Board rules

These rules are disclosed to clarify the various responsibilities of all community members here on TFGames.Site. They shall be adhered to by everyone to ensure that our board runs smoothly and provides a fun and productive experience for all of our community members and visitors.

  1. General Rules

    1. TFGamesSite is an adult site concerning adult situations with the possibility of adult images. As such, you must be at least 18 years old to register and play here. #
    2. The site is home to different interests of varying natures, from random curiosities to full on fetishes. Discrimination against anyone for their viewpoints, lifestyles, interests, or opinions will not be tolerated. Respectful conversation is welcome. Debate is good. Abuse is not. #
    3. The Administrators and Moderators are here to make sure the site runs smoothly and everyone has a good time. If the admins or mods say to stop doing something, stop doing it. Don’t argue over everything or bitch them out. We don’t get paid enough for that… or, you know, at all. #
    4. If you see abuse, spam, or anything questionable, report it. It’s not necessary to make several posts pointing out the spammer. They’ll probably be deleted anyway along with the spam. #
    5. If you have a problem with a member that can’t be solved amicably, talk to a moderator or administrator. If you have a problem with a mod, talk to an admin. #
  2. Posting on the Forum

    1. When posting a new topic:
      • try to put it in the correct area under the correct heading. Don’t worry if you make a mistake, topics can be moved. Just let a moderator know.
      • make sure a new topic is necessary. We don’t need 20 topics about the same game.
      • make sure there is content that can be posted about or commented on. Substance, people!
    2. Do not post links to piracy/warez websites or free downloads for commercially available games. This is how you get both yourself and us in trouble. This includes posting or sharing links to games, mods, etc that an author has either a) intentionally removed / made unavailable or b) has requested not be shared. If a download is unavailable by author intervention, reach out to the author and/or a member of the moderation team if you feel it's something that should be allowed. #
    3. Be judicious in the size of the pictures you are posting. If you can get your message across with a smaller picture, aim for a smaller picture. Pics that take up the entire screen shouldn't be posted and may be deleted. Use a link instead. #
    4. Speaking of pictures, please do not post pics of an overly adult nature. For avatars, aim for PG or PG-13. Suggestively posed pics are fine, but breasts and genitalia must be covered. If you use an item from the shop and the new avatar has nudity or is of an R-rated nature, please let us know. Posting anything illegal (ex: kiddie porn) is strictly prohibited and will get you permanently banned. #
    5. Necroposting should be limited. If a topic has not been touched for over six months, consider the discussion closed unless you can seriously justify bringing it back or have decent content to add. Use your common sense. Asking if a game will is still being worked on or will be finished two years after the last post (and a year after the last time the author visited the site) only serves to depress everyone that the game was never finished. Please don’t make me depressed. I’m fragile like that. #
    6. Be very careful about double posting. If you realize you forgot to add something, opt instead to edit your last post. Only make a new post if you are adding new information that doesn't fit with your last post or a decent amount of time has passed. And yes, you can comment on multiple posts in a thread in one post – you don’t need to make a new post for every comment. #
    7. Don't start a thread asking for a specific transformation type or theme if it's already covered on the IGDB. Only ask if you are looking for something really specific or if you are trying to find a specific game and have some idea what happens in it (ex: "I'm looking for a VN where the protagonist is a futa who turns into a plant and has to find his/her lost penis (which has tfed into a giant chicken) and breasts (which have changed into a scarf, a bucket of water, and a three-year old boy... because he/she had three breasts to start with)"). #
    8. The following Forums have specific rules applied to them that must be followed:
      • In Development
        Do not make a post/reply asking if a game is dead or for it to be continued. An author will do as they please with their game.
        Do not start flame wars or insult users/authors. Please show the utmost respect and take arguments to private messages.
      • Inactive Games
        This board does not allow anyone to post new threads. Do not reply to a thread saying "please update" or "is this dead" or any variant thereof. If you are an author of a game featured here and are still working on the game, please notify a moderator or member of the administration to move the thread back to the Game Releases board when your next update is available.
      • Completed Games
        Games featured here are considered complete and not receiving content updates. Bug fixes are fine, however. The forum is locked to prevent posting new topics. Game authors, if you wish to alter the threads here or announce more content for your game, please contact a moderator or member of the administration to move your thread back to Game Releases.
  3. Posting in the IGDB

    1. Posting any content to the IGDB requires a minimum of 5(five) posts in the forum, these posts should be on topic and should not be spam posts. #
    2. No game shall be posted without some playable content. There should be some player interaction that will have lasting effects. #
    3. The game shall have significant Transformation content. TF content should not be tacked on as an afterthought. #
    4. Any adult/TF theme listed in the DB entry shall currently exist in the game version listed. Planned or private release only TF/adult themes can be listed on the synopsis tab. #
    5. Discussion threads:
      • There shall be a discussion thread started in the "In Development" forum. If you have previously started one in "Concepts", you will only need to change the first post to add the IGDB number.
      • For games from the Hypnopics Collective forum, the opening post shall contain a link to the Hypnopics Collective game thread
    6. Moderators reserve the right to adjust or delete any entry that is deceptive to the players or does not follow our rules. #
    7. Questions and complaints should be first brought to the IGDB moderators. If the IGDB moderators are unable to provide assistance, then the Administration can be contacted. #
    8. Regarding Mental Transformations:
      • The site's focus is on physical TF, therefore any games added to the IGDB with solely mental TFs will only be accepted if they still manage to fit the general theme of the site.
      • An exception to this rule is permitted if the game is already hosted on Hypnopics Collective and the thread is linked as per the sister site agreement.
    9. Regarding Pregnancy:
      • Games centered solely around pregnancy will no longer be considered TF games. Pregnancy is a normal bodily function, and as such shall be listed as an adult theme.
    10. Commercial and Player Supported Games:
      • A game which requires payment to access significant gameplay content* shall be listed as a "commercial" game. The price should be listed as the lowest cost to immediately get the most up-to-date version of the game.
        • *: "Gameplay content" includes story, plot, or gameplay elements (such as mini-games, additional levels or areas, or other NPCs you can interact with; in other words, things which add additional things for the player to do or discover within the game), but not things like cheat codes, improved graphics, or other "quality of life" improvements (such as automation of some activities, extra save slots, or various customization options).
      • However, if there is only a one release wait or up to a one month wait (whichever is longer) for any new gameplay content to be publicly released, then the game counts as a "player supported" game and does not need a price listed.
      • The version number listed on the IGDB entry for a "player supported" game shall only be the current PUBLIC release version. PRIVATE release version information can be listed in the Synopsis section.
    11. When making reviews:
      • Do not use reviews to post the link is dead, or complain about the hosting site.
      • Reviews should be be done in such a way to provide honest feedback about the game. Offensive or degrading language is prohibited.
      • Don't ask for game help as that is not a review. Post in the appropriate discussion thread instead.
      • Reviews may be flagged by the author or the staff for being inappropriate.
    12. Regarding Download Links:
      • Download links shall be direct links to the hosting site, no link shortening is to be done
      • Download links may not be added from any source that generates revenue for the poster. Crowdfunding opt-in sites are still allowed. This means sites like and all alternatives are strictly banned.
    13. Dead links:
      • Do not report the link dead if you do not like the hosting site.
      • Please try the link a few times before reporting it dead, unless the hosting site says explicitly the file is removed.
    14. Recommendations for a better player response
      • Please use multiple download sites, this will allow the majority of users to access the games
      • Graphics used in the DB entry should be of reasonable size to speed up page loading
      • Twine games (and other HTML based games) that use a large number of pictures should have external picture folders that are included with the download so people can play offline.
      • Please do not place engine, date, and development status in your forum posting title, these are added by the forum when linked using the Game id number, found in the URL of the Entry.
  4. Regarding Underage Content

    1. Underage content is defined as any character physically or mentally under the age of 18 that engages in any sexual activity. The mentally rule only applies if it's a permanent or uncontrollable aspect of the character. If users are presented with a choice to act their age or pretend, then it is fully acceptable.

      *Please note that the underage content rules only apply to sexual content regarding underage characters. If the content is entirely PG, then you're fine in all aspects.* #
    2. Underage content in games:
      • Underage content is certainly allowed, but must contain a proper message at the beginning of the game alerting players of the games content with the need to consent in order to proceed. If this content is optional and not integral to the plot, a prompt to disable said content should be made fully accessible to the player in an easy to find location.
      • The game entry in the IGDB must also be completely clear as to the fact that any underage content appears, so that users may actively choose to avoid the game if they are not interested in said content. (I need to add this flag and have a special prompt display on the IGDB page - Lashek).
      • Any image used must contain models at least 18 years of age if they are to appear in a sexual situations. This includes real and created pictures. A disclaimer must also be made with the "underage content" message that advises all images used are of an 18+ person.
      • Underage content is not allowed to appear in ANY contest entry that is hosted on TFGamesSite.
    3. Underage in Chat

      1. Not allowed. Nope. Never going to happen again. #
    4. Please note that there are NO EXCEPTIONS to these rules going forward and we will actively enforce this on current and upcoming games. We have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy on these rules. #
  5. Actions that will result in warnings or possible suspension

    1. Abusive language to any member of the site, either in a post or a private message. This includes flaming, trolling, or (and I only bring this up because it has happened) unwanted sexual advances. I’ll clear up the language confusion here: no = no. #
    2. Posting piracy/warez links #
    3. Posting adult images, including avatars #
    4. Spam posting for points. #
  6. Actions that will get you suspended or banned

    1. Doing anything from the warning/suspension list frequently after being warned (mod/admin’s discretion) #
    2. Posting while underage (banned until you are old enough to post) #
    3. Being a spambot – we try not to discriminate against anyone, but… no spambots. #
    4. Your website in your profile directs to spamming or phishing sites (ex: Edward High School, SeriesGate, GetCashPaydayLoans, etc) – we’ll assume you are a spambot. #
    5. Attempting to circumvent a ban by creating a new account. #
    6. Registering only to leave disparaging comments about Transformations as a whole. If you don’t like it, don’t comment. Just leave. We don’t come to your website and yell at you, so don’t come in and act like a jerk in ours. #
    7. Any action that directly harms the continued operation and general existence of the website through the backend, like hacking, DDoS attacks, or… well, anything that would give Lashek a headache. #