classmate. Creepy guy with weird "friends".

Laeticia - ancient succubus who awoke from her slumber... and now threatens peace in Avonlica.


...and many, many others.



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Review by AoS

Version reviewed: 0.3.4b on 01/26/2020

Awesome game! Really enjoyed this. While a little slow to start once the pacing picks up a little I enjoyed every moment.

This is an RPG-Maker game done right. The story is great and contains the right amount of combat!.  That said there is still some bugs to be found throughout the game but nothing serious. Things like sometimes being able to walk up cliffs or on walls and an NPC or the PC saying something out of order, stating knowledge they would gain in the next minute or so. Probably the very next conversation. Like I said, nothing serious and I only noticed it a few(Maybe 3-4) times each and it didn't detract from my enjoyment at all. As such imo the authors time is better spent working on any future content! :D  Also most of the humor is geniunely funny and aimed at rpg fans. 

With the most recent update, the PC has some decent character growth both mental and physical and for my own kinks it's going in the right direction. 

This game is definitely an X rating and not an XXX or even XX rating game. While the erotic content is there and well done it is spread fairly thinly over the game so far. As the author mentions however it is 'slow corruption' which inevitably means more later on and I completely agree that the best corruption takes time and attachment to the characters. I'm hoping for more in the future.

Overall a damn good game and one with a lot of content. Highly recommended and I really hope work continues on it, but even in its current state well worth playing and a big thank you! to the author for all the time, effort and sharing! 

Update: I just had to post here as a response to the most recent review. The game is called 'The Dark Lord Rises', and yet because there is no way to prevent the MC from 'becoming evil' they lost interest and found the game 'terribly disappointing'. This game, and every game ever, isn't going to be for everyone. They were clearly not the intended audience and if you feel similarly, then I'm sad you'll not get to enjoy this one, but there are other games for different tastes.

Posting such a thing on a at this point 2 year old game on potentially indefinite hiatus, is just going to kill any drive the creator may have had to continue.

I remember this game fondly, and I'm certain I'll replay it again at some point despite it being unfinished. Thanks once again to Tjord for all their effort and sharing!

Review by Ashka

Version reviewed: 0.3.4b on 01/25/2020

The gameplay is quite interesting, the plot is also good at first, but the further the more disgusting the moral fall of the MC is, I hoped that after the MC becomes a girl and loses taint she will recover, but unfortunately at the first opportunity that comes up she again commits mental violence, and with all the possibilities of choice, I couldn’t find a way to prevent her from becoming “evil” (after which the desire to continue playing disappeared).
In general, the game terribly disappointed me (((((

Review by Tiffany~

Version reviewed: 0.3.4b on 11/20/2017

ATTENTION: The creator of this game is putting the game on hiatus "Yes, one of those hiatuses that are highly likely to last indefinitely." They have a blog where this is written (just google it). The last version of this game is unencrypted apparently for this reason and they talk more about uses of their content on the blog. (idk if this is on the discussion page but either way I think it should be seen here)


Now to a review. While I haven't played the very latest versions due to little content being added. This game is I think one of the great potential RPG maker games that will never be finished and the content which is there is of a good quality. It's not the most erotic game... however it makes up for that with the quality of game. It has the magic school kinda setting as a basis, which I always enjoy. I think it's worth the time even if it's not finished and hopefully it will inspire something similar or someone will continue it.

Review by iceman0486

Version reviewed: 0.3.4 on 11/04/2017

Normally, I am not a huge fan of transformation games.  I came across this one elsewhere, and the M->F transformation caught me by surprise.  


But the game went and transcended that.  The character actually got deeper, the reasoning made sense and the story drew me in.  As other have mentioned, the 4th wall is pretty flimsy in this game, but also has its serious moments and moments where you can really begin to feel what the main character is feeling.  I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a mature gaming experience with a side of humor and satire.  

Review by Werofive

Version reviewed: 0.3.4 on 10/28/2017

I waited a long time before trying this game because, even though I know RPG maker games get a lot less love, the amount of likes was kind of low compared to other big RPG titles like "Loki’s corruption" or "little bitch academia". That's why I was surprised about how much I love it, it's just so much fun.

The story doesn't take itself too seriously with a lot of 4th wall breaking and humor going on, but at the same time it and especially the main protagonist/antagonist still feel real enough. The events that unfold shape and motivate him in a realistic matter which gives a depth and different take on the story instead of a generic good vs evil. If I had to point out a flaw in the story telling it would be that it can sometimes be all over the place. Characters get introduced in great quantities and killed or left behind in rapid succession, new locations are visited and left after 15 minutes of content, and some plotlines aren't touched upon for a long time or get seemingly forgotten. However this does not take away from how captivating the story is and the rapid pace does mean there's never a dull moment. There are a number of side quests that can be missed and at least one of them has multiple endings so keep your eyes open! 

The combat is in standard RPG maker fashion with enemies being strong versus certain spells and weak against others. Most fights revolve around taking out the highest threats with your most powerful attacks while in boss fights disabling and debuffing is key.
Encounters seem balanced and there just enough of them to keep things interesting without it turning into a grind. Overall it's solid but there's not much that's special. 
A good way to spice things up would be to give more attention to items and gear. Merchants only seem to carry gear that's nearly unaffordable and you aren't always able to sell old gear, thus taking away the choice between that extra hp pot or a fancy sword. Besides that, the loot drops are so rare that you never have enough to fully equip more than one character (while losing all that gear if that character leaves your party). It would be cool to see the choices you make in giving which party member which gear matter in boss fights. The author is playing around with items that give you extra skills, so hopefully in the future there will be some interesting choices to make there. 
Lastly "The Dark Lord Rises" does do something quite revolutionary which I can't praise enough... a difficulty slider! Personally, I don't mind a challenge but people who stay away from RPG games because of the combat should definitely give this game a try in easy mode. 

The first H-scenes takes place quite a bit into the game. But after that there’s erotic content a plenty! There are numerous sex scenes that get laid out into detail and which each have a different rendered image as a backdrop. I like the writing a lot but that is obviously a matter of taste. To compliment these moments there is also a picture book that memorates each of your sexual conquests with an image you can look at any time you want.

I played through version 0.3.4 in about 20 action packed hours. The game isn’t always perfectly polished so expect grammar issues and a some bugs. I found 2 bugs that forced me to load an earlier save (both late in the game and mentioned in the discussion thread) and there is at least 1 unexpected bad end so save regularly.

All in all I would rate this game a 7.5/10, I am honestly surprised it hasn’t exceeded 200+ likes yet . Also please take into account that the author has no patreon and that this is entirely a work of passion. And that deserves a round of applause.

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