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This game has gone through quite a few directions in way of development IDE, but i have gotten down to the point where the fact that i would be limited to platform has pushed me to learn twine, as such this game will be converted to twine once i get done my practice project(s), just a head's up as it may seem like i have abandoned this project, but it was more so because of platform dependencies as well as quests issue of having so many issues that need work arounds, or alternative ways, but javascript gives me enough room to do whats needed, and being a HTML additional, it can work on probly any platform.

You start the game into a random enslavement scenario, you must escape at all costs, but your captors will attempt to break you in and sell you off or otherwise

Game is being worked into being a procedural Escape game, the thread has most of the information needed


{Too anyone who had posted on the other accidental site post's i am sorry for the inconvenience but the issue has been resolved and this is the one that will be staying.}

Since this is going to be a Dynamic Escape game i will be using the plot location to give some tips on how to play 


Some gameplay tips 
- You have 2 major partially hidden stats: Dominance, and Energy. 
- At game start you have a 50/50 chance you will start off being chained up, Attempting to get free will have a chance of well.. you shouldnt need a explaination. 
- Your Goal is to escape at all costs. 
- Searching for a Escape will NOT always yield good results, and it will take your character some time to find a escape (as it is right now it may seem unlogical but later on it wont once theres more then 1 kind of escape.) 
- Resting recovers a portion of Energy. 
- Meditation increases Energy recovery, and recovers alot of Dominance. 
- Reaching too low of a Dominance score will result in the captors turning you into whatever it is they want to turn you into and more then anything a bad end/gameover 

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