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Trickster's Playground

So for the past week or so I've been piecing together a new Twine game. I published The Breeding Puzzle a month or so ago, which was my first foray into using Twine. However after playing through A Spell for All and Inner Bimbo (Which are both amazingly better games, you should go play them), I felt like making something more akin to a real game with a decent plot or at least story flow. So I present:Trickster's Playground
In this game, you play as a pleasure trickster, a spirit who's main purpose of existence is to fuck with people usually pertaining to things erotic in nature. The trickster achieves this goal by possessing the bodies of others, forcing them to act out his or her will. While possessed, the host is not in control of their actions, and once released from the trickster's hold will still remember actions having taken place, but will justify their actions subconsciously. The trickster has several other skills to assist in his or her lewd mischief, such as slight of hand, obfuscation, and the ability to arouse others. 

While the trickster gains power from doing anything erotic or anything that causes complications in other people's lives, the trickster gains the most when people complicate their lives with their own free will. For example, if the trickster was possessing a married man, who then goes out and hires a prostitute, the trickster would gain some power. But if the trickster possesses the prostitute and coerces the married man to hire the lady of the night, the trickster gains much more power. 

The ultimate gain of power for a trickster however, is when the trickster manages to have manipulate other's into an unplanned pregnancy. Nothing complicated people's lives more than an unplanned conception, especially in a forbidden or hidden relationship. Your goal of the game is to not only fuck with people's lives, but spin up a fucked up family tree between many different characters. This goal can be achieved from the trickster bouncing from person to person, manipulating others into forbidden pairings. 

Current Version: 0.3 Updated 5/5/17

So I had much more free time than I thought I would have over the past week, and have been spending hours upon hours working on this project. Notes on the new additions
- Added 3 more girls with their own paths to the game: Veronica, Mercedes, and Chloe.
- Added a few new locations and some small little events, but world is still mostly empty. Plan to add more later.
- Several of the videos have this flashing bar at the left. This is a result of my program I make the webms from acting up. I fixed most of them, but some remain.
- As a previous poster mentioned, the long webms result in a pretty large file size (Current game folder is in the neighborhood of 500mb). I personally think the file size is okay, and will start to worry once I venture past the 1GB range. But at the same time, I know 99% of the reason anyone even opens the game is for the porn, So I want that bit to still be substantial.
- This was a marathon writing job, so likely typos abounds. I played through it a couple times and caught a few things, but I'm sure many slipped through. 

Within the main game folder is a walk-through of the current content. Fair warning, following it really makes for a "press button get porn" kind of experience. 


And of course, all characters and models are aged 18 or older. 

walkthrough path for 0.1:

1. Start as Chad, search his room to find money.
2. Go to post office, steal envelope off of table for more money.
3. Head to the bar, then the alley behind the bar.
4. The girl in the alley is a prostitute, Pay for a BJ.
5. Go back in the bar and ask teh bartender about easy women
6. Head to university and select "A girl says hello". Meet veronica.
7. Head to library, meet veronica and her tutor. Then select to meet with Leah
8. Possess leah.
9. In Leah's office, select "Leah gets a call"
10. Head to the staff building and search for Dr. Rook's office
11. Possess Dr. Rook (Brandon)
12. Go back to Leah's office at the libary and possess her again.
13. go to the bar and talk to Soffie as Leah
14. As Leah, head to the office building on Hastings and ask to see the owner (Frank)
15. Suck off the Frank for money, and then possess him. (Note: in order to access Frank's office, you must be either Leah or Frank).
16. In Frank's office, lookup Soffie's employment info and then put a freeze on her paycheck.
17. Go back to Chad's house and possess him.
18. As chad, go to the bar and talk to Soffie. Fuck her for money.
19. Go back to the libarary and possess Leah, go to office building and possess Frank.
20. In the main office building area, lookup Soffie's work schedule.
21. Return to frank's office and call North star real estate
22. go to chad's house and possess him. Go to the office building and enter north star real estate
23. Attempt to blackmail soffie, it doesn't work. Go back to Chad's house and find a note on the door.
24. Go to the police station and talk to the detective (Tristian), possess him.
25. As Tristian, close Soffie's case as well as search the room to find the lockpick.
26. Possess Leah at her office and go to the hospital then fertility clinic. Buy the fertility pills
27. go to the university staff building and possess Brandon. Then go to the bar and find soffie
28. Offer to help soffie.
29. Go to the library and possess Leah, go back to the apartment building and lockpick Soffie's door.
30. Replace her birth control with fertility pills.
31. As leah, go possess Frank, then go to the main investment office.
32. Search for soffie, and then threaten to fire her.

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Review by willnotwork

Version reviewed: 0.3 on 05/03/2018

Surprisingly large and chunky. There's quite a bit of content here, and some interesting puzzles (without too much bad puzzle logic). On the other hand, the linear paths and dependency on single specific people is occasionally frustrating. Thankfully, there's a guide.


Overall, I liked and enjoyed the adventure.

Review by SuperImp

Version reviewed: 0.1 on 05/01/2017

Just gave this game a quick run-through and thought I'd post some quick thoughts.


As the author stated, it is bare-bones at the moment, though there is still more content than many early-days games on this site. Grammar and spelling, common problem areas, were good (apart from one cringe-inducing "you're" that should be "your").


The author mentioned A Spell for All as an inspiration, and the content thus far reflects a similar agency; the player's avatar does things rather than having things done to them. If that's your thing, I'd recommend keeping an eye on this game for further developments.

Review by fixsxd

Version reviewed: 0.1 on 05/01/2017

His a mall review:

The creator made a open town with linear story not good for players (canot play without step by step help page)

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