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Salon Deesee: The Church of Cosmetology

An interactive story that's a tale of potentially malicious teachings, questionable spa treatments, and sinisterly chipper roommates. It features eight different endings depending on how well you play and the choices you make. Remember to study hard, do good things, and be pretty with Salon Deesee: The Church of Cosmetology!


Based on the world of the Mercynaries at:



Use the mouse to make menu selections and the Space bar to interact with objects in the exploration sections.


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Review by Saiki

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 07/25/2016

The game is not unplayable as others have suggested. Though the how to play instructions are wrong. Clicking does NOT work, you use spacebar instead. To return to your room you need to press space on the bedroom in the left corner. The game is very short finished in about 5 minutes. Though what is in there is different to what we usually get on the site, which is nice to see.

Only found 6 endings of the supposed 8

#1: Escaped but returned?
#2: Lily's slave
#3: Mentor
#4: Failed Exam ending
#5: Join the institute
#6: Tommy

Some suggestions would be:

1: Clearly indicate the character's gender at the beginning of the game. I didn't know for sure until I saw one of the endings.
2: To make the game longer. Add more days.
3: Make study sessions more interactive/interesting instead of just a text box.

Other than that, it is an interesting concept, albeit quite short,

Final Score:

Will go up in rating if it is longer and not as repetitive.


Review by kronkkrop

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 07/25/2016

Completely unplayable.  You can only interact with the girls using spacebar (clicking does not work) but spacebar (clicking either) doesn't work on any of the exits as the 'how to play' guide suggests does nothing.  Oddly enough, the buttons in the dialogue parts all seem to function normally.  I've tested firefox, chrome, ie, and opera, all fully up to date.

Review by Firewhisky

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 07/24/2016

The game is functional in my opinion. (I am currently using the chrome browser with the latest update. Game description: half of it is point click adventure which uses the mouse to select the options while the other part is a prison escape game which you use the keyboard arrows to move around and press the space bar to interact with npcs while avoiding the guards line of sight)

Good: The set up and premise is a good start.

General observations: I feel that the intro doesn't really set up the main character very well that I am kinda just building the story in my head as to what is going on. (I assume that I am playing some brown hair male or female character who was abducted into a forced feminization bimbo school which enforces harsh penalties of mental change if I do something wrong. The player's actions will then lead the main character into wanting to either succumb to the school by choice, by force, or escape the facility.) 

Personal opinon nitpick: I am probably spoiled by consequence feedback of other games on this site which tells the player in detail what is happening in terms of the consequences affecting the main character. This game in comparison to other games on TFgamesite kinda lacks any feedback of the consequences besides a decrease in a bar meter and a gameover screen once it is fully depleted.

Overall: the game is alright and is functional as of this moment and should be checked out if you like messing around a game that takes 5-10 minutes to complete. That said, I will try to figure out how to get the rest of the endings.

Review by mlreta

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 07/24/2016

The game doesn't work in any of the three main browsers (Chrome, Firefox, IE). No interaction is possible with other girls, your turn ends when you get caught as you can't go into your own room (it seems mouse click is not working, as the letters L and S are not working either).

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