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War of the Worlds... With Boobs!

This is for the Ye Olde Tyme Contest.

As the name Suggests, this basically the War of the Worlds... With Boobs!!!

So what does that mean, well firstly off the bat gotta say the story I'm most taking from is the 1978 Jeff Wayne's Musical Adaptation, at least initially (more on that in a minute) but I'll also use elements found in the book and not in the musical adaptation, in my own way I'm adapting the two versions. The reason for this is simple actually, the book was written in the 1890's and is a bit, well Long Winded, it was the style at the time. The Jeff Wayne's version is much more streamlined and to the point, however some of the scenes were cut from the Musical so I will draw from some of those sections as well.

Now before you leap to call me a plagiarist, as some will want to do without context, you will notice the first chapters of this story are slightly oddly structured and if you know the Jeff Wayne's version seem completely lifted with only minor revisions, that's coz they are exactly that, mostly changing Heat Ray to Bimbo Ray and changing the people dying to being turned into Bimbos. This is entirely intentional, BUT that is not how the story will continue.

And now I have to get into minor spoilers... for a book over 100 years old.

If you play the game it ends just as the protagonist goes to his beloved Claire, now this is where you will see one of the BIGGEST Deviations from the Book/Musical, but I'll let you find that out in the next Build. It is after the Ferry Scene in the Musical that the Martians pretty much take over the world, and this will occur, it will also be from then on the story structure will change significantly, with choices and game overs, it will also massively deviate from the Book/Musical as the MC has to manuever through a changing world filled with depravity and chances to be turned and screwed at every turn.

So yes! The first chapters are literally just the lyrics of the Musical slightly changed and in the current Build that's all you will see, but rest assured this is only for another passage and a half then the story will become almost entirely original.

Anyway hope you enjoy this early Announcement Build, I'll have more soon.

(I disabled Feedback on this page for now as it will just result in pointless reviews on an entirely incomplete build and that helps no one, if you want to give feedback go to the discussions page, once the game is nearer to completion I'll activate Reviews, when they actually mean something).

Like the Book/Musical this is based on, Martians come to Earth, only instead of tunring everyone to ash with a Heat Ray, they instead turn them into Bimbos with a Bimbo Ray.

However that's not all the MC has to contend with, the Red Weed is now the Pink weed and also Turns men into Women, then milks them for sustenance, the Black Smoke is Now M2F and Female to Horny Female Pink Smoke.

Everything has been given a XXX Upgrade... or is that Downgrade? Eh, either way, can the MC reamin a Man for long in this new depraved world or will he sucCUMb to this madness? Only you can decide.

MC - You. Your a Journalist who gets wrappd up in the Martian Invasion.

Martians - The Bad Guys. Why are they here? Why are they doing this, other then the obvious reasons?

Carrie - Yer Gurl... Or is she? Yeah don't get attached.

Artilleryman - Another Character in the Story! He was in the Book so he needs to be there.

Preacher - If you know the Book/Musical you know what is gonna happen to him... and to his wife.

Announcement Build Released - Currently Only 2 Passages - Literally just an Introduction to the Story

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