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Version: 1.1.5

Witch's Familiar

2/15/17 NOT A CONTENT UPDATE (Yet :3 ) This update introduces 3 new starting ethnicities, a revamped makeup learning system, a cleaned up character creator, a complete tattoo and jewelry system (Though no content for this system to use yet), as well as some minor grammatical corrections. It also provides the character the opportunity to let Amelia choose their name for them, and makes it so that the spirit bound to you comments on your changes every night. (These two may have already been in the game, I can't remember, but I did some cleaning to the ghost system.) I also got rid of some ambiguious speech idioms. 

Content still ends after the theif appears!

After noticing a strange sound coming from a back alley way, a late night bystander gets involved in a witch's personal war for vengance in a very personal way. The primary Transformation content is built around the PC turning into a kemonomimi, as the Witch's Familiar, with a lot of content themed around how that affects their daily life. This game is currently half a chapter complete with 5 chapters planned. Each chapter will consist of a branching linear narrative that sets the stage, followed by a "Life Sim" environment, where the player goes about their daily life interacting with the world around them through multiple pools of random content. Each subsequent chapter will introduce new characters, environments, and a completely different pool of random events to enjoy. 

This story is currently about 20k REALLY LONG in length and features over 60 unique variables that will affect everything from speech idioms to appearance, to behavior, to possible choices. 

This is a VERY narrative heavy game, but I've done my best to break that up into bite sized chunks and give the player plenty of chances to interact with the world. There is plenty of urban arcanum themed fetish content planned, but only a little bit of it is currently implimented in the game. 

Feel free to check out my blog for more information! http://deviantlabs.blogspot.com/

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Review by JessicaHope96

Version reviewed: 1.1.5 on 11/27/2018

I really hope there is more content!

Review by Moss

Version reviewed: 1.1.5 on 07/03/2018

Great game so far, shame it seems to be abandoned.

Review by MercernaryMage

Version reviewed: 1.1.5 on 02/17/2018

A shockingly unique game.  The character creation scene is fun as it dawns on you what it is.  It could be a little bit more transparent.  Couldn't figure out how to change breast size.

A shame it no longer updates.

Review by Slime Candy

Version reviewed: 1.1.5 on 02/13/2018

Super disappointed that this is seeminly currently abandonned because it might be like my favorite text adventure I've played. Being a tiny catgirl familiar to a sweet and doting domme witch is... a lot.

10/10 would be tiny gay sub again.

Review by Erina

Version reviewed: 1.1.5 on 01/24/2018

It is a very nice game.  Interface is actually a show case for HTML game abilities. Writing is interesting and flows with right, for me, tempo. Pity the update was last done almost a year ago.

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