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The Merging
by Xeylef

This game is about merging. Well you got that from the title, but specifically CTF. (cock trasformation: being transformed into the cock of another)

CURRENT PUBLIC VERSION: https://xey.itch.io/the-merging
CURRENT PATREON VERSION: https://www.patreon.com/XeyGames

New Features:
Gay Sex scenes being used as a cock
Becoming a cock without the host knowing
New WS scenes

A large bit of content is dynamic you can run though the days over and over to keep furthering the transformation

For now the game is HIGHLY pre alpha with bugs, spelling, and grammer errors galore. However it has what I consider significant enough content to prove the concept of what I am building. I knew I wanted to build this for a while so I took to learning javascript and html from scratch as I made this. So the code is a mess of learning, each section is coded better than the last. I intend to keep working on this and develop it into a fairly large game.

A fair warning this contains EXTREME fetishes! It will not be for everyone, heck it is probobly only for a select few. For now it is primarily M/M, but I intent to build a character creator with the option to be female. Also this is set in an anthropomorphic world, most CTF material I have seen is anthro thus I will aim for that group.


You recive a strange box from your archeologist uncle, what is inside will change your life forever.

You, (david default). College student with your own small house.

Mark, a close fox friend of yours.

Bret, A postman wolftaur with a bad pun habit.

Keagen, A kangaroo that is a fellow college student studying arcane theory.

Click buttons, be cock.

TMG 0.29.0
-BIG update
-Gay sex added!
-Stealth route completed, minus special events for the morning and leaving stealth route (ask to go to their house instead)
-you can get trapped in the stealth route. PERMANENTLY! (this is intened but will have more scenes for it later)
-Bret added to stealth route!
-Fixed knotting scenes
-Wrote knotting scenes... ok imagine those in the opposite order
-Changed ring finding scene The host WILL NOT FIND IT unless you ask them to look for it!
-the longer you don't have the ring the harder it will be to find
-Begging the host constantly can retrieve even a ring that seems lost forever.
-Made more progress on the rune system, almost ready for release into the wild.
-WS scene for mid day after work built ITS A BIG ONE! Tons of variations and even a fire hydrant!

-Start of stealth cock code! Only set up for mark at the moment offer to go to his house!
-Rune system partially built, not yet in game
-Art chages should now reflect Sizes better
-Fixed undefined in TT
-Added THE SEX! or at least some of it. No sex for bret yet he has been naughty.

TMG 0.27.0
-Added scenes for begging to become a cock.  have to do it  3ish times..... but going full cock is WAY easier after that. (others  scenes to reflect this decision will be added later)
-Added ring removal and rewearing scenes
-Filled in some of the placeholder events for the book and runes
-Made the daytime scroll speed apply to the cock dreaming events, no more super slow scroll every night! sorry about that!
-Fixed the "goodmorning" bug
-Streaming  myself coding the game will now be a thing. Could be as often as once a  week... not exactly a change but is important to know

TMG 0.26.0
-Added some more art. Still working on getting it set up correctly. We have some backgrounds now for the npcs.
-added FREAKING HUGE scene to the evening! Numerous variations and replayability
-Evening has more ways to alter harmony
-Added a placeholder for evening masturbation to give you a bit extra essence if you can trigger it.
-we are approaching the point I feel really comfortable programming in this games code again. Which means bigger updates the better I feel with it.

Patron Version 0.25.3
-ADDED FREAKING ART! OK its placeholder art as we get the design down how we like it. But this is in extremely early alpha stage right now. I kind of want them a bit longer and thinner. And the whole knot thing is something I totally forgot to put in the game considering EVERY character has one probably! This will be fixed eventually.
-Added the artist Shalone to the team and game credits!
-Front page image will also change, current one is also a placeholder
-YOU CAN NOW GET STUCK AS A COCK PERMANENTLY... spend to many days as 100% to unlock.. .or shall we say lock it in
-added scenes to get un stuck as a cock... (Hey what about that permanently part!) I know I know.... consider it a work in progress
-Added a special bit extra to imagining yourself as a cock.

Public Verson 0.24.0

-Changed a ton of code over from an old word list to a dynamic progress bar for transformation progress.
-Added in an old save cleaner to prevent old version saves from being trapped in limbo taking up space forever.
-Fixed a number of "host" occurrences in the text blocks.
-Changed a huge amount of how the transformation code work. The likelyhood of it being just broken as heck is high.
-Hosts will try to get the player toward their "target tf %" but there is a 1/5 chance they will just further your transformation toward 100% anyway.
-The hosts will not transform your arms and head unless they are annoyed with you, or happen to be bret. He just does it anyway XD
-Harmony upgraded to be a progress bar.
-Fixed a dead end if tf was low for too long.
-Added "think like a cock" route for day events
-Filled out the third stage for all three day events
-Changed TT thought transfer to be based on the fibinacii sequence of using harmony. Its mathy but it means TT costs rapidly incresing amounts after 6ish
-Filled out entire Meditate on being a cock day events.
-COMPLETELY BROKE all progress bars. I will try to get them fixed up during the month. So trust me I know they are all wacky.

0.23.0 Free

-Added HUGE daytime content after working!
-Fixed a bunch of text errors
-added even more buttons to places that had the old code versions.
-Fixed getting stuck on day 2... I think.

-Fixed tons of grammar and formatting errors.

-moved most time periods into their own separate files

-removed unnecessary page returns in code formatting (imagine writing a story and manually placing line returns because you didn't know wordwrap was a thing >..<)

-Fixed progress bars not filling or displaying correctly (may actually be a solution to a problem in the other game.)

-Added 5 save slots!
-Removed dreamstate harmony lockout

COMPLETE ENGINE REBUILD! This has all the content from the first version, but in my updated engine! There is a newer version availible on my patreon that will be updated one month in advance of this version.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by anteros

Version reviewed: 0.26.0 on 06/17/2021

Very fun, and a game I definitely recommend to anyone who's into the core fetish (ctf)!


  • The writing style is enjoyable, kind of playful and suspenseful in a way I think works for the game
  • The characters are on their way to feeling distinct and well developed — I can tell the author has a clear sense of each "host" character, and as more content gets added I'm sure the variety of hosts will be a boon
  • The interface is good looking and clean
  • It's male-male and ctf! Two things I actively like but which are kinda rare to find online (comparatively to things like BE and tftg)


  • The game is still being updated, and some very major content is just placeholder passges for now. This doesn't bother me, especially since the game is in development and doesn't seem to be abandoned, but it's worth noting


  • Some of the recent dev notes imply that each NPC has a certain level of CTF they try to get you to subconsciously, but this isn't really transmitted well enough by the writing itself in my opinion — I think it would be interesting and maybe more effective to have how they treat you as their cock be more markedly different and give you a sense of whether they want to keep you human or not before the changes even progress that much
  • God it gets repetitive... I suspect this will be ironed out in later updates but there are multiple very long passages which you need to skip through pretty much daily to progress, i.e. while your host is at work. I get the purpose of these passages and they aren't badly written, but I wish there was an option to fully skip them rather than just speed them up


Rating: 7.5/10

Subject to a higher rating as more content gets added (and admittedly there are few enough exclusively m-m games that I'm unlikely to rate any of them below a 6 lol)


Review by karbon

Version reviewed: 0.23.0 on 03/02/2021

Very well done game. Glad it's been revived! 

Decent amount of content and the latest update just added more. 

Really looking forward to see this progressing and seeing how many options for CTF the author puts in! While it's currenlty only you who can be CTF'd, I'd love to see options for CTF'ing the other characters on you in the future once you figure out how everything works with the artifact if that's something the author would enjoy.

Review by sigvin

Version reviewed: 0.0.7 on 05/02/2019

Beautiful, easy to read presentation. But it does make me wish that much more that the game had been continued.

Review by AACMIV

Version reviewed: 0.0.7 on 11/18/2018

Nice game, yet I find that there is only M/M quite dispointing. Maybe some M/F or maybe...F/F? 

Review by PieRiteYT

Version reviewed: 0.0.7 on 09/23/2018

i this is a great game but really needs 2 be updated (but probs won't)

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