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Version: 0.1.2-april-fools

Version: 0.1.2

The University
by helipop

"The University" is a slow sissy transformation experience that follows the adventures of a new college student finding their place in a university that may not be quite what it seems. It is presented in a format comparable to other popular titles in this genre, giving it similarities to a life sim or visual novel.

The game is currently in version 0.1.2. Saves from version 0.1.1 are compatible with this version of the game.

This is an adult game with explicit and implied sexual content. This release is still near the start of the player's adventure, and therefore is relatively light on sexual encounters between the player and other characters. This is a slow transformation story, so this content will continue to be added in future versions. This current state does have scenes featuring themes of (story spoilers):
-hypno / mind control
-small penis humilation (sph)

Some of these themes are integral to the game, others may be possible to turn off in future releases with fetish flags similar to the games it was inspired by.

Mobile support: The game can be played with a mobile device with the "Mobile Support" set to "yes" in the side bar. This is not the recommended way to play the game, as much of the styling and effects will not work correctly on mobile. A full browser experience with a keyboard and mouse is generally a smoother experience.

There is a hint system that should help guide new players on what to do, but this is still a work in progress. Please see the walkthrough for more information.

The password for the download file is "university".

It's your first day of college, but things may not be as they seem.  Something is a little off at your new university, like someone is secretly pulling the strings around you. Try not to think about it too much - maybe you'll even have some fun. 

-Unpack in your room and take a walk around campus (or don't)
-Dress for the party and leave with your roommate
-Get to know the characters
-Give your roommate some privacy with his friend (or don't)
-Reassign some of the character names from the prologue, if you'd like to

-Check your "Schedule" link to see where you should go. Your first class is 10:15AM Monday morning in the Lecture Hall - don't be late!
    -Use your keyboard to answer questions in class. An orange ~hint~ will help explain how this works.
-Study for your classes if your side bar says you need to. You can study in the library, but not if you're too horny.
-Study Intro To Film with your friend at the library after your first day of classes
-Go to your crush's study session in the library the night before your second philosophy class
-Tell him your favorite color
    -Are you sure?
-Write your first mantra
-Go to your dorm after your study session and go to bed
-Go to Philosophy class the next day after deciding on how to best address your new "issue"
-Go to your dorm and wait for someone to arrive

-Find some way to address your new situation. Not doing so could make it difficult to concentrate.




-New story content
-New stats
-New locations on campus
-New ways to earn dignity and curiosity
-New gimmick (no spoilers here)
-Numerous stability and code enhancements that that will go unnoticed by the user



Added mobile support so players without a physical keyboard can finish game. Mobile should still otherwise be considered totally unoptimized. For non-mobile players, 0.1.1 is still preferred.


Initial release of game intro in alpha state. 

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Centrophy

Version reviewed: 0.1.2-april-fools on 05/13/2021

Honestly, I'm with some others on this one. The player character is pitiable and I hope at some point there's some way to reverse the situation on the bully (and others) even if it's just at the end. So far none of the characters seem redeemable in my eyes but I could see everyone being mindcontrolled into doing what the university or the bully wants to the player character. Give me some drama but don't give me an unavoidable tragedy. The dignity checks give me some hope for now but I've been burned before by many of these games. Mechanics are well done but this game is very media light which I'm not a huge fan of and is reminicent of Secretary. Give it a shot, but be prepared to be mad unless you want to play it as a guy that always deep down wanted to be sissified.

Review by SU2AR

Version reviewed: 0.1.2-april-fools on 05/04/2021

honestly I didn't really like the story and characters but with more content and choices it'll be a very good game eventually regardless. the style and quality makes up for a lot of cons but still frequent pauses waist a little too much time.

Review by Danlab185

Version reviewed: 0.1.2-april-fools on 04/03/2021

Really love the loss of control element and how it's been implemented gameplay-wise.  Really well done.  Looking forward to more.  Also, just overall, some nice polish.  Good work, Dev.

Review by trasha

Version reviewed: 0.1.2-april-fools on 04/03/2021

I really liked this game. Nice interface and skill system.  After the first party the ratio of click to content goes up, but I suspect this will be improved as content will be added. I like the good boy gets coersed/forced plot.

Review by Hawkster

Version reviewed: 0.1.2-april-fools on 04/03/2021



The game is very well put together. The UI is very well thought out, easy to use, and looks nice. The pictures and images are all well done. The skill system that the game has makes for an easy to understand way to gain certain skills to unlock content down the line, but overall there is a slight odd feeling to the game. 

I have to agree with the review by Bodyhunter, and my reasoning as to why this is has to do with how the player is treated. I think for me the reason as to why I really dislike the feeling of the game, specifically the way the character is thrust into the sissy life, is because how they end up coming to be punished. 

In a game like Perverted Education the player is punished because he deservies it, they peek on their mother in the shower, they touch their mother in her sleep, they try to bribe themselves out of a punishment. The player character does things which warrent their punishment, but The University I don't feel as if the player deserives the punishment they were given at all.

The player is sad because he is going through a breakup where he found out his girlfriend was cheating on him, and someone he just opened up to in his grief shot him down. He was at his lowest so he screwed up and said fuck you, but I didn't think it warented such a big punishment where the bully literally changes his whole life. Rather than getting excited for what is to come from this punishment it made me pity the main character, which is only reinforced because other characters in the game are also pitying him; all the while because he has been mind controlled he is in a state where he doesn't understand what was happening to him. 

The game made me want to get revenge on the bully and everyone else who was punishing him excesivily all because his girlfriend cheated on HIM!

The game isn't bad, in fact I would recommend playing it yourself and putting your own opinion together, but the way the whole conflict is set up just doens't feel right to me.


Hope this helps  


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