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Greetings everyone!
I bring to you TRCHAT! The proof of concept.
In this game, you receive a text from an old acquaintance, she'll ask you for an experimental breast growth pill your company is working on.
Be mean or nice, bribe your way out of trouble or recruit complices in your company. See how far you can go and how many people you can transform! :twisted:
Hope you like it, and I'd love your feedback.
With love.

 The game is pretty incomplete right now. If you see "Awaiting answer" for longer than a minute... It's a dead end. I'm working on it! And if you have suggestions, you can write them in something like Twine and I'll add them :D.

Note: If anything is stuck. It's probably because I messed up while updating the game. Send me a message and I can see where things went wrong.
Also, since it's pretty early in development, I'll probably break stuff sometimes. I'm sorry :C
Note: If you see "Awaiting answer" for more than a minute, it's probably that you already went through all the content I built. Updates coming soon!
Note: Jan 14 2022 -- Oops.I ran out of free hosting for the game xD. I'll pay up a few bucks soon and everything will go back up. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Review by sirwolffe

Version reviewed: 0.0.2 on 01/14/2022

tried to play today. link goes to dead end now.


How about posting a download version?

Review by hallodaar123

Version reviewed: 0.0.2 on 01/08/2022

wow.. this game is so goooood.

its so original. never seen anything like it. its clearly a concept but the choices and the format and the art are out of this world! I absolutely love it. when this game gets a support platform trust me Im going to support it. its absolutely amazing. easy to play, lots of paths, very original. its amazing.

I hope that in later stages of development the chatting simulation will be better. like having the screen be a phone for example and you can call/message people from your contacts, put it some little games like snake and stuff. make it feel like I am using a phone and talking to these people. 

only things that arent 100% perfect in my opinion is the storytelling and the gifs at the side. 

gifs: no clue what they meant. hopefully those will be explained more in the future:

storytelling: you get a text message. pick stuff. okay! cool. who am I? who are you? wut. Ofcourse I cant expect much storytelling in a concept, but a lol introduction would be nice to have.


edit: there is patreon for 1 buck a month. subscribed.

Review by vasheed

Version reviewed: 0.0.1 on 12/24/2021

It's short but, Ilike what there is so far.  Would like an end of content message or something.  It tends to respond a little slow and just ends in mid chat.  Not sure if it is a bug or the end.

Review by the1rose

Version reviewed: 0.0.1 on 12/23/2021


So I've noticed this and other users have had this happen as well. At the start it asks for a username to save your progress. There's a problem with this system though. If you use a name that's already been used it will load that save. THAT INCLUDES NAMES USED BY OTHER USERS. For example, if use the name Freddy, if somebody else has used that name you will be brought to point where that person played last. I don't know if that is an oversight by the maker of the game or if it is because of the program that game was made in works, I dunno.

Review by RedGhost

Version reviewed: 0.0.1 on 12/23/2021


I was unable to play the game since after entering in a name, everything loaded at once and then got to the end of the current content (I think? I was stuck on a "sell the photos" option) with no way to progress. Using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, MS Edge and Safari didn't change anything with game functionality.

Will wait for further updates, then review again since I'm curious to see more.

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