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Version: Demo v.1


Game "TheCorp" , author REanimator

The main character of the story is a young man, to whom fate presents an unexpected gift. The experimental drug is accidentally caught him in the blood. The side effects of the drug are unknown. Will the hero undergo a severe psychological and physical transformation or resist out of all forces...
        In decision-making, the main character will help random (or not) acquaintance with a mysterious scientist who applied his knowledge to the invention of an experimental drug."The Corp" will be a game with a non-linear plot and with numerous characters that, one way or another, will be related to the transformation of the protagonist.

Главный герой истории - молодой человек, которому судьба преподносит неожиданный подарок. Экспериментальный препарат случайно попадает ему в кровь, побочные эффекты которого неизвестны. Подвергнется ли герой сильной психологической и физической трансформации или будет сопротивляться изо всех сил...
        В принятии решений главному герою поможет случайное (или нет) знакомство с таинственным ученым, который применил свои знания к изобретению экспериментального препарата.
        "The Corp" будет игрой с нелинейным сюжетом и с многочисленными персонажами, которые, так или иначе, будут связаны с трансформацией главного героя.


The initial characters /Начальные персонажи/:

Mike - former military /бывший военный/.

Antonia - scientist /учёный/.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by JaradLichLord

Version reviewed: Demo v.1 on 05/26/2019

Poorly developed no transformation content as of yet. Writing is even worse in english not sure how it is in russian. 1/2 star out of 5

Review by Noknet

Version reviewed: Demo v.1 on 05/25/2019

For this one, whether you like it or not depends heavily on your kink.


If you like chicks with dicks, go for it.


If you don't, you end up dying on a bench.  For me, that's a good ending, as I lost all interest with the alternative. 

Review by beccara

Version reviewed: Demo v.1 on 05/25/2019

I wonder though why it was removed at some point.

I downloaded the previous time it was uploaded, like two weeks ago.


Probably a good concept but that's it.

Needs hords of content which will hopefully come so we might be able to get a better idea of where this game will go.

Review by pingguo

Version reviewed: Demo v.1 on 05/25/2019

The Corp is game inspired by, and helped by the author of, The Company. It has a well structured GUI that is hard to ignore.

The demo includes the prologue of the game. It isn't bad, except that English is probably not the first language of the author. It took me some hard time to figure out what the author was trying to say. It reminded me about Girl Life with all the tranlation issues.

On top of the language problem, the game needs you to modify your browser for the video to autoplay. It isn't too much a fuss, but some people may find it discouraging.

There is absolutely nothing after the prologue, except some future plotlines. I'd say downloading the whole thing is pretty pointless at this stage. Use the Play Now button and you should get a good idea about the game.

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