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Version: 1.6.1

Paradise Heights

Paradise Heights sees players transformed into a succubus and put in charge of a mall whose real purpose is identifying truly unhappy humans who would be happier in a new form. A little magic (and a lot of sex) later, and you've got one more soul and one more employee on the payroll!

This game is a statless CYOA story with branching paths for each transformable character. Play as either a dominant or submissive boss and grant fantasies in the way you see fit! The game currently contains over 200,000 words and content for the first two weeks of your stay in game.

A terrible day sees you fired from your job and sent back to your crummy apartment, where you're dodging both rent notices and rats in equal measure. When a call from a company you don't remember applying to comes, you don't question it too much. It isn't until you meet the purple-skinned Lazren, claiming to be the incarnation of one of the Seven Sins, that you realize you might just be in for more than just a new job! It isn't long before you're a succubus yourself (though one with some extra equipment between her legs) and put in charge of Paradise Heights, the new luxury mall/hotel that arrived in town seemingly overnight.

Your task is simple. Build new mall venues to lure out unhappy humans and satisfy their innermost desires in exchange for their souls and service! Humans, though, would often be happy in multiple ways. Its up to you to coax out their innermost desires and grant the one that appeals most to you. Be warned, however. It won't be long until your demonic mistress returns, and you don't want to be short on souls when she does...

V 1.6.1- Assorted Bug Fixes and 'Love is in the Air' Update

Bug Fixes
- A considerable number of lingering bugs and broken panes have been fixed. Special thanks to Goctionni from the TGGameSite Discord server for providing us with a Twine Validator of his own design, which really aided us in tracking down these persistent little gremlins in the code.

Tower Disasters
Beginning a week after Lazren's return and approximately every 2 weeks after that, the tower will begin to exhibit a few odd behaviors. It is, after all, still learning and part of that learning is going to be screwing up from time to time. That is perfectly understandable for most people, but when most of your employees screw up they can't reverse gravity inside the building or accidentally fill it with giant rats!

Not to worry. Mason has the fixes well in hand. You could stay with him and put things back in order with only a minimal hit to your energy, or you can take the opportunity to get away from the tower for a little R&R. That's the easy question, but the far harder question is...who will you take with you?

Each disaster carries with it an opportunity to take one of your transformed employees (Samantha, Damien, Jolie, Cassandra, Petra, or Xavier) out on a date. Each character has prepared content for two trips out away from the tower, and the second will introduce a plot thread for the character's eventual romance path. When you reach the second date with the character, a warning will appear for the end of content and the second date will replay when chosen for all future dating opportunities.

- There is not currently any penalty for going on dates with multiple employees, as none of the content finishes a romance path. This being a very odd workplace, most of the your employees are open-minded, but once things escalate select characters may be a little more possessive of you. 

V 1.5.1 Bug Fixes

Caught a few bugs, including a game breaker involving summary mode when attempting to go through Petra's interruption. 

V 1.5.0 - Petra Update!

- Petra's transformation path will unlock for those who have both finished her storyline by working in security at night (i.e. you unlocked her intimate menu), and have also captured and transformed Xavier successfully. About a week after those two events have both occurred, the player will be interrupted by Petra during the normal course of play. Once Petra reveals the nature of her desire, Mason will once again be able to provide options to fulfill it.

- Players who have built Elysium (whether or not Xavier is a dryad) will be able to gift Petra with a Siren transformation.

- Players who have built Inferno (whether or not Xavier is a vampire) will be able to welcome Petra into the ranks of the Drow. 

- After transformation, Petra will still work the evenings in the Security Office. However, the Drow form can be found in Inferno in the morning, enjoying a quiet moment before the place opens, and the Siren form can be found swimming in Elysium in both the morning and the afternoon. 

- In addition to the regular scenes, Siren Petra features a unique scene variation for submissive males, while Drow Petra has a special scene for submissive futanari characters. Combined with JJ's unique female scene, we now have 1 special scene for each of the three PC sexes. Both will also have an additional potential work scene interacting with Xavier/Xun if they share a location.


V 1.4.0 - Gender Update! 

Game now allows  the main character to choose Male, Female, or Futa form from the beginning of the game (The encounter with Lazren is always as a futa, but she will immediately allow the PC to change). After the mirror is unlocked in Chapter 2, the main character can alter their gender when they alter their visual options.


All existing scenes, interactions, and addressess have been changed or branched for the new gender options!

In addition, Chapter Skip has been enabled. You may now begin at the start of Chapter 2 with 2 transformees and 2 un-upgraded buildings

Happy Hunting! 


V 1.3.0  (24 June 2020) - Minor but vital bug-fix that blocked new content from launching.  Online versions are patched; offline versions will need to re-download the HTML file.  Details:  https://www.patreon.com/posts/38566741


V 1.3.0

In 1.3.0, strange goings-on point to an intruder in the tower.  Why are they there, what are they planning -- and how can you stop them before they get what they want?


New Characters!


Xavier King

- Xavier’s story begins in Chapter 2 after the player has built the Gym, Shakes ‘n Sundaes, the Computer Café, and the Bank. However, the player will also need to build the Security Office once unlocked to progress the story. 

- Engage in a Cat and Mouse chase with the journalist to locate and catch him before he assembles enough evidence of your nefarious business operations! Failure to do so might prove fatal for Lazren’s plans…and for your future!

-Two Paths of Transformation: Embrace life and attune him to nature, creating your very own Dryad, or embrace death, and begin a Vampiric bloodline. The choice is yours!


Petra Torres

- Welcome Petra to your service as head of security, for those times when you need human eyes for tasks the tower can’t handle itself.  She's a strong, no-nonsense woman with a laid-back attitude and a quick sense of humor -- and knows not to ask TOO many questions.

-Work side by side in the security office and unlock some intimate scenes with the military woman. Just make sure you haven’t bitten off more than you can chew once you catch her interest! 


New Locations! 


Security Office

The central hub of security within the tower. Enjoy your time with Petra, or go to work observing the cameras and ‘encouraging’ a little more action wherever you can.


A beautiful park with a great oak growing through the middle, no one seems to realize it appeared far too quickly to be natural. Pursue the good graces of your friendly neighborhood Dryad, or spend a little time bringing customers a little 'closer' to nature. 


The nightclub to end all nightclubs, Inferno has it all. A dance floor, private booths, and a few more ‘interesting’ furnishings in the back rooms, for those who like leather, latex, and the crack of a riding crop.  Assist your Vampire in hunting, or sling a few drinks from the bar that are sure to get the place hopping. 

Bug/Feature Fix! 

Character Customization

We fixed the issue with the character customization mirror requiring extra Javascript and some convoluted settings to work offline.  The new system is clean, simple, and doesn't require any special steps to run.

V 1.2.0

Story Updates

Lazren’s Return! 

-The story will now advance into chapter 2, with Lazren returning when the countdown timer reaches 0. Players with existing saves who have been stuck one ‘1 day to Lazren’s Return’ should now see the countdown finish after they sleep. 

-5 possible ‘bad ends’ for those who do not have the required number of souls (Hint: You can have one converted human and still fail. Which of those do you think might have the ambition to take over if asked?)

-A scene with Lazren that may be submissive or dominant, but dominant PCs will want to ensure they have more than the requisite 3 souls. 

-A new task and a new deadline to meet, though as before the countdown timer will not actually tick to 0 for several more updates as we fill out the content in chapter 2. 


Mechanic Updates

Balance Adjustments

Starting Energy  (Added 31 March 2020) - Starting energy for new games has been increased from 1000 to 1200. This will allow the first building upgrade to be purchased on day 1, as well as the first two small venues, making it significantly easier to exceed Lazren's expectations.

Building Adjustments

Buildings are now divided by the floor they can be built on instead of being listed by size. All previous shops are now First Floor venues. This update will allow for building the Second Floor, which will in turn allow building the Bank. The Casino is the first Special Venue, and is housed on its own floor of the tower. 

Character Coloration Customization! 

-During the scene with Lazren, players will be taught their first succubus power, which will allow them to alter the base character’s hair, eye, lipstick, and skin color. Gender remains locked, but is planned for a future update. 


New Stuff:

Expanded NPC – Mason

-Mason told you he would talk about himself after you had passed your performance review, so I guess he’s on the hook for it now! Learn a little more about your reclusive researcher and maybe find out why he’s been so cagey. That seems like a problem that might be worth fixing, in the future…

New NPC – Mammon

-Mammon comes to act as a manager for some of your new buildings, thanks to her insight with certain members of Lazren’s family. She can be reached through the bank or casino. She does not currently have any steamy scenes associated with her, but will assist with operations in both buildings, as well as filling in some needed information

New Building – Bank 

-The bank is a new building that allows the PC to make regular investments in new demonic start-ups. In addition to an energy reward, successfully completing an investment may get the player a grateful visit from the business owner, or perhaps some of the product…

New Building – Casino

-A requirement for Chapter 2, the Casino is an expensive monument to the sin of greed. Though there are currently no scenes available for the casino, players may adjust the odds of the gaming table to their liking. Play it safe with smaller wins and losses, or go all out for the maximum energy gain. As Mason would say, the choice is yours!

An Important Note About Playing Offline

If you are playing offline, the Dressing Room mirror to change your appearance may not update your dialog avatar.  We're working on a better way to do this (and if you know of one, please let us know!), but in the meantime, you'll need to do this:

1.  Close your browser entirely.

2.  Open Chrome from your Windows search bar (or other command prompt) by using this command:

chrome.exe --allow-file-access-from-files

3.  You don't have to do this every time to play - only when you want to change your avatar.  Once it is set, you'll have no further problems.

As of this writing, only Chrome will work for this; we're looking for options for Firefox and others.  Remember to close Chrome again and re-open it normally when you stop playing! 


V 1.0.1


Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an error where one of Jolie's scenes would not display correctly at Shakes 'n Sundaes.
  • Fixed an error where the game would not load for users whose ad-blockers prevented Google Analytics from loading.  It will now die gracefully and quietly, and let you play the game.



  • Removed the 'Location Transitions' function entirely.  The overwhelming response to it was that it was pretty for about 15 minutes, and then annoying as proverbial Hell. 



  • Optimized the images to reduce load time and increase speed.  The image pack size has now been reduced from 43 MB to 23.5 MB.
  • Multiple mobile-only fixes and optimizations so things play nice on handhelds.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Solhel

Version reviewed: 1.5.1 on 10/25/2020

Solid writing both for sub and dom paths, and overall excellent writing. For an erotic text game the writing is outstanding. The story is solid too, it builds a compelling universe with a reasonable plot.

The only negative I see with it is that there could have been more erotic scenes. The gameplay builds up to a finale with the various characters, but the reward feels a bit short.


Hugely anticipating the next chapter.

Review by AstridSelena

Version reviewed: 1.5.0 on 10/19/2020

Reviewing games is not something I do Commonly, but this game is definitely deserving to be the first. Far too often in these incomplete games, I hit the development end and feel nothing but a minor sense of inconvenience. Here I was legitimately heartbroken. I can not wait to see where this story goes. If I had to mention a few smaller gripes with the game, while the transformations make sense, and the MC transformations are filled with options, I kinda wish for a bit more. Like with the side characters, for the most part, it's kinda a one and one deal, there are some small interactions available afterward, and they stay around in the story, but I was hoping for more of a slower more definitive change. Going into spoilers for an example: Damien in his Sissy path in the Gym, He runs on the treadmill, we get some brief descriptions of the change and boom, new crossdressing sissy. Perhaps his is just me picking up on stuff to be added later, but with how the job is described to you, I figured this would kinda hook 'em in with a minor change, then slowly grow them into their roles.  Having attempted to make games like this before, I know there is a lot on the To DO list, background systems are a whole lot more complicated than everyone realizes, It takes time to code new content, and sprucing up and expanding old content kinda takes a back seat. So It's more of a minor gripe, but overall I love this game, I shall be following its progress closely, and hopefully enjoying it for a while to come.

Review by MugTreecko

Version reviewed: 1.3.0 on 06/26/2020

Last I played this, Lazren's return was yet to be added to the game. It's great to see all the new content that's been added since, especially given there's eight ways the first round of TFs can go and how most of the new recruits still appear in later sections of the story, despite the myriad of possible outcomes for them.

The gameplay loop is kept out of mind until you reach the areas still under development. If you are active about the main storyline, then you'll be hard-pressed to spend a day repeating the same scene to progress (Unless you're grinding for energy, and even then that's helped by the thoughtful summary feature. There's also an interesting trade off between a permanent boost to production or a short-term gain if you watch a scene or not.)

As we're still getting updates to the main story, I don't have much in the way of complaints, other than possibly updating the "how's work been lately?" options with your staff to follow more recent events. For instance I find it odd Cyber Cass couldn't be more involved in the hunt for the intruder, but then again that's also Petra's first arc and we're here to have a good time, not disucss Shakepspeare. :p

Still, if a game's story is interesting enough to keep me up till the small hours finding the end of the current content, (to say nothing of the engaging interpretation of the seven deadlies) and if Mason turns out to be best character, then surely this one can only go from strength to strength.

Review by lustache69

Version reviewed: 1.0.1 on 03/04/2020

Extremely polished and enjoyable, particularly for a new release. Good art, good stories, hope to see a lot more in the future.

Review by iamadam

Version reviewed: 1.0.1 on 02/25/2020

this is an amazing start! its a tad short, but not unexpected for a new game. what's the most impressive is how much depth this game has. it never felt truly tedious, but also wasn't overbearing. i look forward to future updates!

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