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Version: 0.8.6



Version: 0.8.5



Version: 0.8.4


Version: 0.8.3



Version: 0.8.2

Version: 0.8.1

Version: 0.8.0

Life Choices V0.8.7.1

Played many a game on this site and other sites and always felt it was missing something or they were too short. So I decided to try to make one myself. OOPS It is not that easy :) So this is my first game (ever) in Twine.

It is not a finished game, so expect some empty passages and possibly some bugs here or there.

Basically I'm uploading to see if this is something people like, or hate, or whatever. So please let me know.


A game centered around a young girl Lizzy who ran away from home as she did not want to make a choice between her mum and dad when they decided to split up.

She ended up in Amsterdam, a city with a lot of opportunites, but not per se for a young girl.


It is up to you to guide her through all the influences of the city and stop the corruption of a young girl.... or not :)


It is a large file with many .webm files in it and some .jpg files.

This is currently version - I just call it that way to keep track of development really.


Game is updated; 08/10/2019 with Version - In Da Club; Several bugs killed and Lizzy can encounter a new event in the Strip Club.


You need to download everything from the V0.8.7.0 link first. Then download the new HTML version seperately.

Just unpack and play. The html file goes on top of the Amsterdam folder - not in it! Please READ the install instructions included in the Data file if you are not sure.


Really appreciate all the replies both positive and negative; Please check the forum section, the Walkthrough section and the ingame Hints section for any questions. A lot of the questions in the reviews below have already been answered; e.g. makeup can be bought from the Mall, not the general store.


Thanks again for all the feedback so far.

100+ likes since yesterday.  14/7/2016 - 200+ likes since 15/08/2016! whoohoo :)

300+ likes since 08/09/2016 yay!! - 400+ likes since 04/12/2016 ty for the support peeps!

500+ likes since 26/12/2016 Christmas boost whoohoo - 600+ likes since 10/02/2017 ZOMG!

700+ likes since 05/05/2017 Amazing. TY all! - 800+ likes since 22/10/2017 !!!!!

900+ likes since 20/12/2017 gettingclose to 1k likes!!

1k+ likes since 14/01/2018 ZOMG broke through the 1k barrier. Onwards to the 2k! haha

1.2k+ likes since 23/05/2018 Incredible. Thank you all!!

1.4k+ likes since 01/11/2018. Slowly but steadily we advance whoohoo!

1.6k+ likes since 02/10/2018. Will we get to 2k? :O

You've lived all your life in a small village adjacent to The Lake District. You never realy been to a big city as mum and dad told you Liverpool and Manchester were full of dangers.

But a week after you turned 17 you're parents got divorced and you were forced to choose who to live with. There was no right or wrong choice, still whatever choice you wanted to make felt wrong, as if you were cheating on the other parent.




So that is the start and Lizzy ends up in Amsterdam. Will she be able to not fall into the dangerous downward spiral of drugs, sex, prostitution and the like? It is up to you.

You, the player who is trying to kee afloat in the beautiful city of Amsterdam.

Many others, of whom some will try to help you, but most will try to gain something, which usually is money and they need a tool for that.

Some Hints:

- Makeup can only be bought from ICI Paris at the mall, Lipstick and Nailpolish can eb bought from the general store as well as ICI Paris.

- Please visit the forums (Link at the left side) as most of the questions you may have will have been answered (likely already several times :)).

- Not all items have a function yet. Check out the ingame hints section for info on most items.

- Morale is the main driver for your pay in each job. the better your morale, the higher your pay. For most jobs addiction is a negative multiplier, meaining it reduces your pay.. for most jobs.


Not really a walkthrough but a list of locations to go to so far and key features :

- Home (duh)

- Beach (90% implemented)

- Mall (75% implemented)

- Club (party time - 85%-ish implemented)

- Spa health resort (can only get rid of addictions here atm; 10%)

- Jobs: Model - 100% done, Librarian 80%, Flowershop 25%, 1 more job available in next version Cleaning

- Park - 95% done

- Town - all events done I believe but needs polishing so 85%

- Park 'work'  90%

- Glory holes can now be found in most toilets (95% done) 

- Addictions


To come:

- Cinema

- 1 more job!

- Street 'work'

- Pub

- Kitchen

- booths in club

- Dancing Queen 

- more cities 

- pregnancy




Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by chrisx

Version reviewed: on 09/29/2019

since theirs a good amount of interacial content id like and hope that eventually u would create some BBC mechanics and some job and scenarios revolving around said mechanics and BBC content also some BBC bf or 3 somewhere, mayb love triangle or even square ;P lol and one night stands in the club, take ur time on this since this is a whole lot more coding and time, and uve already done so much and have still more ud like to finish so just wish to see this kind of stuff implimented eventually, mayb next yr, it is a pretty big game and taken some yrs already and u have ur own life so do what u can and mayb u could make this eventually and mayb even expand on it :D

Review by GodfriedD

Version reviewed: on 08/06/2019

In my opinion this game is just too grindy with any erotic content basically being lategame. The game seems really fleshed out and has a hot premise but it's just too grindy to hold my interest for long enough for me to get there.

Review by Noknet

Version reviewed: on 01/17/2019

This is a great game if you enjoy micromanaging things to make sure your stats are just so at the right time.  I'm not one of those people, so I tend to think of this game as trash.

Review by Blauz.

Version reviewed: 0.8.6 on 01/16/2019

"Life Coices" is a game published by it's builder an early yet far developed stage: it takes as of the published (.4) version the player from a flight fom the rural Lake District in lost Avalon (sorry, little political joke) to Amsterdam, where the main character a young woman can work in several jobs: until now the good gal can get to her 18th birthday. Jobs up and running are model and (to a lesser extent) florist: according to Burningsun the next version might have a librarian job as well. 

The big city live changes the girl, who must fight for her mind, her body shape and attractiveness and stay clean and attractive -at least as a model. One can work up to three times a week -there is already much of Amsterdam, the beach and a club in the game, with a health club open but not running yet- and earn the E150 one pays one's landlord every week. 

The game design shows a special feature combining a picture and a gif on most pages. Some fellow reviewer said: "You cannot tell a story with a gif!" Why not? It works fine and the large variety of gifs makes for a quite interesting gameplay. 

This life sim is quite fascinating, well written (I noticed 1 typo, and I read English better than I write) and has an already quite complete game system; an impressive feature for the first posting of a first game. Some details are -I am told- in the works: the looks depend as of now on the makeup, nailpolish and hairdo (with minimal but sometimes crucial add-ons from the beach) and cannot as of now rise beyond a certain level, which makes holding a late (43rd+) shift as a model unreachable unless on planned very carefully and executes flawlessly (have hygene 100 and looks 35 when you go to bed the day before the next shift, then go to the beach, swim ONCE to regain some of the sleepover smell, do your makeup and go model). Since there are three possible shift and ergo 2 possible days with a doubled looks-bonus from makeup, one can play the game further: but it gets more difficult than funny: and since the next versions will see to these porblems: why bother? 

I am waiting eagerly for the next updates and can wholeheartedly recommend the game for all you like life sims. 


@nyctelios: Click Character, then enable whatever makeup you want to use and voila! You are beautiful.

Matters like this can be asked in the game thread. 

Review by murch

Version reviewed: on 12/01/2018

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