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Version: 1.1.0

Version: 1.0.1

The Brothel

I decided to make a short game to see what the capabilites of twine were. The game is technically complete in the sense that there is an end but I would like to add more pictures and another menu specifically for interacting with your slave.

Once you buy your slave you can force her to whore herself out on the streets for money, this increases her obedience and earns you some money. Once you have enough gold and obedience you can take your slave to the training school to increase her skill.


Update 1.1.0 - Notes:

Added "Interact with slave" to menu , only has one option at the moment which is "blowjob". requires basic training and 50+ obedience.


Changed several .gifs to .webm files to reduce the overall size of the game.


Added a few new images to some scenes and a little more text in some places.


Changed some operations so the game runs a little smoother.

You have always dreamed of owning a brothel, however they're all way too expensive for you. Fortunately there is someone selling one for the phenominal price of 50,000 gold. Unfortunately you have no where near this much.

The owner says he will reserve the property for 100 days but after that he is selling.

Your goal is to earn the required gold in just 100 days.

You earn the money by buying a slave and whoring her out on the streets.

Kelly: Your slave.

Miss Lane: Slave Teacher


You will often be given the option of whether or not you want to interact with your slave. Neither of these choices are wrong (usually), they just have different outcomes.

Choosing not to interact with your slave with usually cost you nothing but will also gain you nothing and the game will continue on.

Choosing to interact with your slave will often end in a sex scene of some kind and a minor boost to stats (generally obedience) but will cost you  a varying amount of time.


The primary currency in this game is gold. You start the game with 950 gold and will need to earn 50 more to buy your slave.

The most common way of gaining gold is by "working" this is done by clicking the "work" option on the main interface.

Once you have a slave you can whore her out by clicking "work". The amount of gold she earns will depend on her skill and obedience, the higher the better.


Most actions take a certain amount of time to complete. Working in the mines for example will take half a day (and some energy) and reward you with a bit of gold. Generally time shouldn't be too much of a contraint unless you spend a large amount of time doing things that don't make money; like sleeping through every day.

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Review by phop15

Version reviewed: 1.0.1 on 08/08/2016

It's currently a short fun game, but certainly has potential. Looking forward to future developments! 

Review by aadajo

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 08/07/2016

I agree with this persons review fun short game hopefully there be hundreads of slaves hehehehe

Review by dumpstat69

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 08/07/2016

This is a fun little game that seems to be exactly what the author describes. Fun pictures, short little gameplay, overall a fun short game.

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