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Demonic Evolution

Reality shatters as demonic magic floods the world for the first time in ten thousand years. The sky turns a deep red, and the moon glows purple as chaos is unleashed. Power and heat radiates throughout the city as the demonic taint covers the land. Can you survive? Can you thrive? We shall see.

Demonic Evolution is combination play by email and interactive story and roleplaying game ran on my website. Each week the players can assign commands to their character and at the end of the week the results will be revealed, showing the outcome of the players actions. The goal is to survive the demon apocalypse with your soul, mind and humanity intact, or failing that to rule over the other demons.

Newest game is starting March 27th 2017 and will run a few months. If you miss the signup you can always join a later game. To sign up follow the instructions here



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Review by AirenVonForksmithIV

Version reviewed: .4 on 04/12/2017

A much slower paced game than what's usual around these parts due to turns only occuring on a weekly basis, although plenty happens during each turn. This game does offer a currently unique multiplayer experience and is a lot of fun.

The open ended experiment system allows players to basically take their character (and potentially part of the game) in any direction they want, meaning there's the potential to have something for everyone. This also means a player can create their own goals and objectives and play without aiming specifically at the preset win condition.  Each round has also introduced new features and/or improvements to the overall systems as well.

Unfortunately to play you have to sign up during a scheduled period or wait for a new game to start, which is rather understandable since the entire game is run manually by a single person.

Easily worth a look if the idea of the game sounds interesting to you, even if you're unable to sign up, lily's website has the turns for all the previous rounds listed for people to look through.




-a variety of basic actions make the game fairly easy to play at a basic level

-open ended experiment system for nearly any action within reason

-has a website with a dedicated section to the game with detailed rules and descriptions of the game and its features



-game runs on a schedule so missing the signup period means you have to wait for a new round to start

-other players can interfere with your actions/plans (part of being a multiplayer game)


Misc (could be a pro or con)

-the run time of each round tends to be rather long

-one turn per week, more time to plan but also more time to wait.

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