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This database contains the games that were originally found in the wiki and the forums, but in a nice, clear, and concise format that is easily searched. Forum members may add new game listings, write reviews, hold contests, and much more.

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 There is currently a contest running on TFGS organized by ApolloSeven. The theme of the contest is Competition! with a deadline of Feb 1st, 2023 (Eastern Time).

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 » Featured Community Favorites

   The Good Son for HTML by Lobsterman9999 has 1844 likes from the community
   Press-Switch / Illia's Mansion for Ren'Py by Skiegh has 1625 likes from the community
   You Throw Like a Girl for HTML by Vim has 1544 likes from the community
   Healslut for Ren'Py by daviezwei has 1401 likes from the community
   Finding Yourself for HTML by Yeldir has 422 likes from the community
   Escape the Mystery: Lost Aboard Some Ship for HTML by crazedpsychopath has 171 likes from the community
   Be Good at Something for HTML by vegatg has 155 likes from the community
   Evil for Quest Soft Player by TrustNo1 has 118 likes from the community
   Witch Quest for RPG Maker VX Ace by AngelGrace has 95 likes from the community
   Party Fight for HTML by Magma has 73 likes from the community
   Release the Hypnodrones for HTML by Tevazi has 71 likes from the community
   Marooned on Teayeph VI for HTML by dextersinister has 66 likes from the community

 » Recent Game Submissions

   Heedless has released Too Lewd! on 12/05/2022 for Ren'Py
   Lily has released AI Freedom Act on 11/29/2022 for HTML
   Uborgin has released Red Temptations on 11/26/2022 for HTML
   Narg has released Mirror: Student Transfer Edition on 11/25/2022 for HTML
   soldering has released Succubus's Curse on 11/24/2022 for HTML
   puppywhore has released Lesbian Education on 11/20/2022 for HTML
   2ndSqueeze has released Demon Gods on 11/20/2022 for HTML
   RandomPeep9 has released Hyoui on 11/14/2022 for HTML
   Charlsebob has released The Thackleton Traveler on 11/11/2022 for RPG Maker MV
   HatJump has released Exposed and Loving It on 11/11/2022 for Unity
   hijneke16 has released Gamenight on 11/09/2022 for HTML
   Aoibami has released Essentials (A mod for Lust Doll+) on 11/09/2022 for RPG Maker MV

 » Recent Game Updates

   icarue, 6six6 has updated Oathbreaker on 12/06/2022 for SRPG Studio
   Xetinel has updated Swan Song of the White Angels on 12/06/2022 for RPG Maker MV
   ugre101 has updated The Essence of Gender on 12/06/2022 for Unity
   midsan has updated Underneath the Labyrinth on 12/06/2022 for Other
   Ailius1 has updated Passing Into Fantasy on 12/05/2022 for Other
   Surume has updated TF Slot Machine - The Game Show on 12/05/2022 for Unity
   Seven777 has updated Superhuman on 12/05/2022 for Ren'Py
   rootf95 has updated Candy's Legacy on 12/05/2022 for HTML
   splendidostrich has updated Newlife on 12/05/2022 for Java
   thegp has updated The Guinea Pig on 12/05/2022 for HTML
   HardCoderX23 has updated The Road TWX on 12/04/2022 for HTML
   IcyViridian has updated Wasteland Lewdness on 12/04/2022 for HTML

 » Latest reviews from the community

   Lenae_Oyen reviewed Ditzy Dice on 12/06/2022
   AbbaK reviewed Passing Into Fantasy on 12/06/2022
   adorn reviewed Haunted House Sleepover on 12/06/2022
   relattic reviewed Ditzy Dice on 12/06/2022
   CugleTheClever reviewed Psychic Private Eye on 12/05/2022
   Noknet reviewed Clean Slate on 12/05/2022
   Razzler reviewed Gamenight on 12/04/2022
   jizpiz reviewed One Man's Descent on 12/03/2022
   LynxF reviewed BMO TV on 12/03/2022
   aloopy reviewed My Girlfriend Alice on 12/03/2022
   aloopy reviewed AI Freedom Act on 12/03/2022
   Razzler reviewed Tits, Tail, Tackle: The Triple Triad on 12/03/2022

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