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This database contains the games that were originally found in the wiki and the forums, but in a nice, clear, and concise format that is easily searched. Forum members may add new game listings, write reviews, hold contests, and much more.

 » Featured Community Favorites

   Enchanted for HTML by JanuaryNight has 1251 likes from the community
   TF Card Battle for HTML by ApolloSeven has 914 likes from the community
   The Elven Parlor for HTML by reaperoa has 299 likes from the community
   LifePlay for Unreal Engine by vinfamy has 213 likes from the community
   Adventures of Tara for RPG Maker VX Ace by Reepyr has 193 likes from the community
   Mirror for HTML by Galeanne has 165 likes from the community
   Jack vs Candy for HTML by Lily has 143 likes from the community
   Not my Body! for Other by pululon has 136 likes from the community
   Blanked for RAGS by mdqp has 110 likes from the community
   Enrollin in Coleman for HTML by herrzimm has 71 likes from the community
   Witch's Mansion for RAGS by Robin has 69 likes from the community
   T Minus Thirty for RAGS by Stu has 66 likes from the community

 » Recent Game Submissions

   Guedain has released Palladium on 01/15/2021 for Ren'Py
   Bluey has released Life at University on 01/15/2021 for HTML
   MariaKyle7 has released Another Truth on 01/14/2021 for HTML
   FungalDragon has released Cattle Castle on 01/11/2021 for RPG Maker MV
   BaleonRosen has released Happy Birthday, Alex on 01/11/2021 for HTML
   NandiBear has released The Doll on 01/09/2021 for HTML
   TheBenefactor has released Ace of Sin on 01/08/2021 for RPG Maker VX Ace
   icarue has released Fabric Memories on 12/31/2020 for HTML
   SubSupreme has released Victoria's Body on 12/30/2020 for RPG Maker MV
   dextersinister has released Leaderboard on 12/29/2020 for HTML
   Sesalia577 has released Ero-Gen on 12/28/2020 for Other
   Brutecatus has released Unforeseen Consequences on 12/27/2020 for HTML

 » Recent Game Updates

   vinfamy has updated LifePlay on 01/21/2021 for Unreal Engine
   Huntermc has updated Hunter’s Harem on 01/21/2021 for HTML
   Unlikely has updated Hard Times in Hornstown on 01/21/2021 for HTML
   DeepInteractivity has updated Unholy Arts on 01/21/2021 for HTML
   mugwump has updated Clean Slate on 01/21/2021 for Quest Soft Player
   mdqp has updated Caliross on 01/21/2021 for RPG Maker VX Ace
   BerylForge has updated Campus Magnum on 01/20/2021 for HTML
   Terrajune064 has updated Hogwarts Panty Raid on 01/20/2021 for RPG Maker MV
   yeomanR has updated The Claim on 01/19/2021 for HTML
   CaptainCaption, espeon has updated re:Dreamer on 01/19/2021 for Ren'Py
   Sunfall has updated Friends of Mine on 01/19/2021 for HTML
   KumikoKazura has updated Maze on 01/19/2021 for HTML

 » Latest reviews from the community

   mimi69 reviewed The Claim on 01/22/2021
   Frinkleton reviewed Timeless Pantheon on 01/21/2021
   Lemmyisgod reviewed Happy Birthday, Alex on 01/21/2021
   namenameha reviewed Ace of Sin on 01/20/2021
   Danlab185 reviewed Slugs and Bugs: Conversion on 01/20/2021
   deadmann83 reviewed Earn Your Freedom on 01/20/2021
   Lets reviewed Escape the Citizen Factory on 01/20/2021
   namenameha reviewed Rebirth of Eden: MZ release! on 01/20/2021
   Tolkien46 reviewed The Claim on 01/20/2021
   anaisnon reviewed TF Card Battle on 01/20/2021
   DarkDaemonX reviewed Special on 01/20/2021
   Danyl reviewed Orchard University Remastered on 01/20/2021

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