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The games current release is mainly aimed for testing purposes, as it can be very hard to create an interactive experience without a different point of view. Sorry for the inconvenience.

If you're interested in helping me shape the game and having an influence on it's future direction and aim. Then i would appreciate it if you would join the discussion thread: http://www.tfgamessite.com/phpbb3/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=7431&p=261460#p261460


Update for/adding Pawn Shop, Library, Spells, More Hyperlinks, Anatomy and More Features for Character Creation - Still Early Alpha and Unstable/Untested


I keep discovering bugs and unintended things myself when testing, so i am just going to release it now in hopes someone might be able to help me test things out!

Check out the discussion thread for more info.


Useful Commands for Testing:

Use 'toggle debug' to toggle debug mode. This will display useful information for debugging purposes.

Use 'toggle tutorial' to toggle tips (this is still not done yet).

Use 'emergency exit' to teleport to your start position and attempt to force the game into a default state.

Use 'tutorials' to read the tutorials in game.


Gargoyle is recommended, as some features like the menu and UI works best with that.

Gargoyle is supplemented in the .7z file, and should work directly with the download.



- Go to the 'Characters' page for older changes.


- Complete Overhaul of Player, Monster and NPC Anatomy to complement temporary changes to anatomy, and the introduction of magical morphology. This will play an important role for when slavery is introduced. (implemented for most monsters that are humanoid).
- Indarion Library can now be entered, and you can discover and read books about: The World, Famous People, Magick (Destructive and Defensive), Morphology, Lycanthropy (just books about), Vampirism (just books about), Felinethropy (just books about)

- You can either bribe the librarian with money or other services, for help finding various books or limited access to the forbidden section of the library.
- New start menu, with choice for loading a game, statpresets, integrated the choice from start into menu and starting a completely random character.
- More hyperlinks
- Pawn Shop "Sell your hard earned trash today!". You can find the pawn shop in the silverwhite square.
- Magic Combat Overhaul:
- Magick Mastery, there 8 new levels of mastery within the arcane.
- 23 new spells in total, rounding up to 27 spells in total.
- All new spells bring new features into combat, such as being blinded, frozen and magic armor that protects against magic attacks.
- fixed not being defeated/submitting when health went below 1.
- Flexible Windows Extension Update: A bug relating to text jumping from window to window has been reported by some players, hopefully updating flexible windows will fix this. Though, the new update of flexible windows does NOT support hyperlinks in windows, which means that is not possible at this moment.
- work events SHOULD not break anymore, but i am having a hard time to confirm it being fixed. This will require a fresh save to completely check if fixed or not.


Hotfix (0.5.8):

- fixed scrolls not teaching spells properly
- fixed typos/wrong text in anatomy/hair colors
- added a status line for submitting/resisting
- fixed values for monsters not being correct
- fixed blinding/confused spam during combat
- a take all function for when there is more than 1 kind of item present (hyperlinks)
- washing clothes will no longer attempt to wash items that aren't clothes
- fixed some text with the witches shack
- printing multiples in inventory no longer breaks hyperlinks for items


Added a download link for MAC users which is a different compression-type (Deflate), which should be supported by both MAC and Windows.


Thanks for the help!

*Note that everything is subject to change, and nothing is balanced as of yet gameplay wise.

You are young student and is one day asked out by a girl. You reject her, and as punishment she casts a magical spell on you.
You end up inside an erotic fantasy/medieval book, with no way to find a way out. The world is free and 99,5% open world after that.



-resting and sleeping now restores resistance

-cooldown on sleeping removed

-turn generation has been fixed for sleeping and resting


(0.5.1 to 0.5.3):
- Fixed some hyperlink formatting.
- Fixed actions like 'work' messing up the interface.
- Fixed some items not spawning in the loot tables.
- Grammar, Typos and general text correction.
- Realtime Turn Generation has been turned off for good (for now).
- Work Events are overall slightly more common.
- Game now features an ass-stat, which should please the chairman.
- You can talk to some of the nobles now, but there won't be much talk about, since i'm merely testing out a framework for talking to npcs.
- Added 3 new quests, 1 which takes place in the city and 2 which can be started by exploring westdale.
- Rebalanced leveling, which should make it a lot harder to level up from now on.
- The conventional level cap is now 20, after that experience required to level up doubles with every level.
- Now quests that cannot be completed currently, will have a ("incompletable") tag in the quest log.
New options are now present when defeating your foes. f*** them whichever way you want to, and become a more dominant person as you do so. You can receive (in a non-submissive way), and give (in a dominating fashion), both Anal and Oral, and Vaginal if you or your subject has the vagina installed.
- Domination is not fleshed out entirely. Later on, traits, skill-level and other factors will decide what you can do your subjects.
- Currently Oral pleasure is the most fleshed out action.
Special Notice:
- Lycanthropy is shelved for now(still working on it), as i'm having some issues making it work as intended.
Experimental Release: This release is pretty unstable, so it would help me a lot if you report bugs in the discussion. This release is making a total transition from Turn related events to Time related events, which means there might have been places where i forgot to change something to the new way. This might not trigger some events properly, and mess up things. 



- Glorious Hyperlink Interface:
- All items/weapons/clothes now have hyperlinks associated to them
- combat now has hyperlinks
- A non functional hyperlink interface in the left corner is present, will be functional when i get hyperlinks working with flexible windows
- you can turn off hyperlink interface in custom settings or simply write "toggle hyperlink interface".
- Spells and Magic:
- Arcane Missiles have been nerfed a bit. 
- Exploration:
- 3 new locations can now be explored, making things less confusing.
- reconfigured the chances of events when exploring, turned it down to 5%. May be variable in future.
- No new events for the 3 new locations yet.
- Combat Overhaul:
- combat rebalanced overall, you should no longer be able to defeat enemies when practically unarmed and naked (enemies are generally tougher).
- blocking is now reliant on the strength of the character and the shield carried by it.
- enemies may now land critical strikes, but also have a chance to fail horribly.
- enemies may now block attacks themselves.
- magic casting enemies now use mana;
- Added around 5 new attacks/spells for the new monsters.
- some enemies (mostly humans, demons and greenskins) may now taunt the player with suggestive comments during combat.
- Valendale Event: You should now be able to leave valendale after the event, and not constantly be dragged back.
- Realtime Turn Generation can now be toggled off for people not feeling like waiting long when performing time consuming tasks, this will break some stuff for now though.
- Rebalanced some monsters to make them a little tougher.
- Bug Fixes:
- Sleep Time fixed
- theres a bathtub in the silverwhite apartment now
- Tattoo removal device now uses undo as command, instead of remove.
- fixed perception decreasing into negatives
- fixed constitution increasing too much
- the eternally pinned down bug should be fixed now
- Inventory Weight now functions properly.
- fixed several bugs relating to exploring.
- fixed a whole bunch of bugs related to combat.
- Being facially abused no longer increases the satisfaction of the player.

(Hotfix 2):

- fixed not being able to buy thing from innkeepers, tim and maghda
- included interval messages for highly time consuming activities, to make them less dull and assure the player that the game is not frozen:
- Working now has interval messages about working.
- Sleeping now has interval messages about dreaming.
- Waiting now has interval messages about..... not doing anything.
- Resting now has interval messages similar to sleeping/dozing off etc.
- made messages about cum decay less intensive and intrusive
- fixed some bugs regarding changing back and forth between being male and female


- fixed repeating exploration events breaking the game

- fixed some descriptions

- fixed some events not being displayed 

(0.4.8 to 0.5.0):

- Coast of Sindale now explorable
- Valendale now explorable
- The Goldenroad now explorable
- Examining now no longer takes a turn to do
- Emergency exit for when gamebreaking bugs occur.
- simply type in 'emergency exit' as a command to teleport to the cave and force the game into a default state
- new enemies and monster, and reworked existing ones:
- Unique comments for all monsters and enemies
- More sex scenes
- shamans and mystics etc, is now mixed into many enemies roster
- New Enemy: Hellhounds
- Encountered in Goldenroad
- New Enemy: Orc
- Encountered in Valendale/Goldenroad
- New Enemy: Pirate
- Encountered in Sindale
- New Enemy: Ogre
- Encountered in Westdale/Goldenroad
- New Enemy: Lycanthrope
- Encountered in Goldenroad
- New Enemy: Centaur
- Encountered in Westdale/Goldenroad
- New Enemy: Hellspawn
- Encountered in Westdale/Goldenroad
- New Enemy: Imp
- Encountered in Westdale/Goldenroad
- New Enemy: Marauder
- Encountered in Westdale/Goldenroad
- New Enemy: Deepfolk
- Encountered in Sindale
- New Mini-Boss: Tentacle Monster
- Encountered in the Forest
- Systematically revised the sex system to support the various new monsters/enemies:
- Humans should now porperly be referred to as he/she.
- Goblins/Monsters will now be referred as "it".
- Also changed some of the wording/phrasing accompanying this change to better fit the scenarios.
- Tutorials (and laws of the world):
- Traits and Personality Tutorial Added.
- Housing Tutorial Added.
- Waiting/Resting/Sleeping Tutorial Added.
- Added several signposts around the city describing the laws of of westdale.
- Game Start:
- You may now alter the starting presets of the game:
- Disable/Enable Cum Inflation
- Disable/Enable Lycanthropes/Lycanthropy
- Disable/Enable Combat Tattoos
- Disable/Enable Autohousing
- Quests:
- The Witch in the forest now gives 4 new quests building on her questline.
- 2 quests to smoothen out the whole valendale event has been added.
- Sleeping/Resting:
- Sleeping now takes 8 hours to complete no matter what:
- Sleeping cures all status effects
- Sleeping reverts your preset core stats to their true core stats, unless your stats are being manipulated by a trait.
- Sleeping resets your lust.
- Sleeping can only be done once every 12 hours.
- Cum System Update:
- Updated to accomodate the cum inflation presets.
- Incerased cum decay and added messages for when that happens.
- Tattoos and Appearance Changes
- Tattoos are now done in a different and less buggy manner.
- They can now be applied to any bodypart of the player and any bodypart of any person and should be stable for future versions of the game.
- A Tattooshop should now be located in the City.
- the tattoo shop is free atm for testing purposes.
- remove tattoos in the shop using the tattoo removal device:
- simply type remove 'tattoo to be removed'.
- Traits and Personality changes:
- Traits are now available.
- Learn more about how traits affect your characters personality in the tutorial.
- The amount of traits available are still limited.
- Cooking:
- Implemented cooking, use the stone oven in the player apartment or in the kitchen at the tavern.
- There are some issues with it though that i've decided to fix later on.
- you can currently cook:
- raw meat to cooked meat
- potato to baked potato
- The Stable / New Work - Slutty Waitress:
- Rodrik has been added as innkeeper for the stable, speak to him to be hired as a waitress.
- being a waitress at the stable is very different from being a waitress at tracy's tavern:
- features similar work events
- much dirtier events
- new unique events for that job only
- World Changes/Features Added:
- Items now despawn (has a chance to) when dropped or left outside in the world, and the player is NOT present by the item.
- Only items that are not owned by anyone or play no major important role.
- items do not despawn as long as they are in a container, in the city or in the cave.
- Several new locations added to the exploration queue.
- Two Fountains has been added to the Westdale City Silverwhite Square, and Westhall Square.
- The Stable now has a rentable room, and is fleshed out with locked rooms.
- The Silverwhite Housing Area, can now be entered and explored, and you can speak to the landlord about renting an apartment.
- You can now set your home to either Tracy's High Tavern (if working there) and/or set your home in the housing area. If rent is not paid or you quit your job, your home will automatically reset to the cave (as long as auto housing is toggled on).
- Bugfixes/Changes:
- the cozy cave is now a travel destination
- fixed cum description
- added cum wearing off over time as intended (forgot).
- fixed exploring from other locations than the cave.
- various changes and bug fixes (too many to list here)
- Optimizations:
- i have made several key changes in the code to make the game run more smoothly. However waiting/resting/sleeping may still make the game seem like it freezes if your processer is on the weak spectrum. (The game can be taxing on the cpu)
- Known bugs:
- It takes an extra turn in the tattoo chair than intended. Not sure why.



(0.4.7 to 0.4.8):

Some Comments: This version is a little rushed, as i was running out of time. Dumb things may happen.

- Strength now affects carry weight by a factor of 4.
- the bathtub in tracy's tavern should now be referable proberly
- fixed some dialog bugs with tracy
- added a litte new content to exploration/travelling and fixed some issues with it aswell
- fixed a bug where you could fuck yourself/ now masturbating is a feature
- added a random loot table for searching random stuff, only works on the caravan now though.

- fixed the witch not being able to be greeted
- Perception and Willpower has been added as core stats:
  - Perception: Increases your chances at discovering high value items/items in general, exploration success-rate and increases the total awareness of the player's surroundings, giving key information and unique descriptions to some rooms.
  - Willpower: Increases regen-rate of resistance, mana and decreases the amount of lust accumulated when charmed.
- UI changes:
  - carry/weight removed.
  - inventory removed.
  - carry/weight and inventory is now displayed by typing "inventory" or simply "i".
  - now displays perception and willpower.
- Working Update:
  - fixed working freezing and bugging out.
  - added a few new events for both the waitress and bartender job.
  - the longer you work, the more money you earn per shift.




- fixed the penis length bug (again, but should be fixed now (i'm pretty sure)).

- New Enemy: Cultist, a foe that wield powerful demonic powers to overcome you.

- revised the status effects system, status effects modify the player character, but is restored with time.

- resistance now regens over time as intended.

- minotaurs can now be encountered (temporarily).

- now goblins and bandits have some new unique scenes when having oral fun.

- fixed the desc for tracy's tavern.


(0.3.5 to 0.4.6):
- fixed a ton of bugs and typos im not going to list, the list is already pretty long.
- finally found a solution to the time problem, all time related activities should now work.
- Valendale Update:
- You may now enter Valendale.
- Spoilers:
- You can get captured by the goblins and get turned into a goblin fuckslave.
- When owned by the goblins, you are friendly to the goblin faction, but will be ordered to service them regularly.
- After some time during your imprisonment, Valendale will be turned into a Goblin Bastion.
- You may escape your imprisonment, prompting the transformation of valendale off-screen at some other time.
- If you don't go straight to valendale or after a certain amount of turns, the change will happen anyway off-screen.
- implemented a simple weather system.
- worked alot on the waitress and bartender job at Tracy's High Tavern, together they both comprise of about 20 events now.
- implemented the reputation, notority and fame system.
- implemented The Pit, a place you can go when you are not in line with the law. (3 events, not unique)
- implemented a few other ways to escape the law (guard dialogue)
- implemented combat with guards.
- implemented stealing from shops (might be a little broken, untested fully).
Major Update to UI and Descriptions:
- the way bodies function has been rewritten into finer detail and now supports other NPC's:
- In future updates:
- This means the player could become corrupted, and then have a higher likelyhood of developing demonic traits.
- This means that once you're corrupted, you can learn demonic spells and taint/corrupt other NPCs.
- This adds support for furries, morphing, futas and all types of other weird shit, you name it.
- It is now recommended to use "x me" or simply examining yourself to get a better idea of how you look like appearance wise.
- You can still use the old menu, as it has it's other fine uses for other things.
- All sorts of other tweaks and fixes to the UI, too many for me to really list.
Major Combat Update:
- Combat has been revisited, it should now play out a lot more fluid and less blocky and difficult in nature.
- You may now focus a target, making all attacks hitting that target.
- Focusing a target does not use a turn and is useful when in group combat.
- Spells and Chants have been introduced, the game now has a few spells for the player to find.
- Fleeing is removed, now the player simply needs to go in a direction when in combat and then it's understood as an attempt to flee.
- Fleeing has a chance to go horribly wrong, so use it wisely.
- Sensing has been removed, focusing a target now displays that targets health every turn.
- Combat is now no longer locked, but be wary, monsters won't just stand around let you do all sorts of things without interrupting you.
Shopkeepers Update:
- The Blacksmith, The Lingerie Shop and The Tattoo Shop now has owners.
Bodyart Update:
- You may now get tattoos from magical encounters etc, and in the future at the tattoo shop.
- Some have magical benefits or increase attractiveness.
- Others might be inviting to different carnal pleasures.
Resistance and Body Morphing:
- implemented resistance, a way to resist alterations done to the body by your enemies.
- implemented curses, which can be cast by most magical creatures.
Debugging and Testing:
- the game now has a debug mode, use 'toggle debug' to put it on.
- debug mode is still being worked on though, in accordance to it's uses for info when i debug myself.
- you can now summon a chest, to test out some of the items that you can't acquire by conventional means.
Exploration and the World in general:
- The game is no longer a 'true open world game', but one where you use exploring as a feature.
- These changes are mainly because an open world game was too hard and too demanding for a single person to make, like this there will (in the future) be less redundant and space consuming rooms with no use.
- alot of the locations are still void of anything interesting, i know this and they will all have features and encounters in the future (dont worry).
- Exploring is random, and a new way for you to discover the world.
- homes are dynamic, and are planned to be changeable ingame in the future (fx. changing your home to tracy's tavern).

Monsters (Where to find them):

Planes of Westdale - Bandits (High Chance), Goblins (High Chance), Satyrs (Medium Chance), Cultists (Medium Chance) and Centaurs (Low Chance).

Fields of Valendale - Goblins (Very High Chance), Hellhounds (Medium Chance), Orcs (Low Chance) and Demons (Rare Chance).

Coast of Sindale - Pirates (Very High Chance), Cultists (Medium Chance) and Deepfolk (Medium Chance).

The Goldenroad (Requires Level 2) - Bandits (Very High Chance), Marauders (High Chance), Centaurs (Medium Chance) and Minotaurs (Low Chance).

The Green Steppes (Requires Level 4) - Orcs (High Chance), Goblins (High Chance) and Ogre (Medium Chance).

Blackcore Pass (Requires Level 6) - Minotaurs (High Chance), Ogres (High Chance) Centaurs (Medium Chance), Lycanthropes (Rare Chance).

The Blasted Forest (Requires Level 6) - Demons (High Chance), Imps (High Chance), Hellspawn (Medium Chance) and Hellhound (Medium Chance).



Where am I - Speak to a Guard.

Dragon Quest - Nothing Yet.

Witch Quest 1 - Purple Mushroom in the forest.

Witch Quest 2 - Pink Pearl dropped by cultists and satyrs.

Witch Quest 3 - Buy White Robes in the City, talk to the witch by the lake whilst wearing the robes.

Witch Quest 4 - Nothing Yet.



Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Gilibertolo

Version reviewed: 0.5.8-fix on 09/14/2018

The Game right now it's modest in content but still very enjoyable, I hope that this game do not stop being updated as many games of this kind.

I just have one question. Can you survive the encounter with the Goblins without being transformed or raped?


Version reviewed: 0.5.8-fix on 11/11/2017

Fantastic game


tldr like coc but with photos.Fantastic art,This sylen guy is doing amazing work.


points that need betterment are the smut,its good but its kinda the same but again the game is fairly new.Give it a try and you wont be dissapointed!!



Review by JoeW

Version reviewed: 0.5.3-fix on 12/11/2016

I haven't figured out how to save the game for later play.

Can anyone help?


I have been playing the game for some time. I made it to level 19.  But I could not save the game so I could turn off the computer. 

I read one person's note that you could begin out as female. My version doesn't have that option.  The author explains what strength, Con, Int, and Dex do. Typical attributes. But Doesn't state what role preception and willpower plays.  It has one quest that requires a drop of a pearl but after 19 levels an hours and hours of play the item hasn't yet dropped. it should be a low level quest.


The money drop and money earned is pretty stingy as a good drink could cost you more than 1/2 day salary.  I do like the  game but it needs more interactive content especially in the city.  no one comes up to you to interact with unlike some other informed 7 games on this site.  You're dress seems not to make a difference.  I wuld also like to see for weapons and armor how different ones effect your damage or defense.  Right now you don't know which is better a demonic dagger, a bronze dagger or a broken sword.  There is too much variables in the combat system to easily tell if one is better than another. 

The actions of patrons in the bar or the MC response to them don't seem to vary as the MC progresses.  There really is no one out to get the MC.  I still don't know if it is possible to to get into the castle district and there is no hits of what to do to get to be able to enter.  The one "bad" guy doesn't really try anything with the MC.  He doesn't change his options of what to talk about even after he says he wants the MC.


I do like the game but it need more work. The time for resting, waiting and sleeping needs to be reduced to make the game really playable for most people.


Review by Excanda

Version reviewed: 0.5.3-fix on 12/10/2016

It is a promissing game, but with the new update if you play a girl (don't know if it is for male too) you are unkillable. Your health just goes negative and continues. Also why add in a fuck option when it doesn't work.

Overal a good start

Review by FantasticSam

Version reviewed: 0.5.3 on 12/03/2016

Written for version 0.5.3. Pretty good so far for what it is. Unfortunately with lycanthropy being shelved at the moment, so is my intrest. That was one of the bigger selling points for me.

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