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Version: 1.14.0

Paradise Inc

Paradise Inc sees players transformed into a succubus and put in charge of a mall whose real purpose is identifying truly unhappy humans who would be happier in a new form. A little magic (and a lot of sex) later, and you've got one more soul and one more employee on the payroll!

This game is a statless CYOA story with branching paths for each transformable character. Play as either a dominant or submissive boss and grant fantasies in the way you see fit! The game currently contains over 200,000 words and content for the first two weeks of your stay in game.

A terrible day sees you fired from your job and sent back to your crummy apartment, where you're dodging both rent notices and rats in equal measure. When a call from a company you don't remember applying to comes, you don't question it too much. It isn't until you meet the purple-skinned Lazren, claiming to be the incarnation of one of the Seven Sins, that you realize you might just be in for more than just a new job! It isn't long before you're a succubus yourself (though one with some extra equipment between her legs) and put in charge of Paradise, the new luxury mall/hotel that arrived in town seemingly overnight.

Your task is simple. Build new mall venues to lure out unhappy humans and satisfy their innermost desires in exchange for their souls and service! Humans, though, would often be happy in multiple ways. Its up to you to coax out their innermost desires and grant the one that appeals most to you. Be warned, however. It won't be long until your demonic mistress returns, and you don't want to be short on souls when she does...

V 1.14.0

Romance Expansion 

Love is once again in the air and this time brings new content for Cass (Punk) and Xun (Dryad). These romances both features not only the opportunity to grow closer to them by solving a problem, but also the chance to pair them up with another of your employees that you've gotten close to!

Cass Romance

Your rebel without a cause is pining over the one who got away and this update completes the romance path for Cass. Will you help to track down her lost love to help her get back her swagger, or will you pair her up with your neighborhood siren to see the kind of music they make together?

MC Romance or BFF Content - Cass can be romanced by the Main Character (you!) as an Exclusive romance, or her path can be completed platonically. Both paths feature new story content and a steamy encounter, while the romance path also contains a new repeatable date opportunity to enjoy your new found closeness.

Petra Siren Pairing - Alternatively, you can solve two birds with one stone by introducing Cass to Petra (Siren) and reward yourself with a new band playing at the Tower. After their initial content, Petra and Cass will both show up occasionally during work at Inferno for some very boundary-pushing performances! 


Xun Romance

Family is always trouble isn't it? Xun is full of life and has no regrets about her choice, but there's still the problem of a change in lifestyle. How is she supposed to keep a connection to her family when she's suddenly a nature spirit AND a woman?

MC Romance or BFF Content - The MC can always volunteer to help her return to her family with a story close enough to reality to be believed, but don't be surprised if you don't want to leave after getting to know her folks.  Xun can be pursued as an Polyamorous romance. While both paths result is new story content and a new sexual encounter, the romance also features a repeatable date.

Damien Bull Pairing - If Xun needs someone polite and charming to back her up, you know just the stud! Sending Damien will help assist Xun with her family, but you may find nature taking its course in regards to Damien's desire to start a family. In addition to a new steamy encounter, you can also run into this pairing occasionally while working at Shakes 'n Sundaes.

Solo Resolution - If you don't feel comfortable getting involved, you can encourage Xun to solve the situation on her own. Though this path does not feature extensive additional content in this patch, it may alter the epilogue for Xun during game end.

Additional Fixes and Modifications

Additional Date Opportunities - A new system will be introduced in Chapter 3 that allows you to go on additional dates. This will make it a little easier to do more pairings, or to form a bit of a harem if that is what you're in to. 

Devil's Own Luck Achievement - This achievement is now a little more reliable to pick up and work toward. Formerly, the achievement was 'cheat-proof' so that if you missed Xavier on your first attempt, you could not hit the back button or reload your save in order to try again. Because of the high amount of RNG luck involved, we have removed the 'cheat-proof' check. Now, if you want to, you can reload or back up and repeat the first night of hunting Xavier until you get lucky!

Maximum Vault/Energy Cap - Selene is a very flexible girl, but she does have her limits!  Or, at least, now she does. Since we're closing in on the end-game, we've implemented a maximum Vault expansion cap of 204800 energy. If you have more than that, your excess energy will be set down to that amount. The 'Huge Tracks of Land' achievement has been modified to reflect this.

Nadia Focus Bug - When you're ready for the big game with Nadia and happen to ask Mason about foci, he incorrectly told her you had some, when he didn't!  We've corrected Mason's inventory paperwork so he has the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Cassy Date Closure - Fixed the date for Cassy's romance from firing for BFF relationships. Though she appreciated the extra time, the date is pretty explicit about the lovey dovey stuff and shouldn't be shared with the 'friends only' path. 

V 1.13.1

Bug fixes abound

- Friendzone Mason will not longer go silent and break the game if you dare to ask him questions. 

- You can now talk to Mammon at the bar to collect on your investments should one of them mature while you're being visited by the sin of Greed.

- Due to a stock market realignment, the 'dividends' building option in the bank now outputs the correct 0.5% payment for your current banked money, rather than 5% per level.

- Builders of Inferno will now be properly recognized in the local paper and receive the achievement. This should retroactively correct the issue for anyone with the club unlocked (This should also make it far easier to achieve the One Prints, Two Prints, Red Prints, Blue Prints and Infernal Architect cheevos!)

Update 1.13.0

Story Content

-A phone call from Chastity. She's got a challenge for you to prove your mettle as a successor to Cara, but why would a Virtue care about who becomes a Sin? And how can you tell if she's playing fair?

- New bad ends:  If you can't pass Chastity's challenge, it's (sexy) game over!  Experience one of four new 'bad ends' involving Xavier (Vampire), Petra (Dark Elf), Sara (Kitsune), or Mason (Dominant), in addition to the 'classic' bad end options from chapter 1.


- A new character! Nadia is a high rolling gambler with a connection to Chastity. Can you find a way to give her what she wants when all she wants is the thrill of the game?

- A high stakes gamble! Try to shake Nadia's concentration as the cards come down, but be careful:  she'll be doing the same to you! Be sure to choose your answers carefully, as every word could sway the outcome!

- Angel Form:  A victorious Nadia is gifted a part of your tower as her very own. How will you handle her reality-warping powers when not even you are immune?

- Genie Form:  Everyone must pay the piper. If you come out on top, your wish is her command. What will you do with a genie in your pocket?



- Convinced Chastity to upgrade to a phone made after the turn of the century.  Her phone icon now displays correctly when she calls you at the beginning of Chapter 3 if you continued from an older save.

- Straightened up errors in Samantha and Cassy's employee files

- Fixed a stray ungenderized pronoun in the intro

- You will no longer see the option to 'ask Samantha what she's up to' unless she's dating Dana or Mason. This should prevent sudden warps in space time from work to an Italian restaurant. 

New Feature:

- When you save a game, you will now be prompted to enter a title for it. This should make keeping track of your saves easier. 

V 1.12.0

Romance Storylines Now Complete for Cassy (AI) and Samantha (Partner). Romance one of your employees yourself, or play matchmaker and pair them off to help with each other's problems. Unlocks new art and new sex scenes, and may alter final epilogue at game end (future content).

New Mechanics

  • 'Exclusive' vs 'Polyamorous' Romances
    Different strokes for different folks!  If you choose to deepen your relationship with your employees further, some of them will expect a (romantically) exclusive relationship, while some of them prefer to share and share alike. Your partners will make clear what they prefer! Make sure you're willing to respect their wishes!
  • Update to Mason's Romance
    If you have already entered into a D/s relationship with your incubus engineer, this will now count as an exclusive romance. The crystalline resonance which bonded you is powerful, and doesn't promote sharing.
  • Recolored Art
    We've tweaked some of the darker skin tones for the main character to improve the look in some of the new full body art pieces included with this update. 

Samantha - A Sub Of Her Own

  • Main Character Pairing:  
    Submit to your favorite secretary! After going on two dates with Samantha and choosing not to enter into a relationship with Mason, talk to Mason about Samantha's desires. Samantha is an exclusive romance.
  • Dana Pairing:
    Why not pair up your employee needing a permanent sub with one needing a more permanent dom? Go on two dates with Dana and Samantha, then suggest they look to one another for comfort. Enjoy a new duo scene in the office.
  • Mason Pairing:
    Turning down Mason has left his better than he was, but a little adrift. No one would be happier to teach him how to feel again than Samantha. Go on two dates with Samantha, turn down a relationship with Mason, then suggest they look to each other for what they need. Enjoy a new duo scene in the office.


Cassy - Digital Denizen 

  • Main Character Pairing:
    Upgrade your relationship status with your friendly neighborhood AI! After going on two dates with Cassy, select 'think about Cassy's Problem' in the bedroom, and spend 1000 energy to create a way for you to enter her world, then encourage a more romantic relationship.  Cassy is non-exclusive.
  •  'Besties' pairing:
    As above, think about Cassy's problem and build a way to visit her. She's happy to have someone she can interact with directly, who can 'plug in' from time to time. Enjoy your friendship! (Does not count as a romantic relationship and is possible while in an exclusive relationship)
  •  Jolie Pairing:
    Solve one problem with another. Jolie wants to be in pictures, and Cassy wants to vacation in the real world. Jolie can play the role of a brand new cyborg, allowing Cassy control while the actress runs around in cyberspace. Enjoy a new duo scene in the office. 

V 1.11.0

(12/29 - Caught a few game breaking bugs and also corrected a boatload of typos)

Chapter 3 Begins- Avery now arrives at the end of chapter 2 to measure your progress. Will you impress him, fail, or just skate by? He may have an interesting offer for those who need a little help...

Updated Advanced PDA - Advanced View in PDA now contains more useful information for running your tower!

Additional Reactivity - Transformed employees will now react to transition between CH1 and 2, and 2 and 3

Additional Duo Scenes - Mason and Selene can now enjoy some time with fellow employees inside the tower!

V 1.10.1

New Animation - Selene's chest and futa growth now features an animated gif on the second occasion

Bug Fixes - Fixed several sex scenes not advancing time. Fixed several pictures that were not loading with the new version. Assorted typo fixes. 


Selene Update 

- Selene will now kick off a mystery adventure a few days after her second expansion in the vault. Can you save your employee?
-Post adventure, the PC will get the opportunity to transform their naga employee. Will you opt for a bit of Twincest or a very -large- employee?

New system - Achievement Skips
-Selene's Adventure and Xavier's cat and mouse game can now be skipped by the player if they already have an achievement for finishing that storyline


1 - Fixed a potential game breaker where Dominant Mason triggering in the morning could trap the player in their bedroom with no way to advance to the Samantha/Mason scene.
2 - Fixed a display issue with foci cost in Petra's transformation. 

V 1.9.1

1 - Fixed several instances where the MC would be addressed with variables.
2 - Fixed an issue that caused two scenes to play on top of one another when Dominant Mason invited Samantha to your room
3 - Fixed an issue where accessing Submissive Mason's intimate scene directly from R&D resulted in a blank page, or the wrong scene playing.

V 1.9.0 

Those of you who have talked to Mason in Chapter 2 will know that his history with Lazren was not always as sunny as yours. As it turns out, your incubus has been indulging in some mystical chicanery on the side to keep the blues at bay, but it's hard to hide things when your boss can drop in almost any time! Little did either of you know how much change a chance discovery could bring...

Update 1.9.0 will begin a few days after talking with Mason and discovering his backstory at the start of chapter 2. It can run parallel to the hunt for Xavier and is likely to be complete during the first half of the chapter. After a story event, the player will find themselves with an opportunity to incite a change in the player's relationship with Mason. However, this change is not play-acting and cannot be reversed once engaged with! One way or another, this will be a binding promise.

-Submissive Mason

      Those looking to add another servant to their entourage will find this a wonderful time to wrap a collar permanently around Mason's neck. Dominant players can give submissive Mason a number of tasks ranging from breakfast (and perhaps something more) in bed, adjustments to certain garments worn beneath his uniform, and the opportunity to share your submissive with someone else working in the main office.

-Dominant Mason

        Players with a less domineering attitude can instead choose for Mason to bind you instead. Mason is, however, a demanding top. Characters can expect to be summoned to his office seemingly at random, where he will task the character with whatever whim pleases him. Characters who follow their dominant's commands can expect to be rewarded. Those with a more bratty edge will find out exactly what sort of punishment that big brain can dream up...

 -Taking It Slow

        Too much commitment? After the story event, players who are not currently interested in gaining a permanent sub OR dominant can instead encourage Mason to find his own path. This includes all the mechanical rewards for the character and improves their outlook, but does not trigger a permanent change to your relationship. This path may be expanded upon later (CoughRomanceCough) but currently represents an option for players who would rather keep things casual with their head scientist.

V.1.8.2 - Quick Patch

  • Corrected an issue which caused the Casino show a whole lot of 0s and 'NaN's.
  • You should now be able to change your necklace facing properly in Chapter 1
  • Corrected a repeating line in Mason's question panes that wasn't supposed to be there.
  • Corrected several small typos

 Due to extensive changes, saves made prior to patch 1.8.0 will not be compatible moving forward. 

V. 1.8.1 (Bugfixes)

1.8.1 Bug Fixes 

  • Corrected several typos, including one that would break the Computer Cafe management screen.
  • Fixed issue where asking Selene about expansion would result in a blank pane
  • Fixed issue where Devil's Own Luck achievement would be rewarded when it shouldn't be (... we think)
  • Fixed GC.slice is not a function error when using the dressing room mirror under specific circumstances.
  • Fixed issue where the mirror would not show 'red' or 'black' lip color as being selected, for female or futa characters, despite everything functioning normally.
  • Fixed issue where telling Petra to watch the cameras would occasionally result in her watching the location she watched the night prior, instead.
  • Fixed issue where skipping the Intro (but not 'Skip to Chapter 2') would make some achievements essentially fail-proof (unbreakable).


1.8.1. Quality of Life improvements

  • The 'Achievement' pop-up now informs you which achievement you earned.
  • Also added an 'Achievement broken' pop-up that will inform you when you've ruined your chances at something.
  • The dressing room mirror, and the 'Skip to Chapter 2' functions, no longer require a "confirmation click" after clicking the button.
  • Added note to 'Skip to Chapter 2' screen that skipping will make some achievements unachievable.
  • You may now change your necklace color directly from the mirror, after you unlock character customization in Chapter 2.
  • Likewise, after you start Chapter 2 you can now use your cell phone in selfie mode to check your appearance anytime you want (that is, you can customize your appearance without returning to your bedroom each time)
  • Shortened the time to trigger romantic dates with your paramours in Chapter 2, and the time between date opportunities.  Love waits for no (wo)man.
  • Added slightly more detail to Xavier Vampire's fetish vision preview

V. 1.8.0 - Update 

Patch Notes: 1.8.0 - Growth Potential

1.8.0 redesigns several of the core systems and adds numerous quality of life improvements to the game. Some of the highlights include:

Energy Redesign

Energy costs and daily gain have both been substantially reduced overall. This should keep energy reserves (and therefore costs) from peaking into truly ridiculous numbers so quickly.

Buildings and Management Redesign

The way that buildings function has been reworked. Buildings now have a level that determines their base energy output. They receive a certain number of visitors each day (which can be increased by working in that location) and will be ready to 'level up' after a number of visitors are banked. This upgrade has a small energy cost associated with it, and will increase the base energy and power of the building. 

Each building also now has three 'modes' of operation. By default, all buildings are placed in the 'basic management' mode, which increases energy per day from that location. Each of these modes becomes more powerful with every level that location has gained, and can be changed freely at any time.

Finally, each building now has a 'management modifier' that alters the amount of energy made each day. This modifier can be raised by working in a location, though it will decay back to its minimum value over time. Many abilities can affect the minimum and maximum modifier, as well as the rate at which it decays. Finally, recruiting an employee to a location via transformation will also raise the minimum and maximum values. 

This information can be reviewed for all locations at once by clicking on the PDA icon now found in the side bar.

Special Abilities

Starting a few days into Chapter 2, Lazren will dispatch a pair of trainers (Munokho and Kagar) to assist you in learning to harness your soulgems in order to obtain special powers. These special abilities are typically global in nature, affecting every currently-built location. Each ability will cost an amount of energy based on its tier, and you will also need to commit one of your soulgems to the ability (soulgems will still count for the purpose of passing end-of-chapter gates).

Special abilities are broken into three tiers and each tier requires two of the previous tier in order to buy. Thus, each Tier 3 ability requires that two Tier 2 abilities be purchased first, and each Tier 2 ability requires two Tier 1 abilities to be purchased first. With the current seven soul gems in the game, the player can make one complete pyramid of abilities (IE: one Tier 3 ability, two Tier 2 abilities, and four Tier 1 abilities). These purchases are permanent and, once bought, cannot be undone. 

The Vault

Energy reserves now have a maximum value, starting at 200 energy in Chapter 1. This is the capacity of your friendly Naga employee, Selene, who will also appear at the start of Chapter 1. Selene is a living storage unit for the tower's energy, and will be more than happy to discuss matters after the initial introduction to Mason at the start of the game.

The vault's capacity can be increased for an energy price. However, this does require expanding Selene to match. She is currently deciding between putting that extra mass into her chest, or preparing to mate by growing some traditionally male equipment. Each vault increase will make the chosen section a little bigger and greatly please your new Naga. Though you can enjoy her company whenever you expand her, please note there is currently no additional art associated with the action.

Achievements and Employee Files

Achievements have been added to the game for a variety of special actions. These can be found by clicking on the new trophy icon in the sidebar. In addition, each employee now has an employee file available in the side bar that will update throughout the game with their current status, as well as remind you of the details of their work with you.

Quality of Life Improvements

A number of quality of life improvements have been made to improve the aesthetics of the side bar. An icon with your picture and current necklace status has been updated and new sidebar buttons have been added for a variety of tasks. 

V. 1.7.1 (Bugfixes)


- The Casino 'supervisor' scene with our lovely lady of oral fixation was missing its energy reward. She'll now be appropriately thankful.

- Fixed a coding error that occurred if you went on a date with Petra in her 'dark elf' form while you were male.

- Fixed an error in Sara's transformations that she wasn't using the intended terms of address when speaking to you.  

- Fixed an error in Sara (Kitsune) where, in fresh new games, Kayo would assume you were female regardless of evidence to the contrary.

V 1.7.0

New Character: Sara

Sara has been added as a recruitable character. She can be met in the Casino in the afternoon or evening after the player has introduced themselves to Mammon.

- Pre-Transformation Sara's only location is the Casino, but she has both an 'on duty' and an 'off duty' mode. Your first two encounters will see you meet her in both of these modes, after which you can talk to her 'on duty' persona in the afternoon, and find her 'off duty' in the evenings. The 'on duty' conversations lead to the Magician path, while the 'off duty' conversations lead to the Kitsune option.

- Regardless of form, Sara can be found in the Casino after transformation. She'll be running a stage show as your magician, or running a small bar at the kitsune.

- Sara is currently not available for the 'Date night' romance events.

Casino Work Scenes

- With the addition of a character to the Casino comes the option to supervise there. Update 1.7.0 comes with 7 new scenes: 3 scenes unlocked with the building, an additional 2 if you have purchased the casino upgrade, and one each for Sara's new forms.

Assorted Bug Fixes and Improvements

As always, we've been looking over the code and making adjustments to anything out of place. Stability and fewer typos are always good!

V 1.6.1- Assorted Bug Fixes and 'Love is in the Air' Update

Bug Fixes
- A considerable number of lingering bugs and broken panes have been fixed. Special thanks to Goctionni from the TGGameSite Discord server for providing us with a Twine Validator of his own design, which really aided us in tracking down these persistent little gremlins in the code.

Tower Disasters
Beginning a week after Lazren's return and approximately every 2 weeks after that, the tower will begin to exhibit a few odd behaviors. It is, after all, still learning and part of that learning is going to be screwing up from time to time. That is perfectly understandable for most people, but when most of your employees screw up they can't reverse gravity inside the building or accidentally fill it with giant rats!

Not to worry. Mason has the fixes well in hand. You could stay with him and put things back in order with only a minimal hit to your energy, or you can take the opportunity to get away from the tower for a little R&R. That's the easy question, but the far harder question is...who will you take with you?

Each disaster carries with it an opportunity to take one of your transformed employees (Samantha, Damien, Jolie, Cassandra, Petra, or Xavier) out on a date. Each character has prepared content for two trips out away from the tower, and the second will introduce a plot thread for the character's eventual romance path. When you reach the second date with the character, a warning will appear for the end of content and the second date will replay when chosen for all future dating opportunities.

- There is not currently any penalty for going on dates with multiple employees, as none of the content finishes a romance path. This being a very odd workplace, most of the your employees are open-minded, but once things escalate select characters may be a little more possessive of you. 

V 1.5.1 Bug Fixes

Caught a few bugs, including a game breaker involving summary mode when attempting to go through Petra's interruption. 

V 1.5.0 - Petra Update!

- Petra's transformation path will unlock for those who have both finished her storyline by working in security at night (i.e. you unlocked her intimate menu), and have also captured and transformed Xavier successfully. About a week after those two events have both occurred, the player will be interrupted by Petra during the normal course of play. Once Petra reveals the nature of her desire, Mason will once again be able to provide options to fulfill it.

- Players who have built Elysium (whether or not Xavier is a dryad) will be able to gift Petra with a Siren transformation.

- Players who have built Inferno (whether or not Xavier is a vampire) will be able to welcome Petra into the ranks of the Drow. 

- After transformation, Petra will still work the evenings in the Security Office. However, the Drow form can be found in Inferno in the morning, enjoying a quiet moment before the place opens, and the Siren form can be found swimming in Elysium in both the morning and the afternoon. 

- In addition to the regular scenes, Siren Petra features a unique scene variation for submissive males, while Drow Petra has a special scene for submissive futanari characters. Combined with JJ's unique female scene, we now have 1 special scene for each of the three PC sexes. Both will also have an additional potential work scene interacting with Xavier/Xun if they share a location.


V 1.4.0 - Gender Update! 

Game now allows  the main character to choose Male, Female, or Futa form from the beginning of the game (The encounter with Lazren is always as a futa, but she will immediately allow the PC to change). After the mirror is unlocked in Chapter 2, the main character can alter their gender when they alter their visual options.


All existing scenes, interactions, and addressess have been changed or branched for the new gender options!

In addition, Chapter Skip has been enabled. You may now begin at the start of Chapter 2 with 2 transformees and 2 un-upgraded buildings

Happy Hunting! 


V 1.3.0  (24 June 2020) - Minor but vital bug-fix that blocked new content from launching.  Online versions are patched; offline versions will need to re-download the HTML file.  Details:  https://www.patreon.com/posts/38566741


V 1.3.0

In 1.3.0, strange goings-on point to an intruder in the tower.  Why are they there, what are they planning -- and how can you stop them before they get what they want?


New Characters!


Xavier King

- Xavier’s story begins in Chapter 2 after the player has built the Gym, Shakes ‘n Sundaes, the Computer Café, and the Bank. However, the player will also need to build the Security Office once unlocked to progress the story. 

- Engage in a Cat and Mouse chase with the journalist to locate and catch him before he assembles enough evidence of your nefarious business operations! Failure to do so might prove fatal for Lazren’s plans…and for your future!

-Two Paths of Transformation: Embrace life and attune him to nature, creating your very own Dryad, or embrace death, and begin a Vampiric bloodline. The choice is yours!


Petra Torres

- Welcome Petra to your service as head of security, for those times when you need human eyes for tasks the tower can’t handle itself.  She's a strong, no-nonsense woman with a laid-back attitude and a quick sense of humor -- and knows not to ask TOO many questions.

-Work side by side in the security office and unlock some intimate scenes with the military woman. Just make sure you haven’t bitten off more than you can chew once you catch her interest! 


New Locations! 


Security Office

The central hub of security within the tower. Enjoy your time with Petra, or go to work observing the cameras and ‘encouraging’ a little more action wherever you can.


A beautiful park with a great oak growing through the middle, no one seems to realize it appeared far too quickly to be natural. Pursue the good graces of your friendly neighborhood Dryad, or spend a little time bringing customers a little 'closer' to nature. 


The nightclub to end all nightclubs, Inferno has it all. A dance floor, private booths, and a few more ‘interesting’ furnishings in the back rooms, for those who like leather, latex, and the crack of a riding crop.  Assist your Vampire in hunting, or sling a few drinks from the bar that are sure to get the place hopping. 

Bug/Feature Fix! 

Character Customization

We fixed the issue with the character customization mirror requiring extra Javascript and some convoluted settings to work offline.  The new system is clean, simple, and doesn't require any special steps to run.

V 1.2.0

Story Updates

Lazren’s Return! 

-The story will now advance into chapter 2, with Lazren returning when the countdown timer reaches 0. Players with existing saves who have been stuck one ‘1 day to Lazren’s Return’ should now see the countdown finish after they sleep. 

-5 possible ‘bad ends’ for those who do not have the required number of souls (Hint: You can have one converted human and still fail. Which of those do you think might have the ambition to take over if asked?)

-A scene with Lazren that may be submissive or dominant, but dominant PCs will want to ensure they have more than the requisite 3 souls. 

-A new task and a new deadline to meet, though as before the countdown timer will not actually tick to 0 for several more updates as we fill out the content in chapter 2. 


Mechanic Updates

Balance Adjustments

Starting Energy  (Added 31 March 2020) - Starting energy for new games has been increased from 1000 to 1200. This will allow the first building upgrade to be purchased on day 1, as well as the first two small venues, making it significantly easier to exceed Lazren's expectations.

Building Adjustments

Buildings are now divided by the floor they can be built on instead of being listed by size. All previous shops are now First Floor venues. This update will allow for building the Second Floor, which will in turn allow building the Bank. The Casino is the first Special Venue, and is housed on its own floor of the tower. 

Character Coloration Customization! 

-During the scene with Lazren, players will be taught their first succubus power, which will allow them to alter the base character’s hair, eye, lipstick, and skin color. Gender remains locked, but is planned for a future update. 


New Stuff:

Expanded NPC – Mason

-Mason told you he would talk about himself after you had passed your performance review, so I guess he’s on the hook for it now! Learn a little more about your reclusive researcher and maybe find out why he’s been so cagey. That seems like a problem that might be worth fixing, in the future…

New NPC – Mammon

-Mammon comes to act as a manager for some of your new buildings, thanks to her insight with certain members of Lazren’s family. She can be reached through the bank or casino. She does not currently have any steamy scenes associated with her, but will assist with operations in both buildings, as well as filling in some needed information

New Building – Bank 

-The bank is a new building that allows the PC to make regular investments in new demonic start-ups. In addition to an energy reward, successfully completing an investment may get the player a grateful visit from the business owner, or perhaps some of the product…

New Building – Casino

-A requirement for Chapter 2, the Casino is an expensive monument to the sin of greed. Though there are currently no scenes available for the casino, players may adjust the odds of the gaming table to their liking. Play it safe with smaller wins and losses, or go all out for the maximum energy gain. As Mason would say, the choice is yours!

An Important Note About Playing Offline

If you are playing offline, the Dressing Room mirror to change your appearance may not update your dialog avatar.  We're working on a better way to do this (and if you know of one, please let us know!), but in the meantime, you'll need to do this:

1.  Close your browser entirely.

2.  Open Chrome from your Windows search bar (or other command prompt) by using this command:

chrome.exe --allow-file-access-from-files

3.  You don't have to do this every time to play - only when you want to change your avatar.  Once it is set, you'll have no further problems.

As of this writing, only Chrome will work for this; we're looking for options for Firefox and others.  Remember to close Chrome again and re-open it normally when you stop playing! 


V 1.0.1


Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an error where one of Jolie's scenes would not display correctly at Shakes 'n Sundaes.
  • Fixed an error where the game would not load for users whose ad-blockers prevented Google Analytics from loading.  It will now die gracefully and quietly, and let you play the game.



  • Removed the 'Location Transitions' function entirely.  The overwhelming response to it was that it was pretty for about 15 minutes, and then annoying as proverbial Hell. 



  • Optimized the images to reduce load time and increase speed.  The image pack size has now been reduced from 43 MB to 23.5 MB.
  • Multiple mobile-only fixes and optimizations so things play nice on handhelds.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Tamex

Version reviewed: 1.9.1 on 08/05/2021

Really a lot of fun with a lot of cool "base building" type elements, letting you be in charge but also playing a very subby character, which is something not many games do well. Really interested to watch where it goes in future updates! :)

Review by AMagicalCampFan2

Version reviewed: 1.8.2 on 07/19/2021

What to say? For starters, the Character pictures are great, the plot is interesting, the story is well writen, the erotica is well spaced and well writen (Pure text, which l prefer), and the gameplay loop is solid, and has many fetishs covered. All in all, a good game.

Review by SansMotivation

Version reviewed: 1.8.2 on 05/25/2021

I can honestly say that this is one of my favorite games on the site right now.  I came for the porn and stayed for the writing!  The characters are a lot of fun, both before and after their changes!  Though mostly after.  Hee~  And seriously, the writing is fantastic.  I set it to show all text for all scenes, and never once did I regret it.  Paradise Inc is a genuine delight both in and out of the sex scenes, and I can't wait to see what comes next!

Review by RedGhost

Version reviewed: 1.8.1 on 05/23/2021


Quite a funny game. Writing for this game is good and I found myself laughing a few times as the scene events played out regarding just how stupid some of the NPCs can be; really set the tone quickly that this was not a game to be taken seriously. Graphics used in the game work fine and interactivity is good with the game engine is easy to use. Transformations in the game are slow and need some work to trigger, but after a little grind in the simulation world you can hit them without too much effort.

I want to see how this finally ends off the amusing start we've got so far.


Review by solipsistik2

Version reviewed: 1.8.1 on 05/22/2021

Overall excellent combination of erotic storytelling, transformation & gameplay elements. Looking forward to seeing how it develops and evolves over time. 

Early game is exciting. Lots to do, little time. Important to balance growth with payout. There's a lot of good economics and probability thought in the gameplay mechanics. 

Later game, while paths remain open, urgency slows down after a certain point, but I think that's a product of devleopment stage rather than longer term plan. 

World concept is interesting and compelling. Intro is a bit less believable than I would like, but it serves it's purpose. To correct, need to more convincingly address the why of the mc "nobody" was plucked up and made the chosen one. 

Overall great job


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