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Control 2.0

NEW UPDATE!!! New exciting twists and surprises.... feel free to leave constructive critiques because I have enjoyed making this game so far and I plan on keeping the story going for a long time.  Added a lot to the story so please play through to see new features and content

created with rags2.4.16


There is now TF in the game

Scott is a geeky 18 yo and his life is about to change in an awesome way.  He will learn that the quiet smart guy can get the girl

Sasha- Step-Sis' friend

Trisha- your best friend (just an intro for her so far)

Janet- step-mom

Jane- step-sis

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Review by NMe

Version reviewed: 2.0 on 05/24/2017

@bearclaw01234: good job being mean to someone who worked on something in their spare time and shared it with others for free. FYI: the game works fine on 2.4.16 and whatever is wrong is wrong on your end.

As for the game: sadly I don't like it very much. There is little story, and all of the content that is there is basically a string of random porn images knit together and lots of clicking the "continue" button to show them all. Not to mention the fact that at the start of the game you already seem to have some magic abilities that aren't really explained at that point yet. I appreciate the effort but I don't like the game very much.

Review by mysteriousforce

Version reviewed: 2.0 on 05/23/2017

Well it works with rags 2.5. I guess the author forgot to update the description, no need to be so butthurt about it.

Anyway, the game is silly and doesn't seem to be fleshed out. It starts like "Wassup dude go read sum magic books" - "Ok" - "Now enslave sum people" - "Ok" - and on you go. The locations are empty, pretty nothing can be examined. The game is like 2/5 I guess? Not really hot, also ugly models are kinda a turn off (well, like everything form hypnocollective tbh).

Review by Berry Punch

Version reviewed: 2.0 on 05/22/2017

Again, putting the download link in the Play Now section...

The game isn't anything special, I've played worse, but I've certainly played better.

Review by xoFallen_Angel

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 03/12/2017

It's pretty good so far, maybe the story could be a bit more built up in the sense of not just going downstairs, checking the bookcase and being like "Oh hey, a book, it's magic, let's try it out!" Like, maybe someone (a male friend or his father or something) can tell the protagonist he needs to step up his game with the ladies, after which they tell him that there's some old tome that may be able to help him out. This is just an idea, but in my opinion it would make the story a bit more "realistic" (for as far as magic tomes and mind control slavery go, ofcourse). But besides that, it is still an Alpha so I have no idea what else to expect, but I really do look forward to it!

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