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This database contains the games that were originally found in the wiki and the forums, but in a nice, clear, and concise format that is easily searched. Forum members may add new game listings, write reviews, hold contests, and much more.

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Calling all game authors!

 There is currently a contest running on TFGS. The theme of the contest is Ye Olde Storybooke TF Tyme! with a deadline of Nov 1st, 2021 (Eastern Time).

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 » Featured Community Favorites

   Accidental Woman for HTML by ThaumX has 1323 likes from the community
   Witch's Familiar for HTML by Perri has 491 likes from the community
   The Elven Parlor for HTML by reaperoa has 306 likes from the community
   Star Knightess Aura for RPG Maker MZ by auradev has 219 likes from the community
   The Bored Game for HTML by Munchman has 188 likes from the community
   Great Tracts of Land for HTML by Hito125 has 166 likes from the community
   Kawaii for HTML by Lily has 135 likes from the community
   Tales of Lust and Delacroix for RAGS by Red_Gambit has 134 likes from the community
   Sex Gods for Unity by Guapoman has 112 likes from the community
   A Nerd's Nightmare for HTML by ChocolateBar has 103 likes from the community
   Dominant Witches for Ren'Py by nikociant has 80 likes from the community
   The Pixiespawn Festival for HTML by dextersinister has 71 likes from the community

 » Recent Game Submissions

   artintrex has released Mageiromancer on 10/14/2021 for Unity
   EvaD has released High Rollers 2069 on 10/09/2021 for HTML
   brandygang has released October 8 on 10/08/2021 for RPG Maker MV
   Humorotica has released LAMP on 10/08/2021 for HTML
   ApolloSeven has released Dream of the Sea on 10/04/2021 for Ren'Py
   OmniWaifuism has released Goddess Seed Omni Edition on 09/27/2021 for RPG Maker MZ
   nezumih has released Project Kirke on 09/25/2021 for HTML
   freebird17 has released Shifter on 09/24/2021 for HTML
   ralay has released TF Slot Machine on 09/23/2021 for HTML
   lucid00 has released BreakIn on 09/23/2021 for HTML
   ralay has released South TF Park on 09/19/2021 for HTML
   ralay, Xiriel has released Uncle Henry's Legacy on 09/15/2021 for HTML

 » Recent Game Updates

   midsan has updated Underneath the Labyrinth on 10/17/2021 for Other
   CambionParadise has updated Paradise Inc on 10/16/2021 for HTML
   SkyCorp has updated The Underworld on 10/16/2021 for Other
   Undeniableurges has updated One Man's Descent on 10/16/2021 for HTML
   Guapoman has updated Sex Gods on 10/16/2021 for Unity
   mugwump has updated Revision on 10/16/2021 for HTML
   dingotush has updated Yaffaif on 10/16/2021 for Java
   CaptainCaption, espeon has updated re:Dreamer on 10/16/2021 for Ren'Py
   angra1938 has updated Labyrinth of the Forgotten Goddess on 10/16/2021 for Other
   ptgames has updated Lunars Chosen on 10/15/2021 for Ren'Py
   UsagiTripleSix has updated Interns of Ecstasy Island on 10/15/2021 for Ren'Py
   Anaximanes has updated Slugs and Bugs: Conversion on 10/15/2021 for Ren'Py

 » Latest reviews from the community

   JustSomeSissy reviewed One Man's Descent on 10/16/2021
   vasheed reviewed Revision on 10/16/2021
   Jondei reviewed Monline on 10/16/2021
   Rydan reviewed Star Knightess Aura on 10/16/2021
   awokenchange reviewed Chemically Defined on 10/15/2021
   RyzyMcPherson reviewed Young Maria on 10/15/2021
   TFGameBosse reviewed Summer of Shame on 10/14/2021
   renee98 reviewed The Company on 10/14/2021
   Fantasist reviewed Underneath the Labyrinth on 10/14/2021
   ShadowWisp reviewed Project Kirke on 10/14/2021
   Blauz. reviewed The Girly Gauntlet on 10/14/2021
   Blauz. reviewed Cursed on 10/14/2021

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