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Version: 0.004

Version: 0.003

Version: 0.002

Version: 0.0.0


Inspired by many games on this site, this offering is a first attempt to create a game. Having zero previous experience with HTML, Java, CSS, Twine and Sugarcube I'm using it as a learning experience.

It is currently very incomplete and contains known bugs but hopefully no "double-click to edit" passages. One path should be playable to beyond day 40.

Not all variables are currently in use. Lot's of balancing to be done and yes it's possible to continue to do most things with negative cash, This is really just a first release to judge whether it's worth pursuing.

V0.04 now available as Complete download.

V0.04A (html only) bugfix.
fixes issues around Bras 'n' Stuff and MistressCard


You have been struggling with gender issues on and off for some time. Finally you decide to seek some help.

You          The main character

Amanda   The therapist

Jim          A good friend

A variety of other NPCs that you may encounter on your voyage of self discovery


It's pretty straightforward. If you want, look at the Hints. No penalty for doing so.


After work go to the club, meet Jim, follow his advice.

V0.04   Significant bugfix

  • Most issues raised in the Discussion Thread are now fixed
  • Wardrobe & Shopping systems significantly improved
  • One bad ending added
  • RH sidebar for additional status
  • more...

V0.03   Primarily bug fix with a small amount of new content

  • Fix endless Tits growth. Now max 6
  • Correct waxing stat when Rebecca is 1st waxer
  • Add new emails from Veronica & Sharon
  • Allow showering on weekdays regardless of progress
  • Add option to Moisturize after showering
  • Slightly increase frequency of Office random events
  • Correct various typos.
  • Dispose of male clothes when instructed.
  • Add prices for lingerie.
  • Add Waxing prompt to Bathroom scene.
  • Expand Bianca wax path.
  • Introduce Makeup skill stat.
  • Expand Beach and Park passages slightly.
  • Add auto top-up to Miky account plus charges for Public Transport

      Known Issues:  Clothing system needs overhaul (aim for V0.04) & Money system still buggy.


V0.02   Correct set $Script =+1 to +=1 in Session02
           Correct set $Hair =+1 to +=1 in Dream1
           Add +10 Energy to Nap
           Remove $Fem -=100 & $Sub -=30 from Bianca2 & Bianca3 as this was double dipping. Adjustment to $Fem & $Sub are in Bianca.
           Correct path to Office_240.jpg
           Add emails from Veronica
           Add    ./Images/Places/Office_240.jpg
        Replace @@[email protected]@ in Friends passage to hint that you need to meet Jim
        Add time & energy limits to Jim, Bianca & Rebecca passages to ensure they play correctly.
        Fix Blood/Alcohol reading display. Limited to 2 decimal points.
        Ensure all media files have lower case extensions
        Add Cheat passage to help meet Jim earlier
        Remove Go To Work from weekday afternoons
        Remove Go Shopping & Club from weekday mornings
        Reformat several passages to improve consistency of presentation
        Correct various typos.
        Removed the possibility to visit the Therapist late at night
        Include Gym access
        Fix moisturizer bug allowing "all day breakfast"

V0.01   Corrected images path. All images & videos (except 1) now disply correctly.

V0.00   Initial release

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Review by 1watt1

Version reviewed: 0.004A on 10/15/2018

Not very case sensitive system friendly. tons of images require renaming to function properly. What's even worse is that it's not even consistent about its filepath screw-ups. some images require the "clothes" folder to be upper case C and others be lower case c (this can simply be fixed on my end by copying the whole folder and renaming it to "clothes").
(for those facing the same problem, rightclick the missing image, click "view image info," the highlighted filepath will be the image it's looking for, find the file with the same name, but different case and rename it to the same as the filepath. usually the problem is with te first letter of the image file by I'm a dumb bimbo who screwed up on the "clothes" thing due to anal cranial inversion).

Update: I resolved this issue and uploaded a link to download a patched version of the imagepack for this game on the forum. hopefully this is helpful to somebody.

Review by Immoral

Version reviewed: 0.004A on 10/14/2018

New review of v4a:

Nothing new is added that would warrant a replay, if anything the game is more buggy than the last time I played it. Hopefully actual updates are coming soon, not just bugfixes.


Reporting bugs:

After day 1 work, if you return home and go to the bathroom, the morning scene replays and you are sent to "eat breakfast" again.

Clothes get removed after hypno sessions and not re-equipped before heading for home. I imagine the PC is walking/driving home naked lol, but nobody comments

Office manager stops using PC female name and goes back to use PC's male name for look at the new office outfits demos during random events

Broken images during office event uses Images/Places/work11 and work12 .jpg files which are not included in the download for v4

Department store should use Images/Clothes/shorts02 but instead uses shorts04 .jpg file thus failing to load the image. Do note that wardrobe does use the correct shorts02s.jpg, only the store uses the incorrect shorts04


Old Review for v2


Overall I think it's well written and the images fit well too, but it's taking more of perverted education approach with very generic item selections... for some rason when wearing bra-panty sets, you cannot equip the bra separately, so if you wear a "set" item, it shows both bra and panties, but if you wear another pantie that is not a "set" it shows that bra is none instead of the original bra from the previous set. I hope you understand my long-winded sentence.

I can't wait for more progression in the office, and more interaction with the females that tease MC and send him naughty emails... I naturally expect the Therapist path to further continue down the line to further extremes. I did enjoy the random encounters in the waxing station, although you can only progress a little at the moment. Then again, this is an early release so naturally there will be more content, there's enough already for a good teaser.

My suggestion would be to revamp the item section into separate item sets:

  • head - for wigs and glasses(because future-secretaries-to-be obviously will need them)
  • neck - for ties and chokers
  • chest - for bra/nipple piercings(mentioned by therapist I think, so I guess this is in the works?)
  • torso - shirts/other tops
  • underwear - panties, chastity, plugs, et al
  • legs - pants/skirts
  • feet - shoes/heels

Data structure is simple, item name/picture/slot, so should be arrsize of 3, then for equip you just check the type and remove&apply the new item to the correct slot, while the "character look" simply displays item name and picture when necessary, so I'm sure apart from scouring to find images it shouldn't be hard to implement sometime down the line. Of course the creative discretion is for the author, these are merely suggestions.

Other than that, a great early release, I just hope it doesn't end here.


After installing windows on a VM I ran this game again, looks like the filesystem works fine with it. I'm not suggesting that everyone run Windows to play this game, much less set up a VM to run it lol, but until the author fixes the broken paths, it seems that at least Linux is broken. I'm not sure about Mac or how it plays on mobile, so I can't comment about that.

Original Technical:

I've really tried to play this, but I recently switched from Windows to Linux and the filesystem can't find half the files since they're in the wrong case... Bathroom where it should be bathroom, and etc for most content. I really don't understand why this is, but it makes the game unplayable, unless you want to play it as read-only. I manually fixed about 23 images, before I gave up.

Review by mattpantyhose

Version reviewed: 0.004 on 10/14/2018

I like the game, the writing is descriptive enough and the images fit nicely. I obviously love the overall theme but the pacing seems a bit off. I understand that everything can't happen at once, but there's too much grinding which seems pointless. Repeatedly clicking "next" just to proceed can get boring. I'm waiting for updates nevertheless.

Review by Jeffy

Version reviewed: 0.004 on 10/13/2018

It seem promissing but unfortunatly therapy not working,.. I saw email new ones but therapy not working at all after first visit


Review by avsa18

Version reviewed: 0.004 on 10/13/2018

forgot to link to version 004

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