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Version: 0.6.0

Wizard School

Wizard School is a standalone Flash-based arena-style TG game by Ashlin.

The game revolves around a magical school's initiation test for new students. The all-male student body roam the halls trying to transform other students into young women, and to avoid being transformed themselves.


The player character is a new student at the Wizard School. Depending on difficulty, the player starts as completely or mostly male and untransformed, with some mana and a single memorized spell, Femificus, which may be directed at certain parts of other characters' bodies (or the player's body) to feminize them. Meditating replenishes mana, and certain events and items in the game may increase or decrease a player's mana.

Other Students

The game introduction allows the player to choose how many other students will populate the arena. The students will attempt to transform the player and each other. In certain circumstances, opposing characters may be taken advantage for the player's sexual gratification, and vice versa.


Professors appear mostly at random, dispelling effects from students' bodies or transporting them to random places around the map. Some teachers hide in cupboards, and will teach the player new spells. One randomly-appearing professor will flash students, increasing arousal.

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Review by EZIO242

Version reviewed: 0.6.0 on 03/03/2017

never mind managed to open it on firefox

Review by Crusoe

Version reviewed: 0.6.0 on 04/18/2014

Needs some work.  The tenticle event which perminitly lowers your maximum mana, which means you can't cast high level spells in the beginning of the game puts you at a huge dissadvantage.  However, in the end game the tenticle event is maddning while you run all over the school looking for the last remaining student to finish off.  You are constantly being knocked down, which takes three moves to stand back up again. 


My recommendations, if this game is still being worked on:  remove the tenticle event entirly.  If it is some trap, by the NPCs then make it say which student is casting it, so we can target that person (after all the NPCs target you if you are too smart).  If you are going to keep the event, and tell us which student is casting it, then also make it only knock you down, don't make it break the game by perminitly lowering your maximum mana.


Also, let there be a way to know which books will lower and which books will raise our maximum mana.  Currently, if you examine the book then you can't read it.


Also, show dots on the map where the other students are.  Spending 3+ hours looking for the last student isn't fun, expecially when you are getting knocked down by tenticles every few feet.


Also, give a game mechanic for the sexual experiences.  Basically having sex with a partially transformed student hurts you, as you could have used that turn to finish transforming them, and win the game.


There are some bugs, but not worth reporting them if the game isn't being worked on.

Review by Isabliss

Version reviewed: 0.6.0 on 04/18/2014

A fun little cat and mouse game....try to feminize everyone first...but why would you want to win? :)

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